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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 840: An Old Ability Bahasa Indonesia

It was time for the last set of the element-related Battle Laws. After that, Gravis would no longer come into contact with the Sect Alliance.

What were Gravis’ plans for Graphite? Defense, right?

No, that was not what Gravis had in mind. Gravis was fighting Cultivators and beasts many levels above himself. Adding some defense wouldn’t make much of a difference. When Gravis blocked an attack, he would need to use his saber or an attack of his own. Creating a dedicated defense would only waste Energy.

Back in the middle world, Gravis had used multiple shields for that purpose, and if he had the chance to use them again, he would. Sadly, resources were very scarce in this world. Sure, after looting the belongings of a hundred Sect Masters, Gravis had enough to create armor and some shields, but it hadn’t been necessary up to now. He preferred having these resources as a hard currency.

In the middle world, there had nearly been an infinite amount of ores, but here, every single piece of ore already had an owner. If Gravis wanted this ore, he would need to either trade for it or kill the owner.

Because of these reasons, Gravis didn’t try to create a set of armor or shields. In the future, when he had an overabundance of money, he would probably build one again, but not right now. Gravis’ wealth was just big enough to make him an Early Major Circulation Immortal King. Sure, that sounded powerful, but one had to remember that there was an entire Realm above that, which only became more expensive.

Gravis appeared rich right now, but everything would vanish as soon as he increased his strength.

So, since Gravis didn’t intend to use the Graphite Element as a defensive means, what did he intend to do with it?

Well, the first Law Gravis comprehended was Graphite’s Law of Gravity. This was an element-related version of gravity. One could compare the dynamic between gravity and Graphite’s gravity to the Law of Heat and the Law of Inferno’s Heat. It was simply another way to create the same thing.

Gravis’ Law of Gravity only had the power of a level three Law, making it useful, but not that useful. However, the Law of Graphite’s Gravity was a level four Law, and it would be several times stronger than Gravis’ Law of Gravity. Sadly, it cost quite a bit of Energy to use.

The next Law was the Law of Graphite’s Mass. This Law had two uses.

One of them was that it increased the power of the Law of Graphite’s Gravity, and the other use was that it increased the amount of “earth” one could create with Energy. It was similar to a Law of Efficiency. One could also say that it was the same thing as the Law of Storm’s Mass, but for everything earth-related.

The third Law was the Law of Graphite’s Efficiency. As the name implied, it simply reduced the Energy cost of everything.

If Gravis wanted to use the Law of Graphite’s Gravity on the enemy together with the Law of Frost’s Penetration and the Law of Storm’s Pressure, he needed to cut down the Energy consumption as much as possible.

However, this wasn’t the only reason why Gravis comprehended this Law.

The Laws of Efficiency and Mass both reduced Energy consumption. So, what did Gravis plan with these two Laws?

The fourth Law Gravis comprehended was the Law of Graphite’s Manipulation. This Law also had two uses.

One was the ability to move the earth around. When one thought back to the lower world, one might remember that Gravis once had this peculiar ability of Elemental Synchronicity. Back then, Gravis had the ability to swim through the earth.

With this Law, this ability returned. Gravis could ignore any kind of earth-related thing that didn’t have a will on it. This meant that Gravis could also flee into the earth or hide in it for a surprise attack.

The second ability of the Law of Graphite’s Manipulation was a heightened control over what kind of material Gravis would be able to create with his Graphite. By using Graphite, a lot of random materials would appear. After all, when Gravis had received the Virtualization Array of the Law of Graphite, a ton of random ores had been created. On top of that, they hadn’t vanished after the Virtualization Array had been deactivated.

This would all come together with the fifth and final Law Gravis would comprehend.

However, before Gravis went to the next Law Comprehension Area, Gravis fell into thought.

‘Elemental Synchronicity, huh?’ he thought with a nostalgic expression. ‘It’s been forever since I thought about that. I also remember that Orpheus once said that this ability would become very important in the far future.’

Gravis sighed. ‘By now, I can see the effect that Elemental Synchronicity would have on me very well. Just imagine, no element without a will would be able to affect me.’

‘I could enter the core of any Element in the Law Comprehension Areas without affecting it. I wouldn’t need to heal myself or be careful to not use too much Energy. My body would simply overlap with the Elements. Additionally, I would be able to feel them intimately.’

