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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 869: Yi Lu Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis looked at the fight with interest. The young man had an impressive Battle-Strength. All of these old people were probably the Sect Masters or Ancestors of different Sects. They also all had impressive Battle-Strengths, but he was still fighting all of them at the same time.

When Gravis saw that, he sighed.

‘Time, huh?’ he thought. ‘I just closed my eyes for a second, and a mortal has already become a powerful Nascent Nourishing Cultivator. In just the blink of an eye, a mere mortal has reached a power that would even make him respected in middle worlds.’

“Yi Lu, give up!” one of the old men shouted. “You have offended all our Sects! There is no future for you anymore! Why struggle?”

“You are the child of a demon, and you still dare to resist!?” another one shouted as he unleashed a wave of darkness. “You kill without hesitation! If someone like you still counts as a human, humanity is doomed!”

“Yi Lu! You have killed my son, your teacher! A teacher is like a father! How can someone like you still be a human!?” a third one shouted.

“Give up, Yi Lu! You have colluded with the Sin Sword Sect! You are not a good person, and you will pay for it today!” the fourth one shouted.

Yi Lu only laughed loudly as his body was bathed in blood. It was uncertain if that was his blood or the blood of his enemies, probably both.

“Why talk?” Yi Lu asked with a smirk. “You know in your heart what truly happened. Wasting words is meaningless now!”

‘Man, that guy got around,’ Gravis thought, impressed. ‘He offended quite some Sects.’

The fight became fierce, and Yi Lu received one injury after the next. It even went so far that one of the weapons completely stabbed through his torso.

However, when that happened, Yi Lu showed a bloodthirsty smirk.

“Got you!”


Destruction Lightning appeared in his palm, and he pointed it towards his attacker. His attacker immediately became white in the face and jumped away.


But then, Yi Lu pointed his palm at someone else, and this person exploded in an explosion of lightning. The other person hadn’t expected that Yi Lu would suddenly attack him.

Then, Destruction Lightning gathered on Yi Lu’s spear, and he shoved it forward with all his strength at another person.


A bolt of lightning came out of his spear, which went through the forehead of another Sect Master.

The Sect Master died immediately.

Suddenly, Yi Lu retrieved a saber, which was already crackling with Destruction Lightning.

He had preloaded this saber with his attack.

Yi Lu slashed down, and Gravis smiled.

A Lightning Crescent came out of the saber, and the explosion destroyed the third Sect Master.

Now, only Yi Lu and one Sect Master were left.

“I’ve underestimated you, Yi Lu,” the Sect Master said calmly. “But you have used up all your Energy. However, I still thank you for taking care of these three annoying bugs.”

Yi Lu only smiled.


Suddenly, Energy started to gather on Yi Lu, and his Energy fully recovered. The Sect Master’s eyes widened in terror. “No! This is impossible!” he shouted. “You were out of Energy!”

Meanwhile, Gravis had to laugh.

‘The Heaven’s Balance Cultivation Technique,’ Gravis thought with a nostalgic expression. He still remembered how Aion had given that technique to Gravis in the lower world. Sadly, this technique had become redundant ever since Gravis had received his beast body. After all, he could just eat his opponents now.

Yi Lu made short work of the last Sect Master. However, when he was done, he nearly lost consciousness. His body was severely injured. A Unity Realm Cultivator would already be at death’s door.

Yi Lu breathed deeply, but a peaceful smile appeared on his face.

“I did it,” he said to himself. “The Calamity has been averted. Now, this area is safe.”

‘?’ Gravis thought. ‘Calamity? Wait, is there some kind of misunderstanding?’


Suddenly, an apocalyptic pressure appeared in front of Yi Lu. One of the emblems that one of the Sect Masters had dropped had broken on its own, which summoned another Cultivator.

A woman dressed in white appeared in front of Yi Lu, and she looked at the destruction around her.

Then, her eyes focused on Yi Lu.

“You have killed my son?” she asked with narrowed eyes.

Yi Lu couldn’t feel the power of this person. This woman was so far above his league that he couldn’t even defend himself.

However, Yi Lu only smiled sheepishly as he scratched the back of his head in embarrassment. “Lady, could you be a bit more specific? I’ve killed a lot of people.”

