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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 909: Underworld Will Pay! Bahasa Indonesia

The Will-Aura of the Sect Master suppressed the entire hall, including Stella and Liam. Sure enough, she had the fitting power for her position.

However, Gravis’ eyes only shone. Obviously, he had expected something like this.


Two attacks were suddenly unleashed by the Sect Master, but they didn’t target Gravis. Gravis didn’t feel his Law of Danger shouting, which meant that he was not in danger. Because of that, he didn’t react.


Gravis’ saber and shield were destroyed by the Sect Master. “With your Avatar destroyed, you won’t be able to flee, no matter what you do,” she said.

Then, she smirked. “Did you believe that I would give you a chance to use whatever trump card you had prepared for this occasion? Hah, it doesn’t matter! Even if you can still unleash your trump card, with your Avatar destroyed, you have essentially become a cripple.”

“Now, I will take my time and siphon out all the knowledge in your head. For your affront to the mighty Nine Elements Sect, you will live a life worse than death until the end of your days. I hope you have made your amends.”

‘She thinks my Avatar is in my weapons,’ Gravis thought with a sly grin.

“You think I’m from Underworld?” Gravis asked with a voice transmission to everyone at once. He couldn’t move his body, but the Sect Master didn’t suppress his Spirit. She could have if she wanted to, but she wanted to hear Gravis plead for his life.

“There is no point in denying,” she said coldly.

“Haha,” Gravis laughed briefly without any mirth. “Then, tell me. If I were from Underworld, would I do something like this?”


Suddenly, a new person appeared in the hall. The Sect Master and the Vice-Sect Master hadn’t noticed this person at all. They knew one way that could summon a living being directly, and all of them looked at Gravis.

No, no Life Ring. If Gravis had summoned that person with a Life Ring, he would have needed to actually summon the ring first.

This person looked very similar to Gravis, but he had white hair and white, cross-shaped eyes.

It was Mortis.

Who said that Mortis wasn’t with Gravis?

But wait, wasn’t Mortis currently imprisoned?

Yes, he was, but he was also here.

After the preliminary tournament, Gravis had gone to the beast territory to get a clone of Mortis. By his calculations, Gravis should have had enough absorbed Energy for Mortis to also make a clone.

Yet, when Gravis arrived, he felt half of his Energy vanish.

Mortis was Gravis’ Avatar, but he also needed Energy, just like every other Cultivator. This meant that Gravis now needed double the amount of Energy to reach the next Realm.

When Gravis realized this, he gnashed his teeth and absorbed 50 million Immortal Stones. He needed one of Mortis’ copies.

It cost quite a bit, but Gravis got his Mortis clone.

Ever since then, Mortis had been inside Gravis’ Spirit Space. Others couldn’t enter Gravis’ Spirit Space, but since Mortis was lightning, just like Gravis, he could easily enter and stay there. Sadly, as long as Mortis was not beside Gravis on the outside, Gravis couldn’t use the power of his Avatar.

However, now, Mortis was here, and he stood beside Gravis.

The Sect Master and Vice-Sect Masters looked at Mortis in shock. He hadn’t come out of a Life Ring, so where had he come from?

In an instant, while everyone was shocked, Gravis’ Spirit stretched to the suppressed Stella and Liam. With Mortis beside him, Gravis’ Law of Freedom had the power of a level six Law, enough to resist any Immortal Emperor.

Gravis immediately requested access to Stella’s and Liam’s Spirit Space.

Stella accepted without any issue, and Liam also knew that he couldn’t be stubborn now. He had to trust Gravis!

After that, Gravis pulled out the two emblems from Underworld in their Spirit Spaces out and put them into their hands.

Gravis summoned his own emblem and smirked at the Sect Master.


Gravis used his Spirit to move Stella’s and Liam’s hands to crack the emblems.

The Sect Master exploded with anger, and she shot a violent icicle of powerful Frost at Gravis with insane speeds.

However, Gravis, Stella, and Liam had already vanished.

The Sect Master’s mind went wild.

She remembered Gravis’ words.

“Then, tell me. If I were from Underworld, would I do something like this?”

Yes, that’s exactly what someone from Underworld would do!

The Sect Master’s aura became fiery red and unstable. This was a sign that she knew the Law of Rage and that it had been triggered.

This mere Immortal King had played her!

How dare he!


The Sect Master hadn’t been certain that Gravis had come from Underworld before, but now, she was certain!

