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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 855: Directions Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis left the tree behind and flew further towards the southeast. Gravis hadn’t even seen a single Immortal in this area, which meant that they were probably deeper in the beast territory.

However, for once, Gravis was not so sure. Nearly the entire Great Forest had the same Energy density throughout. So, why would the Immortals be somewhere else?

As Gravis continue flying, his body slowly became bigger. His growth was very slow in order to not draw any suspicious glances.

Why was he growing bigger?

There was a reason why Gravis grew bigger, and it had something to do with his eventual fight. Everything would unveil itself as soon as he met his opponent.

After some minutes, Gravis was already a hundred meters tall, and that was when he stopped growing. This was still small for beasts below the Law Comprehension Realm, but every other beast would travel in a smaller body size.

After around half an hour, Gravis finally saw another beast.

It was a Nascent Nourishing green bird with a wind affinity.

When Gravis saw it, he immediately changed directions and teleported over to it.


Gravis appeared in front of the bird, and the bird felt its feathers standing up.

Why did this powerful beast come to it?

“Where is the next Immortal?” Gravis asked directly.

The pressure Gravis radiated forced the bird to immediately answer. Following more powerful beasts was within a beast’s nature.

“This is the territory of the Sand Immortal,” the bird said. “She is an Immortal. Go to this direction,” the bird said as it gestured towards a direction.

‘Territories, huh?’ Gravis thought as his brows furrowed. ‘So, the Immortals are actually not deeper in the Great Forest but are rulers of territories. There is probably a hierarchy of more and more powerful beasts that are subject to even more powerful beasts.’

Gravis nodded and teleported away again, leaving behind the shocked bird.

Gravis flew for a couple of minutes until he saw a small pangolin resting on top of an ore vein. Gravis had expected the Sand Immortal to be a beast with an earth affinity, but this beast obviously had a metal affinity. A beast with an earth affinity wouldn’t cultivate near some metal ore.


Gravis appeared in front of the Sand Immortal, and the Sand Immortal immediately stood up when it saw Gravis stop in front of it.

It was an Early Major Circulation Immortal and was quite powerful in these parts, but it couldn’t even feel the power of this newcomer.

However, the Sand Immortal wasn’t fearful or nervous in front of Gravis.


Because it saw Gravis’ appearance.

Wait, why wouldn’t that make it terrified? After all, Gravis’ appearance was about as terrifying as it got.

“Are you an Immortal King?” the Sand Immortal immediately asked calmly before Gravis could say anything.

Gravis’ brows furrowed. This Sand Immortal was not a little bit scared. He wondered why that was.

“Why are you not afraid?” Gravis asked.

“Because I am too weak, and you are searching for tempering,” the Sand Immortal said evenly. However, its posture obviously showed respect. Its words were straightforward and lacked respect, but its posture showed that it was subservient to Gravis.

This was the politeness among beasts.

Gravis’ eyes shone. “How do you know that I am searching for tempering?” Gravis asked.

“When a Black Demon flies around, it means that someone is going to die,” the Sand Immortal said.

‘Black Demon, huh?’ Gravis thought. ‘Liran had said something similar back then. The Black Magnate said that there are several beasts that look similar to me. After all, I couldn’t possibly be the only one that can see the use of having such a body. I guess that beasts that look similar to me are called Black Demons.’

Gravis gestured for the Sand Immortal to continue. The Sand Immortal was a bit confused that Gravis wanted the Sand Immortal to say more about something so obvious, but it had to follow the orders of more powerful beasts.

“Black Demons live for combat,” the Sand Immortal said. “The body of a Black Demon is made to be as effective during battle as possible, which shows that they are willing to forsake their old bodies for more power.”

“Black Demons pride themselves in fighting levels above themselves, and they don’t care about killing the obviously weaker ones. You are not in your territory, which means that you are searching for tempering,” the Sand Immortal said.

Gravis nodded. “Correct,” he said. “I am searching for an Early Major Circulation Immortal King,” Gravis said.

This surprised the Sand Immortal. It had expected that Gravis was a Peak Immortal or Early Minor Circulation Immortal King. However, this Black Demon was searching for an Early Major Circulation Immortal King? This Black Demon was more powerful than it had thought.

