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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 878: Mortis Bahasa Indonesia

The main Gravis nodded. “Exactly,” he said.

“It has done so much for us without expecting any repayment. Yet, is that true? Does it truly not expect any repayment, or is it creating a debt for the future?” Gravis said.

“Let’s assume that we reach the power of our father in the future. Would we be able to fight against the highest Heaven?” Gravis asked.

“No,” the second Gravis said. “I won’t fight against the highest Heaven. Debts have to be repaid, and it doesn’t matter why they were created. The actions are more important than the intentions.”

Gravis nodded. “Exactly. However, that is you, not me,” Gravis said. “I’m free to do what I want, and if it’s threatening my father or my mom, I sure won’t just stand by.”

“I don’t have this weakness of yours,” Gravis said.

The second Gravis didn’t like hearing that his personality had a fatal flaw. However, he had to confront it. One had to remember that the second Gravis was still Gravis, and Gravis had a remarkable ability of introspection. He was able to analyze himself from an objective point of view and admit his mistakes and weaknesses.

It didn’t feel good, but it was necessary.

“Fine,” the second Gravis said. “I won’t contest for the main Spirit, but I want true freedom in the future.”

“Naturally,” Gravis said with a smile. “We need the Law of Life for that.”

“That’s not enough,” the second Gravis said.

“What do you mean?” Gravis asked.

“Let me show you,” the second Gravis said as he narrowed his eyes.

The main Gravis also narrowed his eyes as he became furious. Why couldn’t the second Gravis just be direct and tell him? Did he have to be so annoying? Just tell him! God, this indirect conduct made him so angry!

However, Gravis quickly recovered as he noticed that this was not normal.

Why would he become angry over something so minor and unimportant?

“Did you notice?” the second Gravis asked.

“I did,” the main Gravis said as he scratched his chin.

“Your Avatar is kind of its own Spirit, but it is still intrinsically connected to your Spirit,” the second Gravis said. “This means that our emotions are also connected.”

“The entire time while we were talking,” the second Gravis said, “I have been assaulted by your emotions of care and goodwill. I immediately noticed that feeling these emotions didn’t fit my personality at all, which was why I noticed it far before you.”

“Since you like to keep a cool head all the time,” Gravis said.

The second Gravis nodded.

“I can deal with your emotions since I am more cool-headed and emotionless than you in general, but can you handle my emotions? When I feel rage at something or despise something, will you be able to be yourself during all of this?”

Gravis sighed and shook his head. “I can prepare myself, but it is still hard to resist such an influence. Additionally, I can’t fight against these emotions, or I would constrict your freedom. You have allowed me to feel however I want to feel, so I should also do the same for you.”

The main Gravis sighed again and scratched his chin. “Of course, we need to solve this issue. This means we also need the Law of Emotions in the future,” he said.

“Yes,” the second Gravis said. “In short, we need three of the four Laws of the True World. The Law of the Dead World doesn’t matter since it doesn’t include life, but we need all the other ones.”

“That might take a while,” Gravis said. “While we are still in the Immortal, Immortal King, or Immortal Emperor Realm, we would only need the variants for the higher worlds. Sadly, I doubt very much that we can get all three of them while we are still in the Immortal Emperor Realm.”

“Sadly, after we become Star Gods, the higher world variants are no longer enough since our level of life would no longer be on the level of a higher world. In short, we would need the true variants.”

“According to logic, these three Laws would be level ten Laws. So, in short, we need to comprehend three level ten Laws to grant you true freedom,” Gravis said with a sigh. “We might be stuck together for quite some time.”

The second Gravis nodded. “That’s why we need power.”

The second Gravis was no longer referring only to himself but to both of them. The second Gravis had truly accepted his situation.


Suddenly, a white bolt of Divine Lightning struck the main Gravis, who opened his eyes in surprise.

Gravis felt the Divine Lightning enter his body, but it quickly left his body again to return to the second Gravis.

“Interesting,” the second Gravis said.

“Could you maybe give me a warning before you try something like this?” Gravis asked with furrowed brows.