‘In short, Elemental Synchronicity would boost my ability to comprehend Laws to insane levels. My affinity towards every single element would be unparalleled. All the Elements would unveil all their secrets to me in nearly an instant. I probably wouldn’t even need to temper myself to comprehend incredibly complex Laws.’

‘However, that wouldn’t even be all. I could swim to the center of the world, unaffected by gravity, heat, and pressure. Back then, I was still affected by these things, but I’m pretty sure that my Elemental Synchronicity would have only become more powerful and useful with time. With it, I could have entered the core of the world, comprehending the most powerful Heat, Gravity, and Pressure Laws.’

‘Even more, I could go through the deep earth and harvest as many ores as I want. Sure, the Law of Graphite’s Manipulation also gives me this ability, but when gravity, heat, and pressure get involved, it becomes far more difficult. Additionally, it costs Energy.’

‘I could have probably also flown into space to comprehend the Cold Laws. Additionally, with my incredible affinity towards the Graphite Element, I would probably also have a far easier time in comprehending the Matter Laws.’

‘In short, Elemental Synchronicity is an unparalleled ability for comprehending all kinds of Laws.’

Suddenly, Gravis’ eyes shone. ‘However, advantages have disadvantages. Elemental Synchronicity wouldn’t directly increase my Battle-Strength. My Lightning Crescent also wouldn’t exist. Even more, without my affinity for lightning, the lower Heaven would have killed me.’

Gravis’ fight against the lower Heaven hadn’t appeared as dangerous, but one had to remember that Gravis inherently countered the lower Heaven’s strongest weapon. Elemental Synchronicity could only be used with elements that didn’t have a will on them.

So, what would have happened if Gravis hadn’t become one with lightning?

The lower Heaven would have unleashed a bolt of Punishment Lightning. That was a level three Law, and it would have been used in a world where the concept of Laws didn’t even exist. If Gravis hadn’t had his affinity for lightning, he would have died 100%. There was no question about it.

Even in the middle world, this held true. After Gravis swallowed the middle Heaven’s Avatar, it had lost all the Laws associated with the Law of the Dead World. However, its Divine Lightning hadn’t been included in that. What could Gravis have done against a bolt of Divine Lightning? The destruction of the middle Heaven’s Avatar wouldn’t have made a difference.

Additionally, no matter how many Laws Gravis knew, Gravis’ affinity towards lightning held an inherent advantage in battle. Gravis’ Energy storage was far greater than anyone else’s on his level since he didn’t need to convert Energy into lightning. He already had the lightning.

‘Well, I still think my choice was the correct one,’ Gravis thought. ‘Yes, Elemental Synchronicity is useful, but I still prefer my current set of abilities, even if I have a huge issue with my lightning right now.’

‘Anyway, I should get to the last Law.’

Gravis went to the last Law Comprehension Area, the Law Comprehension Area for the Law of Graphite’s Creation.

This was the Law that tied everything together.

This Law would allow Gravis to create a ton of materials. The Laws of Graphite’s Mass, Manipulation, and Efficiency had all been comprehended for this Law.

This Law would help Gravis in comprehending the Matter Laws, and it would also help Gravis in creating wealth. Sure, the slow creation of ores took a ton of Energy and time, but Gravis would create these ores anyway. After all, he needed to create these ores to understand the Medium Pure Law.

Also, if Gravis ever ran out of money, he could spend some time gathering resources for his weapons. Being without a weapon was far too dangerous.

Just like all the previous Laws, Gravis comprehended this Law in seemingly no time.


‘And with that, I’m done,’ Gravis thought. After that, he looked at the timer and took a deep breath.

‘8,721 years!’ Gravis thought with shock. ‘My affinity towards Graphite is truly trash!’

Gravis released a deep sigh when he thought about how much time he had just spent in comprehension. This was insanely long!

‘Fortunately, I’m done with the Graphite Element,’ Gravis thought. ‘Now, only the Primary Laws remain. I still have about 12,000 years before Siral contacts me. 12,000 years sounds like a good amount of time to comprehend some Laws. I’m not sure if I will use all of it, but I will definitely use most of it.’

‘Anyway, one last thing to do.’

Gravis looked at the Law Comprehension Area and saw a disciple.

“Please call over your Sect Master,” Gravis said.


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