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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 85: Jaimy’s Revenge Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis couldn’t comprehend what was happening. He had been walking down the road when a saber just stabbed through his heart. In his mind, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to survive that, even with tempered organs and blood. The situation just seemed unreal. It felt like it was happening to someone else, and he was just an onlooker. He didn’t even feel any pain.


The saber pulled out, and someone kicked Gravis in the back. Gravis fell to the floor, and he slowly started understanding the situation. A burning pain went through his whole body, and his limbs started shaking.

Gravis realized that someone had assassinated him. Gravis started breathing heavily, but it didn’t feel like he was breathing at all. It felt like he couldn’t get any air, even though he felt himself breathing. His chest went up and down, but he still felt like he was drowning.

With a dizzy mind, he turned his body around, blood splashing out from his chest and back onto the floor. Gravis finally saw his attacker. He saw Jaimy with a tear-stained face. Gravis could see that Jaimy was angry, frustrated, helpless, and also hurt.

“I understand,” said Jaimy again. “I understand that you are not a good person,” said Jaimy with a shaking voice. “I groveled before you.” He took one step closer. “I threw away all my dignity.” He took another step forward. “I promised you everything.” He took the last step and stood before Gravis. “Yet, you didn’t even give me this much.”

Gravis wanted to speak, but he could only cough blood as his skin slowly whitened. Gravis breathing quickened, but it didn’t help, as Gravis slowly saw the world spinning. His mind started slowly distancing from his body, and the world started growing dark.

Jaimy went on one knee and looked into Gravis’ eyes, who blankly looked forward. “I didn’t want to do this.” Suddenly, his tear-stained face changed into one of rage. “But you have taken everything from me and still kicked me when I was down. I should have killed you before you had the chance to get in my way,” he said.

“Only three months! That was all that you had to give me,” he said again, being careful that no one noticed. It would be unfortunate if Gravis had some Heaven-defying luck, and someone would walk past on a midnight stroll. Jaimy felt lucky that the whole guild was dead-silent this night.

“You only had to lose once, and all this wouldn’t have been necessary. I would have repaid you everything! You would have gained an incredible friend-“


Gravis violently coughed up blood, and it hit Jaimy in the face. Jaimy touched his face and saw the blood on his hand. Then, he simply wiped the blood off his face with his sleeve and looked at Gravis again, this time, with a cold expression. “You know, I don’t feel so bad anymore. You really are an asshole.”

“Also, that is quite a good weapon,” he said with a forced grin. Jaimy tried to seem malicious, but Gravis could still notice that Jaimy felt uncomfortable. Maybe he was trying to prove to himself that he could ignore his own conscience. “It will probably fetch a good price,” he said as he grabbed the Void-Stone saber and lifted it.

Jaimy’s face blanched immediately, and he threw it away. The saber had eaten up an entire level in the Energy Gathering Realm, and Jaimy had fallen from the second level to the first. Jaimy turned from the saber to Gravis, who managed to squeeze out a grin while watching Jaimy. Even if Gravis died here, he still gave Jaimy a slap.

Jaimy’s rage immediately exploded, and he took Gravis’ body and carried him into a nearby forest. When he arrived, he threw Gravis down and looked at him with hate. “You fucking bastard!” he shouted as he threw a lightning bolt at Gravis. If he used a lightning bolt in the guild, everyone would know that something was happening.

The lightning bolt hit Gravis’ shoulder and burned a hole in it. “You fucking asshole!” he shouted again as he shot another lightning bolt at Gravis’ arm. The bolt burned the arm severely and cooked muscles and skin, yet, Gravis still smirked at Jaimy.

Gravis’ expression infuriated Jaimy only more, and he shouted as he released all his lightning onto Gravis’ body. After over five minutes of unleashing all his lightning on Gravis, he shot one last bolt into Gravis’ face, which then wiped off his smirk and removed all flesh and skin.

Jaimy seethed in rage and exhaustion as he looked at the remains of Gravis’ skeletal smile. Jaimy slowly calmed down and took a deep breath. He took Gravis’ corpse and carried it back to the guild. After a while, he arrived at his destination, the community toilets.

“I originally wanted you to have a dignified grave, but you had to be a pain in the ass until the end,” he said, as he opened the floor of the toilets. “Enjoy,” he said as he threw Gravis into the full cesspool. Jaimy closed the toilet again and went back to his house.

Heaven had been watching everything. Heaven should be happy with what happened to Gravis, but for some reason…

Heaven was anything but happy right now.


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