She knew these emblems!

Only an organization like Underworld would sell or give these kinds of emblems to unknown Cultivators!


The Sect Master gnashed her teeth.

This time, Underworld had gone too far!

They would pay!

Suddenly, the Sect Master’s violent eyes turned to the old Vice-Sect Master.

In an instant, the old Vice-Sect Master felt death had come.

‘She knows!’ he thought with terror.

In that instant, the Vice-Sect Master retrieved an emblem and wanted to crush it.


However, the Sect Master wouldn’t fall for that trick again. She immediately pushed it away with her Laws.

“You have gone too far this time!” the Sect Master said with venom and hatred.

“He’s not from Underworld!” the Vice-Sect Master said with rage, panic, and frustration.

“You’re lying even now!?” the Sect Master shouted, her voice nearly becoming shrill.

The Vice-Sect Master’s emotions were going wild. Yes, he was from Underworld, but this had nothing to do with them! Yet, the Sect Master was adamant about killing him! He hadn’t done anything!

‘You’ll pay for that!’ the Vice-Sect Master thought. However, these thoughts weren’t targeted at the Sect Master but at Gravis. In his mind, Gravis had framed Underworld!

This wasn’t just some minor conflict. In the Sect Master’s mind, Underworld had completely gone against the All-Matter Sect and the Nine Elements Sect.

This meant war!



The Vice-Sect Master felt a powerful attack coming at him, and in the end, he had no other choice.

Just when the attack hit the Vice-Sect Master, he exploded by himself thanks to a Formation Array that had been cast on his body by Underworld.

This was the sign for Underworld that the Nine Elements Sect would go to war with them.

Underworld had been warned of the Nine Elements Sect’s intentions!

The Vice-Sect Master had timed his explosion just right, making it appear like he had died to the Sect Master’s attack.

The Sect Master hadn’t noticed that Underworld had already been informed of her intentions, and she would pay a heavy price for that.

“Sten!” the Sect Master shouted.


“Yes, Sect Master?” a new person said. He had just teleported inside the Nine Elements Sect, which should be impossible. Even the Sect Master couldn’t teleport.

This person was a stalwart, young man with earthen-brown hair. His tone towards the Sect Master was neutral. He was not respectful but also not dismissive. He also didn’t bow.

This person obviously had a high status.

“The Holy Maiden, her brother, and an attacker from Underworld have killed the Holy Son Candidate of the All-Matter Sect and have fled with an escape emblem from Underworld,” the Sect Master informed him. Her tone was surprisingly neutral, even though her anger and hatred were close to exploding. Obviously, she also had to take this person seriously.

Sten lifted both of his eyebrows with surprise.

That guy killed a Holy Son Candidate in the central palace of the Nine Elements Sect and managed to flee with two people alive?

That sure was an impressive performance.

“Track them down! Kill the attacker from Underworld and the Holy Maiden’s brother! Bring the Holy Maiden back. Her condition doesn’t matter as long as she is still alive,” the Sect Master quickly ordered.

Sten nodded. “Sure,” he said, but instead of leaving, he looked with interest at the hall. ‘To think that Underworld managed to make emblems that can crack my Formation Arrays.’

‘Seems like there is now a fourth person in this world that knows the level six Law of Space,’ Sten thought.

After that, Sten teleported away in the blink of an eye. His teleportation speed was so incredibly fast that not even an Immortal Emperor could react.

It was many, many times faster than the teleportation speed of anyone else.

This could only mean that this person knew the level six Law of Space, and even more, the level six Law of Space was his Avatar.

His speed of teleportation was ridiculously fast, and he was also a Late Major Circulation Immortal Emperor, which meant that his Spirit Sense was also ridiculously wide.

This was one of the current Ascenders of the Nine Elements Sect. The only reason why this person hadn’t left the world was that he wanted to comprehend even more Laws before ascending.

He could reach the Peak Immortal Emperor Realm and ascend in less than an hour if he wanted.

Sten teleported over 20 times per second, which was insane. Teleporting oneself one time nearly took a whole second, which was also why people very rarely teleported while fighting.

Yet, 20 times in a second was incredibly fast, and every time he teleported, he moved for millions upon millions of kilometers.

Even worse, with the level six Law of Space, Sten could track where the emblem from Underworld had deposited Gravis, Stella, and Liam.

‘Near the frontlines, eh?’ Sten thought calmly.

‘Give me five minutes.’


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