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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 829: Pressure Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis returned to the Sect Alliance’s territories and immediately went to the next Law Comprehension Area. Gravis had had enough time to plan out everything.


After a couple of teleportations, Gravis arrived at his next goal.

In front of Gravis was a seemingly empty area. There were no mountains or craters. It was just a seemingly empty wasteland. The floor was dirty with no grass growing on it, but it also didn’t seem dried out. By all intents and purposes, it was like a gigantic razor had shaven the land. Gravis could see a ton of tiny seeds and root networks below the surface, but they would never reach the surface.


The reason for that was the cutting wind that destroyed everything above the ground.

If one looked at this area just with their eyes, they would think that this area was empty except for an occasional blurriness in the air.

However, this seemingly unimportant blurriness was created by a grinder of incredibly sharp blades made out of Storm.

This was a Law Comprehension Area for the Law of Storm Cutting.

As the name implied, this Law would allow someone to increase the cutting power of the Storm element.

Gravis saw several disciples, but they only looked at the Law from far away. None of them dared to come close.

Gravis informed the disciples and inspected the Law Comprehension Area. It was important to know how it worked to see if Gravis could enter it without endangering the entire area.

After some seconds, Gravis got the general gist of how this Law Comprehension Area worked and entered. Destroying a couple of Storm Blades wouldn’t be an issue since the Energy inside the area didn’t re-enter the area as more Storm Blades. This Law Comprehension Area absorbed Energy from outside.

Gravis entered the Law Comprehension Area.


The Storm Blades hit Gravis and left crevices behind on his body. However, he had been prepared for that and had already started to absorb more Energy to supplement his healing by breaking down some of the Storm Blades with his Storm Law.

As always, it took some getting used to, but after some days, everything happened subconsciously again.

Gravis lost himself in the Laws for the first time after a century again and immediately fell back into his usual comprehension state.


And before he knew it, he had comprehended the Law of Storm Cutting.

Gravis quickly exited the area again and went directly to the next one. He had a ton of Laws to go through, and he didn’t have any time to waste. There were still over 30 left!

Gravis quickly arrived at the next area, which was the deepest hole he had ever seen. Gravis’ Spirit Sense didn’t even reach the bottom of the hole, and Gravis’ Spirit Sense had a range of 750,000 kilometers!

After jumping into the hole, Gravis saw a couple of people on his journey to the bottom. Gravis quickly informed them and went deeper and deeper until he arrived at the bottom.


Gravis’ hidden scales were crackling, and Gravis’ eyes had long since exploded from the pressure. Of course, something like this was not an issue to him.

This was the Law Comprehension Area for the Law of Storm’s Pressure.

If one comprehended this Law, using the element of Storm as an area attack would become far more viable. Its effect was similar to the effect of a Will-Aura, but also slightly different. A Will-Aura suppressed the entire being, while this Law increased the density of the surrounding air. One could say both things had the same effect but via a different process and power.

Sadly, it couldn’t be added directly to the Will-Aura’s power but acted separately from it.

Did that make a difference?


As an example, if the Will-Aura could suppress someone’s speed by 40% and this Law could suppress someone’s speed by 40%, a vastly different magnitude of suppression would occur with the two different combinations.

If the Law and the Will-Aura could be combined, the enemy would be suppressed by 80%, leaving them with 20% speed.

If the Law and Will-Aura worked separately, the enemy would be suppressed to 60% by one of the two forces first. Then, the other force would suppress them by 40% of the 60%, resulting in a decrease of 24%, leaving 36% of total speed.

20% to 36%.

This meant that the total speed of the second opponent was 80% faster than the total speed of the first opponent in relation!

However, this was only a crude example. The difference became more and less relevant depending on how powerful the suppression forces were. Additionally, it would be very peculiar if both forces had the same power. Gravis’ Will-Aura was obviously far more powerful than this Law…


However, one had to remember that Gravis always fought people several levels above himself. Suppressing them became nearly impossible for Gravis’ Will-Aura due to the level suppression.

But that didn’t matter to the Law of Storm’s Pressure!

The environment would always be affected with the same power since there was no level suppression with the environment. This meant that even more powerful people would be suppressed to a certain extent.

Yet, everyone knows by now that every advantage came with at least one disadvantage.

The disadvantage here was that Gravis had to use his Energy to keep the Law going, and it was quite a lot of Energy on top of that. In comparison to his Will-Aura, Gravis couldn’t keep this Law going for long.

However, that was something for the future.

Right now, Gravis had to learn the Law first.

Of course, comprehending the Law wasn’t much more difficult than comprehending the other ones, and after losing himself in the Law again, Gravis woke up after seemingly no time.


Gravis exited the Law Comprehension Area and directly went to the next one, which was simply another empty area of land, just like the one for the Law of Storm Cutting.

Another invisible storm raged, but it didn’t have as much cutting power as the first one.

However, it was more violent and more powerful in general.

This was the Law Comprehension Area for the Law of Storm’s Power!

What did it do?

Well, it increased the power of the Storm element.

That was basically it.

Everything repeated itself again. Gravis informed the disciples, checked the Law Comprehension Area if it was okay for him to enter, entered, got used to being thrown around, lost himself in the Law, and comprehended the Law.


Without waiting, Gravis directly teleported away.

‘Next one!’


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