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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 880: What to Do? Bahasa Indonesia

The three of them only teleported a million kilometers away, but that was a nearly insurmountable distance for a Nascent Nourishing Cultivator like Yi Lu.

Siral waited for further instructions while Gravis scratched his chin in thought.

“What are you thinking about?” Mortis asked evenly. “You already know that you have four things to do. What’s there to think about?”

Gravis smiled bitterly. Sure enough, Mortis was just another Gravis. Mortis immediately knew what things Gravis wanted to do.

It was kind of weird to have a person accompany him that could read his thoughts like that.

“Well, there’s a fifth thing,” Gravis said awkwardly as he looked at Mortis with a complex expression.

Mortis raised an eyebrow. Then, a slight light shone inside his eyes as he realized what Gravis was hinting at.

“No problem,” Mortis said.

Gravis was a bit taken aback. “Ehm, are you sure you know what I wanted to ask you?” Gravis asked just to be sure.

Mortis nodded. “I made a promise in the lower world, and I intend to keep it,” Mortis said.

“Just because of a promise?” Gravis asked. He didn’t want to force Mortis to do this just because of guilt.

“No,” Mortis said. “Joyce is perfectly compatible with me. She chases power and can control her emotions in a dangerous situation from what we have seen from father’s images. She is also very powerful.”

Yes, this was what Gravis was thinking about.

He couldn’t be with Stella without any guilt as long as his promise with Joyce still remained.

So, Gravis looked at Mortis.

Wasn’t Mortis exactly the form of Gravis that Joyce fell in love with?

Wasn’t Mortis also that form of Gravis that fell in love with Joyce?

For Joyce, it would be like no time had passed.

Mortis was exactly the person that she had chased after for tens of thousands of years.

One also shouldn’t forget that Mortis was a human. Mortis’ personality might be heavily influenced by Divine Lightning, but he still had Gravis’ personality as a basis.

This meant that Mortis could also feel happiness, love, companionship, and so on. The only difference was that these emotions were not very relevant to him.

Mortis chased power, and with that goal, an affinity for rage, pride, and disdain was born. It wasn’t that Mortis could only feel those things, but that his personality only mainly focused on them.

This meant that Mortis was also interested in Joyce.

Who had Joyce become?

She had become a beautiful, cold, and immensely powerful woman. She was like a battle goddess, a general, an elite fighter.

Mortis was attracted to powerful women, and Joyce was perfect for him.

Additionally, this love problem didn’t only affect Gravis but also Mortis.

Since Mortis had been created out of Gravis’ personality, he had also held a strong attraction towards Stella. However, Joyce was more to his liking.

“Thanks,” both of them said at the same time.

Then, both of them lifted an eyebrow at each other.

After that, they realized why the other was thanking them.

Lastly, they shared a nod of understanding.

The love problem had been solved without any issues, and both of them could now pursue the person they loved without any guilt.

‘Man, I dodged a bullet there,’ Gravis thought. ‘I don’t want to constantly be called weak and soft whenever I show my love to my partner. Living with Joyce would have been no fun at all.’

‘Man, I dodged a bullet there,’ Mortis thought. ‘I don’t want to constantly keep myself in check for fear of accidentally hurting Stella’s feelings. A strong and powerful woman like Joyce can at least pose a challenge to me. I hate people that just directly keel over after the first sign of confrontation.’

Siral was a bit confused by the weird interaction between Gravis and Mortis, but it wasn’t his place to question his Master’s life.

“So, where should we begin?” Gravis asked.

“Arc first,” Mortis said. “While we’re there, you can try Weapon Cultivation.”

Gravis thought about it and nodded. “Sounds good.”

Gravis had four things planned that he wanted to do.

First of all, he wanted to talk with Arc again about what had happened. He also wanted to introduce Mortis to Arc.

Second, Gravis wanted to try his hand at Weapon Cultivation again. His lightning was now empty and could accommodate other Laws without rejecting them. This meant that Gravis could directly infuse his new kind of lightning with ethereal Laws.

Like this, the three transformations that had always reduced the power of the attack immensely had now been reduced to only one transformation.

Gravis would do these two things first since they took the least time.

After that, Gravis would need to do two other things.

First of all, Gravis wanted to meet Stella again. His issue with his lightning had been solved, and Gravis was no longer in danger of being changed severely. He also wanted to know if Stella had forgiven him for what he had done in the past.

