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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 827: Fern Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis went to his next class, and everything repeated itself again. The students asked one question after the other, and Gravis had to answer all of them without falling into an abyss of one tangent after the other.

Sadly, this meant that Gravis spent another couple of days teaching them, which resulted in the next class wanting just as much time.

All of this repeated itself until Gravis went through seven different classes. Then, he finally had some time for himself.

After dismissing the last class, Gravis released a sigh. ‘It’s really difficult to keep my voice in check,’ he thought. ‘Due to what happened and my constant comprehending of Laws, I seem to have this inherent aura of aggression around me. Luckily, all the kids seem to know this issue and have been rather accepting.’

‘It was the right decision to come here. I might not feel a difference yet, but it has just been a couple of weeks. I have plenty of time left.’

For the first time, Gravis had some time for himself again. However, Gravis immediately started to think about Laws again, which was not a good thing. Becoming more powerful was important, but Gravis knew that he had to reduce his focus towards his goal.

And when Gravis thought that, he realized something very important.

‘Wait, my goal?’ Gravis thought. ‘But power isn’t my goal!’

‘Power should only be a means to an end, not the end goal itself,’ Gravis thought as he crossed his arms and looked down with furrowed brows. ‘Have I truly put power as my goal?’

After some seconds, Gravis looked at the sky and sighed. ‘So, that’s my issue, huh? Power has become my goal itself instead of freedom or happiness.’

Gravis finally realized why he had changed. Everything hinged on the fact that power had become his goal.

‘What’s the point of being supremely powerful when your entire life is only colored in shades of grey?’ Gravis thought with a sigh. ‘Oh, what a fool I have been.’

Gravis smiled. Finally, he knew what had been wrong with him. After that, he looked away from the gigantic lake and towards the forest. ‘I want to meet others. Only talking to children isn’t enough. I want to meet Cultivators that have gone through the hardships of cultivation.’

With that thought, Gravis started walking towards the clearing where the people and beasts actually lived. The vast lake was Arc’s home and the place where he taught children. Everyone else lived a couple of kilometers away.

Gravis tried to walk as slowly as possible towards the clearing. There was absolutely no reason to hurry up since his time here was fixed anyway.

However, it was difficult to walk slowly. Gravis felt like he was wasting time by walking this slowly, which made him antsy.

‘Stop being nervous!’ Gravis thought to himself. ‘What reason could you possibly have to be nervous? You have so much time!’

Gravis walked slowly towards the clearing, but sadly, he didn’t enjoy it at all. He tried to listen to Arc’s advice and look at the world, but no matter what he looked at, he knew everything about it.

Gravis knew the Composition Laws of Plants, which meant that any plant below the Immortal Realm only appeared as calculations of different Laws in his mind.

The same thing was true for the animals. He saw the Composition of their body and their soul. After all, Gravis also knew the level three Law of Soul.

However, near the end, Gravis stopped as he looked at some plants. This was a kind of fast-growing plant. It was some kind of green fern with nearly no longevity but an insane speed of growth. Its entire life would start and end in a single month.

‘I don’t know the Laws of Plant Growth,’ Gravis thought as he looked at the fern.

For the first time, something as mundane as a mortal plant interested Gravis again.

Gravis seemingly got lost while looking at the fern.

“Hey, the fern got you!” Gravis heard someone say from beside him.

Gravis’ eyes narrowed, and he looked to the side at a teenager.

The teenager jumped back when he saw Gravis’ eyes, and Gravis gasped.

‘You idiot!’ Gravis shouted at himself in his mind. ‘You are supposed to take a break, but here you are, comprehending Laws again! This guy interrupted you, and you get angry? For what? For a fucking fern that might help you in comprehending a couple of fucking level one Laws!?’

Gravis had felt rage bubbling up inside him when the teenager had interrupted him.

Sure, it would be understandable if Gravis felt angry at an interruption while comprehending a Law after some years. After all, the interruption might cost him several years.

However, not only was this Law about as irrelevant as it got, but Gravis had also just started. How much time had he wasted? Like a minute or two?

Lastly, Gravis was supposed to be on a break!

“I’m sorry,” Gravis said with a sigh. “I shouldn’t have glared at you like that.”

The teenager was still a bit apprehensive, but he quickly recovered.

The person might look like a teenager, but he definitely wasn’t one. After all, this was a Mid Minor Circulation Immortal. He was at least a thousand years old. He probably only preferred to be inside the body of a teenager.

A glint appeared in the teenager’s eyes. “Have you comprehended Laws for too long?” he asked.

‘Is that really so common that everyone can guess that?’ Gravis thought with a bitter smile.

“Yes, that’s why I’ve reacted like this. This fern has pulled me in,” Gravis said.

The teenager nodded and smiled. “That’s what I’ve thought,” he said. “That’s why I said the fern got you.”

“Speaking of,” Gravis said. “What did you mean with that the fern got me?”

“Oh, you’re new, right?” the teenager said.

“Kind of,” Gravis said uncertainly. “I’m not really part of this… area? You could call me a guest teacher. I’m mainly here to relax after a long Law Comprehension Session to get more in tune with my human side again.”

“Oh, you’re the new teacher?” the teenager asked with wonder as Gravis nodded. “The kids have been talking a lot about you. They really enjoy your classes.”

“That’s good to hear,” Gravis said with a smile.

The teenager looked at the fern again and remembered Gravis’ question from earlier. “Oh, right, the fern,” he said. “Teacher planted the fern here specifically to draw people in. It’s here precisely because of people like you.”

“How so?” Gravis asked.

“Well, it’s best to show people how easy they can lose themselves,” the teenager explained with a smile. “Whenever someone gets lost in the fern, it’s the job of others to pull them away. This helps them realize how easy they can get lost again.”

Gravis nodded. “That’s quite a smart idea. As expected of Arc,” Gravis said.

The teenager was a bit weirded out when Gravis referred to Arc with his name instead of teacher. However, he also remembered that Gravis wasn’t really a member of their small congregation.

“So, want me to introduce you to some other Immortals and Immortal Kings?” the teenager asked with a smirk.

Gravis nodded. “I’d appreciate it.”

“Alright! Then, just follow me,” he said as he walked to the clearing again.

Gravis simply followed him.


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