“I am subject to the Core Ground Immortal King,” the Sand Immortal said. “The Core Ground Immortal King is a Mid Minor Circulation Immortal King. I don’t know where you can find an Early Major Circulation Immortal King, but my Lord might know.”

Gravis nodded. “Where is your Lord?”

Gravis’ sense was pulled in a certain direction. This was the direction where the Lord of the Sand Immortal should be.

Gravis nodded again and teleported away. The Sand Immortal sat back down again.

‘Will I change allegiance soon?’ she thought. ‘Will my Grand Lord be able to win? I don’t know, but it doesn’t matter. I only need to cultivate and follow orders.’

The Sand Immortal’s Lord truly was a Mid Minor Circulation Immortal King, but the Sand Immortal knew that the Lord of her Lord was an Early Major Circulation Immortal King. This perfectly fit Gravis’ criteria for an opponent.

However, the Sand Immortal truly didn’t know where her Grand Lord was, which was why she had referred Gravis to her Lord.

Gravis flew for a couple of minutes and noticed another Immortal King. This was the first Immortal King Gravis had seen ever since he had entered the beast territory. This was probably the Core Ground Immortal King.

Gravis teleported over and saw the Core Ground Immortal King.

It was a black metal snake. Its head was long, and its scales were sharp and powerful. A human would find such an appearance terrifying.

The Core Ground Immortal King noticed Gravis and narrowed its eyes coldly.

Normally, it wouldn’t care about some Early Minor Circulation Immortal King, but this one was different.

This was a Black Demon, and Black Demons loved fighting above their levels.

This Black Demon might have arrived specifically to kill the Core Ground Immortal King.

“Do you wish to fight?” the Core Ground Immortal King asked as he rose from his lying position.

“You are too weak,” Gravis said directly, surprising the Core Ground Immortal King. “I have already killed several beings four levels above me, and you don’t pose a challenge.”

The Core Ground Immortal King felt a bit insulted that Gravis didn’t see him as a danger, but he was also fine with it. Beasts generally didn’t lie, which meant that chances were high that this Black Demon was incredibly powerful. Taking offense and attacking Gravis would be stupid in the Core Ground Immortal King’s mind.

“My Lord is an Early Major Circulation Immortal King,” the Core Ground Immortal King said. “Do you wish to fight him?”

Gravis’ eyes shone. Finally, a perfect opponent!

“Yes. Where is he?” Gravis asked.

“My Lord is called the Spear Mountain, and he is in this direction,” the Core Ground Immortal King said as he pulled Gravis’ senses to a certain direction.

Gravis looked back at the Core Ground Immortal King, nodded, and left.

For humans, such an interaction was unthinkable.

Why would an officer directly tell an enemy where to find their general? For humans, such an act would be seen as a grave betrayal.

Yet, among beasts, something like this was normal. Their Lords were their Lords because they were powerful. So what if another beast killed their Lord? That only meant that their new Lord would be even more powerful than their old one. Even if the new Lord didn’t care about having an Empire below them, a new Lord would simply come to claim the unclaimed territory.

In the middle world, beasts were loyal to their empires.

However, something like this didn’t exist in this world.


Because in the middle world, other Empires were the enemy. So, joining and helping another Empire would be a betrayal since that would be helping the enemy.

However, in this world, humans were the enemy. The beasts were united, and the beasts didn’t care which beast they followed. They were still in the same party.

The Core Ground Immortal King had to deal with his own opponents, and if he wasn’t powerful, he would have long been killed. Such a powerful beast had pride, and it would only follow a similarly prideful and powerful leader.

That was why beasts always told everyone where to find their Lord, no matter who asked. If the beast was too weak and annoyed the Lord, it would die. If the beast was more powerful than their Lord, they would get an even better Lord after the old one died.

Any beast that didn’t accept tempering was seen as mentally weak, no matter how strong it was. A beast that wasn’t willing to fight was worthless. Such beasts could only be used as food for other beasts.

The world of beasts was cruel but honest and direct. Death was very normal, and nobody cared if anyone died.

It was cold and emotionless.


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