Lastly, Gravis needed to go through with his grand plan. This plan had been in the making for a long time, and it would allow him to have a home and earn tons of money. However, realizing this plan would take a considerable amount of time and travel, which was why it came last.

“By the way, I almost forgot,” Gravis said. “We should reach the Immortal King Realm again.”

Mortis nodded.

He had also forgotten that both of them were still Peak Immortals. After all, unleashing an All-Out Attack would drop the Cultivation Realm of the user.

“You try it,” Gravis said.

“I can’t,” Mortis said.

Gravis was surprised when he heard that. “Why not?”

“Because our wealth is in your Spirit Space,” he said.

“Oh, right,” Gravis said with a chuckle.

Then, he simply shoved half of his wealth into Mortis’ Spirit.

Mortis quickly took out a couple million Immortal Stones and absorbed them.

While Mortis was absorbing them, Gravis also felt his Realm increase.

About an hour later, Mortis reached the Immortal King Realm again, and so did Gravis.

Apparently, it didn’t matter who gathered the Energy. They would break through at the same time.

“Where should we stop?” Gravis asked.

Mortis furrowed his brows as he began thinking. “I’m uncertain,” he said. “We can fight five levels above ourselves, and our power has received an immense boost. We started the fight with no level five Law, but now we have access to the Law of Magma, Law of Perceived Reality, and Divine Lightning. Our Battle-Strength has increased severely.”

Gravis also nodded.

“Additionally,” Gravis added. “A jump of five levels is also awkward. Due to the different power jumps, it’s hard to find someone exactly five levels above ourselves.”

“If the opponent is Peak Immortal King, the Early Major Circulation Immortal King Realm is four levels below them, but the Late Minor Circulation Immortal King Realm is six levels below.”

“Only when we fight Immortal Emperors can we go for five levels. I mean, we can also go for Late Major Circulation Immortal Kings, but the power discrepancy is too much right now. I would go for Immortal Emperors,” Gravis said.

Mortis nodded. “So, Mid Major Circulation Immortal King Realm?” Mortis asked.

“I need to calculate the money we have and how much we need,” Gravis said.

Gravis calculated for a bit.

“We need 210 million Immortal Stones,” Gravis said with a sigh.

Mortis frowned. “We barely have 250 million, and we need a lot of money for our plan.”

“Then, how about we go to the Early Major Circulation Immortal King Realm? That one would only require 150 million Immortal Stones. At that point, we would also have a bigger power in negotiations. We can simply say that either one of us is the most powerful Immortal King in the world,” Gravis suggested.

Mortis furrowed his brows. “Sure, why not,” he said. “We can still comprehend more Laws during that time.”

“Speaking of,” Gravis said. “Our Law Comprehension should also be synchronized, right?”

“I think so,” Mortis said. “We should test that soon.”

Gravis nodded. “If so, we can switch places frequently.”

“No thanks,” Mortis said. “I don’t want to bother myself with random shit. I’ll concentrate on comprehending Laws.”

Gravis shrugged. “Sure, why not?”

Suddenly, Gravis chuckled a bit.

“What are you laughing about?” Mortis asked with a raised eyebrow.

“I’m just imagining the faces of the All-Matter Sect when they feel our Will-Aura.”

Mortis scratched his chin, but instead of laughing, he frowned.

“I don’t see what’s funny about that,” Mortis said. “After all, we will be Early Major Circulation Immortal Kings when we meet them. The Will-Aura would be scary to them, but still in the realm of the possible.”

“Oh yeah, right,” Gravis said and also sighed. “What a shame.”

“It would have just been funny to see the faces of the All-Matter Sect when they saw a Peak Immortal with a Will-Aura on par with the Late Minor Circulation Immortal Emperor Realm.”

Mortis nodded. “That would have been fun.”

The Law of Perceived Reality had allowed Gravis to ignore the limit of his Will-Aura.

Usually, it was only possible to have a Will-Aura one major Realm above oneself, but that was no longer true with the Law of Perceived Reality.

Gravis had gone through an insane tempering experience this time. Not only had he fought against an insanely powerful opponent, but he had also been under the threat of vanishing when he had confronted his Divine Lightning.

This experience had increased Gravis’ Will-Aura to the level of a Late Minor Circulation Immortal Emperor’s.


Gravis heard something and looked over at Mortis.

Mortis was violently summoning Immortal Stones and consuming them.

“A little help here?” Mortis asked coldly.

“Sure!” Gravis shouted.

Then, he also started consuming Immortal Stones with insane speeds.


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