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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 798: Chaotic Battle Bahasa Indonesia

This battle had tempered Gravis’ Will-Aura only marginally. He had been in real danger when his opponent attacked first, which had increased his Will-Aura by a little bit, but everything after that had been inside Gravis’ control.

Right now, Gravis’ Will-Aura was still at the level of a Late Minor Circulation Immortal King’s, but it was about halfway to the next level.

‘Not even an increase of one level. Truly disappointing,’ Gravis thought.

Gravis would have wished to get more tempering out of his opponent by telling him that Formation Arrays and poisons didn’t work on him, but he didn’t have the luxury right now. He had been able to do that with Samantha only because it had been guaranteed that no third party would intervene.

This was not true this time. There were five other Immortal Kings outside, and Gravis couldn’t trust that the Formation Array that hid them from their eyes would work. His enemy had said so, but Gravis obviously didn’t trust his enemy’s words.


When the enemy died, the Formation Array surrounding Gravis vanished, and he appeared back in the sky above the Unrestrained Sect.


The Unrestrained Sect had been replaced with several gigantic craters, and the only signs of life were the attackers flying in the sky. Due to the two of them talking a lot, Gravis’ fight with his opponent had taken about three minutes. In these three minutes, the entire Unrestrained Sect had been wiped out.


Well, nearly the entire Sect. The two Vice Sect Masters were still resisting the three attacking Immortal Kings, but they were incredibly injured. They wouldn’t be able to hold out for much longer.


Two Immortal Kings appeared in front of Gravis and glared at him. These two Immortal Kings had been responsible for killing all the Disciples that fled the battle. With their mission complete, they only waited for the other four to complete their missions. Three of them were responsible for the two Vice Sect Masters, while the last one was responsible for Gravis.

“Seems like Virgus failed,” one of them said as she spat to the side with disdain. “That idiot always acts recklessly. Seems like he got what was coming to him,” she said as she looked at Gravis. “I assume you killed him.”

“Sure did,” Gravis said with a smirk.

The other one nodded. “Playtime’s over, Gravis,” he said, obviously knowing Gravis’ name. “You might have been able to kill Virgus, but we are not as reckless as him. Come peacefully or go through hellish torture.”

Gravis had created a new saber out of Virgus’ wealth and summoned it. Then, he readied himself for battle.

“Don’t joke around,” the woman said. “We are two, and you are one. You might be able to fight one of us, but not both. Additionally, it’s only a matter of time until the other three arrive.”

“You’re wrong,” Gravis said with a smirk.

The man hmphed. “Are you saying that you can resist us just by yourself?” he asked with disdain.

“No, I’m not saying that,” Gravis said with a smirk. “If I were alone, I truly would have no chance against you. However, who said I’m alone?”

Suddenly, the two Immortal Kings looked at the ball of lightning, which was still flying in the sky. This had been Virgus’ corpse.


The ball split in two, and the two halves transformed into bodies.

In just an instant, three Gravises stood in front of the two attackers, all of them at the Late Major Circulation Immortal Realm.


The two of them also took out sabers and stepped beside the first Gravis. Then, all three of them gestured with their open hands to the two Immortal Kings and beckoned them to come closer with their index fingers. “Try not to disappoint me like your colleague, okay?”

The Gravis Force had returned!

Gravis might not be willing to absorb a human’s corpse, but he could create some temporary bodies. As long as he didn’t absorb them into his true self, he wouldn’t have eaten a human, right? These two bodies might also just be attacks.

The two Immortal Kings couldn’t comprehend what was happening. How could there be three Gravises!? Was this a Law? What kind of Law was this!? How overpowered would a Law have to be to triple one’s Battle-Strength!?

“This has to be a trick,” the woman said to the man with narrowed eyes as she retrieved a bow. “Just deal with them.”

“Oh, time’s up!” the three Gravises said. “Here we go!”


The Immortal Kings felt a Will-Aura attack them, but they had been prepared. However, the fact that only one Will-Aura had appeared meant that there was only one real Gravis, convincing them of the fact that this was some sort of trick.

