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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 852: True Form Bahasa Indonesia

After another week of travel, Gravis and Siral arrived in the proximity of the Nine Elements Sect. The number of mortal villages and cities became higher the closer they got. The Immortals, Immortal Kings, and Immortal Emperors probably didn’t dare to fight this close to the Nine Elements Sect, granting the mortals a relative paradise.

Fortunately, Gravis and Siral didn’t come across any Cultivation cities, thanks to the red arrow that the old man in the Life Sect’s branch had shown them. There had to be a ton of powerful cities and Sects under the rulership of the Nine Elements Sect, but by just following the red arrow, Gravis and Siral avoided all of them.

Gravis was thankful for the old man’s help. Without him, Gravis would have needed to continually send Siral forward as a scout that checked millions of kilometers around them. After all, there could be Immortal Emperors in these cities, and their Spirit Sense’s range was insane. Because of that, they couldn’t even allow themselves within a couple million kilometers of a Sect or city.

This would have drastically increased their traveling time and would have been annoying.

Another week later, Gravis and Siral were leaving the surroundings of the Nine Elements Sect again. They noticed this firstly because of the lower density of mortal villages and secondly because of the red arrow on the map.

They hadn’t run into anybody else in their journey.

They hadn’t even seen another Immortal or Immortal King.

Of course, something like this was obvious.

How huge was this world?

This world was so gigantic that it was incomprehensible. Gravis and Siral had already traveled for trillions of kilometers.

Even if there were a trillion Immortals in this world, there would still need to be an entire kilometer between each one of them when they stood in a single line. However, the world wasn’t a line but a huge area.

As long as one didn’t go to any gathering places for Immortals or Immortal Kings, the chances of meeting another Cultivator outside were minuscule. The size was just far too large.

Another week later, Gravis and Siral were on the halfway mark between the Nine Elements Sect and the beast territory.

On this day, Gravis and Siral stopped for the first time.


Because the red arrow had ended on around this area.

This meant that it was no longer safe for Gravis to continue. Everything from this point onward would be dangerous.

“Siral, I will continue on my own,” Gravis said. “I will enter the beast territory alone. If you come along, the beasts will become suspicious and attack us. Humans and beasts are enemies in this world.”

Siral bowed deferentially. “What shall I do in the meantime, Master?” he asked.

Gravis summoned all the miscellaneous things in his Spirit Space except for the materials and Immortal Stones.

Siral quickly absorbed them into his own Spirit Space.

“Sell these things, but be careful,” Gravis said. “I don’t know if there are some incredibly valuable treasures among them. No one will care if you sell stuff for a couple million Immortal Stones, but if it becomes above ten million, it becomes dangerous. Some cities or Sects might decide to kill you for your wealth.”

“Sell a maximum of five million Immortal Stones per area. After doing so, travel at least several hours before you sell the next things. Additionally, use your Law of Humility to appear like an Early Minor Circulation Immortal King. The less conspicuous you are, the better.”

Siral nodded. “No worries, Master. I know how to sell these things without appearing suspicious. I have managed to amass enough wealth in the Sect Alliance to become a Late Minor Circulation Immortal King without any other Sect noticing.”

Gravis nodded. “I don’t know how long I will be gone. It could be a couple of months, but it could also be a century or so. At the latest, I will return in two centuries. I will contact you then with the Life Ring.”

“Yes, Master,” Siral said respectfully.

“Go,” Gravis said.


And with that, Siral teleported away.

Now, Gravis was alone again.

Gravis looked towards the southeast with narrowed eyes. ‘Let’s see if this works.’


Gravis flew to the ground and passed through it like it didn’t even exist. This ability was one of the major reasons why Gravis had decided to comprehend the Law of Graphite’s Manipulation. As long as Gravis kept the Law running by using Energy, he could pass through the earth like water.

Gravis went deeper and deeper.

At around 25,000 Kilometers deep, Gravis reached the approximate depth of when he had comprehended the level three Law of Gravity. However, this time, Gravis didn’t stop there.

At 35,000 Kilometers deep, it became impossible for Nascent Nourishing Cultivators to survive. The gravity and heat were far too overwhelming.

At 50,000 kilometers deep, it became impossible for Law Comprehension Cultivators to survive.

At 75,000 kilometers deep, it became impossible for Immortals to survive.

At this depth, Gravis already felt his body crackling due to the gravity. On top of that, Gravis’ scales were becoming incredibly hot.

That was when Gravis activated his Law of Graphite’s Gravity and the Law of Inferno’s Heat. These two Laws gave Gravis an incredible defense against these forces.

At 90,000 kilometers deep, Gravis stopped descending. His usage of Energy for the three Laws was just fast enough to counteract his regeneration.

This was as deep as Gravis could go without wasting more Energy than he could regenerate.

Wait, shouldn’t about 80,000 kilometers of depth already be impossible for an Early Minor Circulation Immortal King to survive?

So, how come that Gravis could go down to 90,000 kilometers?

The reason was the wording.


Cultivators were humans, and humans didn’t have very powerful bodies. 75,000 kilometers of depth already required a Peak Immortal to counteract the forces of gravity and heat with their own Laws. If they didn’t use their Laws, they would die.

Gravis had a beast body, and on top of that, he had his black scales. One should never forget the origin of these black scales. Even now, they were still far more powerful than any body part of an Early Minor Circulation Immortal King beast had the right to be.

At this depth, no Spirit Sense in the world would be able to notice him. The resistance of the incredibly hard materials, the insane heat, and the crushing force of gravity destroyed any Spirit Sense down here.

Even Gravis couldn’t look farther than a single kilometer in this depth. The powerful forces of the world simply destroyed his Spirit Sense far too quickly.

‘Beasts don’t use human tactics,’ Gravis thought. ‘On top of that, beasts are very direct and like open battles. I’m certain that there are very few beasts that would want to infiltrate the human side of the world like this.’

‘Additionally, even if they managed to do it, they would quickly be exterminated as soon as they showed themselves. The Peak Sects are not afraid of any singular beast invading their territory. Who cares about some random mortal villages or some minor Sects?’

‘Lastly, it would waste a ridiculous amount of resources to build Formation Arrays that can detect things this far down. The humans are already using 80% of their resources on the beasts, and they can’t keep up with such an incredible expenditure.’

‘However,’ Gravis thought as his eyes narrowed. ‘This isn’t true for the beasts. In the past, humans have surely already tried to use this tactic to infiltrate the beast territory, and I’m certain that the beasts have a countermeasure for something like this.’

‘Humans with their ingenuity have such an insane variety of skills, but beasts also have something that humans can’t have, and this something allows them to stop the very things that humans can’t stop without wasting a ridiculous amount of resources.’

‘I’m already pretty sure what I will run into, but that doesn’t matter.’

‘This unstoppable barrier that stops all underground infiltration from humans doesn’t exist for me.’


Gravis transformed into his beast form for the first time in this world.

His alligator head had terrifying teeth.

His six arms were muscular and had horrifying claws at their ends.

His tail was long and powerful.

His raptor legs had powerful claws and explosive power.

And lastly, Gravis’ black scales that seemingly absorbed all light would put fear and respect into everyone’s heart.

Gravis looked like a terrifying monstrosity out of a child’s nightmare.

‘Let’s go!’


And with that, Gravis charged towards the southeast, 90,000 kilometers under the earth.


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