His voice sounded honestly embarrassed.

The woman only narrowed her eyes at Yi Lu. “The Sect Master of the True Fire Sect,” she said.

Yi Lu’s expression morphed into one of recognition. “Oh, right! That guy!” he shouted with a smile. “Yeah, I just killed him. Sorry about that.”

The woman narrowed her eyes, and her aura became cold. “You know that you will die, but you still act this nonchalant?” she asked coldly.

Yi Lu laughed with embarrassment. “Well, you see, there is a small problem with that statement.”

“And that is?” the woman asked.

“I kind of can’t die,” Yi Lu said with embarrassment.

The woman’s brows furrowed in annoyance and confusion.

“It’s the truth!” Yi Lu shouted like he had been offended that she didn’t believe him. “Whenever someone far above my level wants to kill me, they get stopped by someone equally powerful.”

The woman’s expression didn’t change.

“I’m serious!” Yi Lu shouted. “It happened five times by now! Whenever anyone that I can’t fight appears, someone else always kills them. It’s so weird, but I’ve learned to accept it.”

“So, basically, I can only be killed by people with a similar Realm to mine,” Yi Lu said with a complex expression. “I also don’t know why that happens.”

Gravis was also surprised when he heard Yi Lu speak, and he quickly checked Yi Lu’s Karmic Luck.

‘Normal,’ Gravis thought. ‘His Karmic Luck is only a bit above average, nothing special.’

“To think that my son has been killed by such a lunatic,” the woman said coldly. “May his shame die with you.”

Then, she pointed at Yi Lu with her finger.

Gravis looked around with interest. Would someone come and save Yi Lu, just like he said?

Gravis didn’t see anyone around him that could save Yi Lu. This woman was a Peak Law Comprehension Realm Cultivator. She was close to becoming an Immortal, and no one around here could fight her.

Suddenly, Gravis’ expression sank. ‘Oh, fuck,’ he thought.

‘It’s me, isn’t it? This time, I’m supposed to save Yi Lu, is that it?’ Gravis thought bitterly.

Gravis looked as the woman unleashed her power, but everything happened so slowly in front of Gravis. His thinking speed couldn’t be compared to theirs.

‘So, I’m obviously supposed to save him, but how and why?’ Gravis thought. ‘This guy doesn’t have any Karmic Luck, but it’s like he still has an abnormal amount of Karmic Luck.’

Suddenly, Gravis felt like a bolt of lightning struck him.

‘I understand!’ he thought.

The woman unleashed her power, but before it could touch Yi Lu, the woman disintegrated into dust.


All her belongings exploded out of her destroyed Spirit Space as Gravis appeared in front of her.

Yi Lu saw Gravis, and it was like he was struck by lightning.

Tears gathered in his eyes as his jaw quivered.

This was his teacher!

This was the person that gave him a future!

This was the person that went through one tragedy after the other in the lower world.

This was the person that Yi Lu had always chased after.

This was Gravis!

“Siral,” Gravis suddenly said.

“Yes, Master,” a person said that quickly appeared out of nowhere.

“Protect Yi Lu for the next hour. Tempering Order: You are not allowed to help me in the next fight,” Gravis said.

Siral’s body shook as the Life Ring implanted the special command into his being. However, Siral’s body didn’t shake because of the Life Ring, but because he had realized what was happening.

“Yes, Master,” Siral said. Then, his body shook as he struggled. “And, thank you for everything.”

“Wait, wh-“Yi Lu wanted to say, but he was quickly whisked away by Siral.

Meanwhile, Gravis looked at an emblem. It had left the woman’s Spirit Space when she died, and it was beginning to shake violently.

‘Your machinations are truly terrifying, Arc,’ Gravis thought. ‘You protected Yi Lu all this time so that he would come into mortal danger just in front of me. Then, after I killed the woman, her emblem would activate and summon someone far more terrifying.’

The emblem broke, and an impossibly powerful pressure assaulted the surroundings.

All the mortals on the ground were immediately destroyed as the Will-Aura flattened hundreds of kilometers of land.

Someone had arrived, and this someone was in the Mid Major Circulation Immortal King Realm.

Gravis’ opponent was here.


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