The woman flew away as she took out her bow to attack the Gravises. Two of them charged after her while the last one charged at the man.


The man took out two daggers that seemed to drip with darkness. This was the Shadow Element, the level three Law equivalent to the darkness element.

Gravis shot at him and slashed with his saber.


One dagger blocked the saber, and Gravis noticed that the daggers didn’t even crack his saber. This was all that he needed to know!


The enemy attacked with his second dagger, and Gravis summoned a second saber to block the attack.

The enemy narrowed his eyes as needles suddenly appeared between them. Gravis noticed the needles and saw them dripping with the Shadow Element.


A jade token was activated, and all needles shot forward with incredible speed, directly at Gravis’ torso.


Gravis summoned a shield to block them. Virgus had had a lot of materials on him, allowing Gravis to create a shield for such situations.

The enemy only smiled. ‘Fool! So what if you summon a shield? There’s nothing backing the shield. My needles will throw it to the side!’


However, the shield held strong and blocked all the needles, shocking the enemy. H-How!?

The enemy’s question got answered as he saw two additional arms coming out of Gravis’ torso, which held the shield.


Suddenly, the shield shot forward and hit the torso of Gravis’ opponent, breaking several bones.

This was the strength of having a beast body. Gravis’ human body had just as much defense, power, and speed as his beast body, but his beast body had something much more important. Gravis had forged his beast body to counter humans. What can someone with two arms do against someone with six?

The enemy flew several kilometers away, and Gravis shot after him. Gravis replaced his weapons with four spears and stabbed forward with all four of them at once. At best, his opponent would be able to block two.

The opponent recovered and cracked a jade token.


All four spears hit a Formation Array but weren’t able to break it.

‘Tch, another one?’ Gravis thought with frustration.


Gravis continued attacking the Formation Array and broke it in a couple of seconds, but the opponent fully recovered by then.

Several needles appeared again, and the opponent suddenly unleashed a wave of darkness with his two daggers.

Gravis felt his Law of Danger shouting at him. This wave of darkness was incredibly dangerous!

Gravis summoned his shield, but as soon as the wave of darkness hit it, it started to age and rot rapidly.


His shield turned into nothingness, and the needles behind the wave shot at Gravis.

Gravis gritted his teeth, and his lightning exploded behind him, throwing him directly towards his enemy.


All the needles hit Gravis’ body, and his Life Energy was gone in an instant as his entire body aged.

Gravis arrived at his opponent’s side and exploded into lightning.


Gravis had transformed his entire body into a Lightning Crescent and had made it explode before he died.

The explosion ravaged the surroundings as the destruction drew the attention of the other three Immortal Kings.

All three of them noticed that something was not going according to plan. “Enough playing around,” one of them said, and the other two nodded.

Then, all three of them activated their level four Laws and attacked the Vice Sect Masters with their full power.

Meanwhile, Gravis’ opponent came out of the explosion, uninjured. The Formation Array around him vanished with a sputter as the fully loaded Lightning Crescent took it out.

“That was close,” he said with a sigh.


“I knew shooting a bow was easy!” the man heard someone shout from a distance as an arrow made out of lightning punched through his chest.


And the guy exploded into lightning.

One Gravis was chasing and fighting the other Immortal King as the second one had crafted a bow. After that, he had created a physical arrow made out of lightning with his new knowledge and shot it at the guy.

The arrow made out of lightning penetrated the guy’s chest and exploded just moments later, killing him.


Meanwhile, the two Vice Sect Masters were destroyed by the combined might of the three attackers. The three attackers noticed what was going on and shot to their last remaining colleague.

The corpse of the dead Immortal King transformed into two Gravises again.

Currently, one of them was attacking the woman with the bow, one of them was holding a bow, and two of them had just appeared.

There were four Gravises and four Immortal Kings remaining.

‘Man, this will require a ton of multitasking,’ Gravis thought.


All Gravises readied their sabers and searched for an opponent.


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