A second bolt of Divine Lightning hit Gravis, but this time, it didn’t leave his body. It simply stayed there.

The main Gravis noticed this and also started scratching his chin in thought.

“Try to keep it in your body,” the other Gravis said.

The main Gravis complied and tried to suppress the Divine Lightning.


However, the Divine Lightning simply left Gravis’ body and entered the second Gravis’ body again.

“You truly can’t wield lightning as long as I don’t allow it,” the second Gravis said.

“It seems so,” the main Gravis said.

“Try to use Divine Lightning,” the second Gravis said.


Divine Lightning appeared on the main Gravis’ hand, and it didn’t attack his Spirit. It was just like any other Element. He could create it if he wanted, and he could disperse it.


But then, the Divine Lightning vanished.

The second Gravis nodded. “You can use Divine Lightning as long as I allow it. I truly have control over all your Lightning Laws.”

It was actually natural that it worked like this. There might be two bodies, two Spirits, and two wells of Energy, but the wells of Energy and the Spirits were still connected. As soon as one well of Energy produced Divine Lightning, it would need to be guided by one of the two Spirits.

Obviously, it would follow the Spirit that had more affinity with it as long as both Spirits had the same power.

However, both Spirits were connected, which meant that both Spirits would also be at exactly the same power all the time.

In short, the second Gravis could always control all the lightning.

“But I get all the other Elements,” Gravis said.

“I don’t want the other Elements,” the second Gravis said with disdain. “You think any of these Elements can compare to Divine Lightning?”

“For now, no,” Gravis said, “but the other level six Law variants are just as powerful as Divine Lightning.”

“So?” the second Gravis said. “So you will be more powerful than me for a short while, but as soon as we fight Arc, I get the next form of lightning.”

Gravis rolled his eyes. “It doesn’t matter,” Gravis said. “Right now, we are still kind of the same being. Your power is my power, and my power is your power.”

The two Gravises experimented with their powers and their situation for another two hours until they basically figured out how everything worked.

“Siral, you can return. The fight is over,” Gravis said to his Life Ring. Siral had gone far away from the fight. It was necessary to leave the Spirit Sense range of both opponents so that they could fight without interruption. This was the doing of the Life Ring’s tempering order.

Some seconds later, Siral reappeared with a concerned and confused Yi Lu.

“The tribulation is over?” Siral asked as he looked around the wasteland below them. This had been a prosperous land of mortals just a couple of hours ago.

“It’s over,” Gravis said with a smile. “You have another 100,000 years of life ahead of you.”

“Thank you, Master,” Siral said with a deep bow.

Siral had also been in life-threatening danger. This was his tribulation, and if Gravis had died, the tribulation would come for him. Only if Gravis won would Siral be able to survive.

Siral was truly thankful to Gravis.

However, Siral also quickly noticed the second person standing beside Gravis.

Who was that?

He kind of looked like Gravis, but his eyes, clothing, and hair were vastly different. His aura was also very different.

This second person radiated a kind of coldness, power, disregard, and pride.

This person felt incredibly dangerous to Siral.

This shocked Siral to the core. Why did this other person feel just as dangerous as Gravis?

Gravis was not the only freak in this world with such an unreal Battle-Strength?

“Master, who is the second person?” Siral asked.

Gravis felt a bit awkward.

How was he supposed to explain this?

“My name is Mortis,” the second Gravis said. “Gravis and I are connected, and we will be traveling together.”

“A friend of Master?” Siral asked. Then, Siral bowed. “I welcome Master’s friend.”

“Mortis?” Gravis asked the second Gravis with a voice transmission.

“I am my own being now. Gravis is the name that has been given to you by your parents. Meanwhile, my personality has been born when the highest Heaven reforged your Spirit when it became accustomed to Destruction Lightning.”

“In a sense, you and the highest Heaven are my parents.”

Gravis looked with a complex expression at the second Gravis.

“It’s only technically true,” the second Gravis said as he saw Gravis’ look. “I don’t want you to treat me like your baby boy or something.”

“However, since I am my own being, I also need my own name.”

“Therefore, from today onwards, I am Mortis,” Mortis said.


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