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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 884: Focus Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis and Arc talked for a couple of hours more until Gravis decided that he should get to Weapon Cultivation.

His lightning was no longer comprised of any Laws, which meant that it could accommodate everything. So, theoretically, Gravis should now be able to use Weapon Cultivation.

Mortis wasn’t inside Gravis’ Spirit Sense range, but that didn’t matter. Mortis was Gravis’ Avatar, and Gravis could always feel where Mortis was. He could even communicate with him from any distance.

Gravis left Arc’s clearing and went to an isolated place where no one else was. Arc’s clearing was gigantic, but in front of the size of the entire world, it was nothing. However, there was still a lot of space for Gravis to go where no one could interact with him.

Gravis arrived near a tree in the forest and sat down. Most of the trees had no Cultivation. They were only normal trees.


Gravis retrieved a saber and began thinking as he looked at it.

‘I should be able to use Weapon Techniques now, and I should also be able to create a Focus. So, let’s try.’

Gravis thought back to the time he had created his first Focus and tried using it. However, this Focus was based on Punishment Lightning, not on Energy or Gravis’ new form of lightning.

This meant Gravis had to start anew.


Gravis summoned his lightning and looked at it. He knew all its properties, but he hadn’t actually seen it before.

It was black.

When it came to paint, black was a mixture of all colors, but when it came to light, black was the absence of colors. His lightning was completely empty. There was nothing in it except for a weird composition of Energy.

Gravis looked at his black lightning for a while as he studied it.

‘What kind of lightning is it? Is it even lightning?’ Gravis asked himself.

This kind of lightning had never been seen before in the Cosmos, which meant that it didn’t have a name.

‘I should give it a name. Calling it lightning without any Law sounds weird.’

Gravis inspected his lightning some more to come up with a name.

‘Let’s call it Void Lightning. After all, void means that there is nothing, and there is nothing in my lightning. So, Void Lightning sounds appropriate.’

‘First of all, I need to see how powerful my Void Lightning is and what it can do.’

Gravis pointed at the mortal tree beside him.


A black lightning bolt left Gravis and hit the tree.



‘It has no offensive power,’ Gravis thought. ‘It’s the same as if I just shoot Energy forward.’

‘However, there is one difference. My Void Lightning is faster than Energy. My Void Lightning has lost all the properties of lightning except for speed.’

Gravis looked at his Void Lightning with a complex expression.

‘Then, doesn’t that make it a better form of Energy? After all, it can do everything that Energy can, but it is also faster.’

Gravis scratched the back of his head. ‘This sounds too good to be true. Usually, advantages have disadvantages and vice versa, but I actually can’t find a disadvantage. It just feels like a better form of Energy without any additional weakness. It even allows me to absorb other lightning.’

‘There has to be something bad about it! I refuse to believe that Void Lightning has no weakness!’

Gravis experimented with his Void Lightning some time, but he just couldn’t find a weakness. It was just like Energy, but faster.

Even the regeneration of Gravis’ Void Lightning was faster. Instead of slowly being compressed like Energy, it simply consumed the Energy with fast speeds, pulling in more Energy from the surroundings.’


Gravis used the Law of Divine Lightning and shot at the ground before him. A small hole was created since Gravis used nearly no Energy.

‘It even transforms into Divine Lightning instantaneously,’ Gravis thought as he scratched his chin. ‘There is no loss in Energy.’


Gravis transformed his Void Lightning into Inferno and shot a small beam of fire at the ground in front of him.

Gravis’ eyes widened when he saw this.

‘I knew it!’ he thought.


Gravis created some metal in front of him, and his suspicions were confirmed.

‘My Void Lightning can easily transform into other kinds of lightning since it is a form of lightning, but as soon as I infuse it with different Elements, it has issues in transforming. Even if my Void Lightning is exactly like Energy, it is still biased towards lightning.’

‘When I transformed my Void Lightning into Inferno just now, I felt that far more Energy has been used. It would take about 1.5 times the amount of Energy than normal if I used it with any other Element.’

Gravis’ expression became complex. ‘However, there’s something else. Can that actually be true? I need to test it.’

Gravis pointed towards the lake with his finger.


A spear of Graphite shot out of Gravis’ finger and punched through the lake.

Gravis didn’t think for several seconds as he only looked at the place where the spear had hit the water.

‘What the fuck!?’ Gravis thought. ‘How is that a disadvantage!?’

Creating the Graphite spear had taken far more Energy than normal, but the Graphite spear was also very different from normal.

The Graphite spear had shot into the lake with the speed of lightning.

‘No wonder it costs more Energy to use other Elements,’ Gravis thought as he furiously scratched his chin. ‘My Void Lightning isn’t adapting itself to the Element, but the Element is adapting itself to my Void Lightning!’

‘The transformed Element retains the properties of the Element, except for the speed component. Instead, the speed component will always come from the Void Lightning.’

‘Also, I think there’s something else.’


Gravis summoned some Inferno, but instead of shooting it forward, he only looked at it.

White fire was burning on Gravis’ finger. However, it didn’t exactly look like fire.

The Inferno mainly contained itself in a straight shape, but it also warped from time to time.

‘Sure enough,’ Gravis thought.

In short, this was Inferno in the shape of a lightning bolt.

Gravis summoned a lot of other Elements and noticed that all the other ones were also in the shape of lightning.

The hard Elements like Frost, Graphite, and Core continually warped like they weren’t actually hard. They acted exactly like lightning.

‘If Inferno doesn’t have all the properties of Inferno, is it actually Inferno?’ Gravis thought.

‘Are these still the Laws of the world? Why does it feel like they have been changed?’

Suddenly, Gravis’ eyes widened.

‘Wait, if they are not the normal Laws, but changed Laws, doesn’t it mean that they are new Laws?’ Gravis thought as he looked at the different Elements.

‘Then, if they are new Laws, doesn’t that mean that they are my Laws, Laws that I have created?’

Gravis blinked a couple of times.

‘Isn’t that just like a Focus? A Focus is a self-created Law that allows someone to combine existing Laws in such a way that their strength increases, creating something new.’

‘Does this mean that my Void Lightning is intrinsically already acting as a Focus?’


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