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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 796: Calamity of the Unrestrained Sect Bahasa Indonesia

Three Cultivators appeared on top of the Unrestrained Sect without notice, and when they arrived, they unleashed mighty attacks that created gigantic explosions.

One of the explosions hit the central part of the Unrestrained Sect, destroying all the buildings.

One of them hit the Restrained Lands.

And the last one…

The last one hit the training grounds, where everyone had been gathered for the barbecue.

In just a single moment, the entire Unrestrained Sect had nearly been completely destroyed.

One of the Cultivators took out their spear and stabbed at the residential area of the Unrestrained Sect, which was also consumed in a gigantic explosion.

In just a single moment, over 90% of all disciples had met their end.

This was not tempering.

This was not a fight.

This was a one-sided slaughter. The enemy was not here to temper themselves but to complete a mission. Their target was not to fight equally powerful Cultivators but to decimate the Unrestrained Sect.

Gravis stood in the sky as he watched the attackers.

All of them were Immortal Kings.

Three Immortal Kings, and Gravis was sure that there were more. These three were probably the vanguard that would draw out the two Vice Sect Masters. As soon as the Vice Sect Masters initiated combat, the three attackers would band together and kill the two Vice Sect Masters.

Some stray disciples immediately fled into the distance, but Gravis was sure that they wouldn’t survive. Two other Immortal Kings would probably keep the sides locked down and kill every straggler. This was not a fight for resources but to kill as many disciples as possible.

“Enjoying the view?” a voice said to Gravis as another Immortal King appeared before him.

All the attackers were clad in dark robes that hid their features and auras. No one knew who the attackers were.

“It’s nothing new to me,” Gravis said calmly as he looked down. “I have seen scenes like these more than once, most of them having been created by my own hands.”

The new arrival was surprised that Gravis didn’t show any fear. Did he not know that he couldn’t even attempt to resist? Gravis was only an Early Major Circulation Immortal, someone that was six entire levels lower than him!

“So, you have seen this day arrive, have you?” the Immortal King asked.

Gravis nodded. “I have.”

“Then why are you still here?” the Immortal King asked with a smirk. “Did you expect that we would send some Peak Immortals? I’m sorry to tell you, but we don’t take chances.”

“You want to take me alive, is that right?” Gravis asked, not answering the attacker’s question.

“Quite a smart boy, are you?” the Immortal King said with a smirk. “Yes, our client is very interested in your secrets.”

Gravis nodded as he continued watching the destruction. “Underworld, right?”

“Ho?” the man exclaimed with a bit of surprise. “You even know about us? Were you the one that killed our scout?”

“No,” Gravis said, “but I have seen his corpse.”

Gravis was only engaging in this conversation because he was waiting for something. He had to wait for the right moment to start his fight.

Fleeing Disciples that just reached the edges of Gravis’ Spirit Sense were snuffed out one after the other by some attacks. Sure enough, there were more Immortal Kings.

By now, Gravis was sure how many attackers there were. There were six attackers, and all of them were Immortal Kings.

The Unrestrained Sect had absolutely no chance of resisting without their Sect Master. It was two Immortal Kings against six.

Gravis looked at the center of the Sect and furrowed his brows. Were even the Vice Sect Masters this cowardly?

Gravis was waiting for the Vice Sect Masters to start their fight. If Gravis attacked right now, the three other Immortal Kings might realize that he was a danger and would attack him. Because of that, Gravis first needed the other three Immortal Kings to engage in a fight of their own.

After some seconds, Gravis saw the three Immortal Kings in the sky look at each other.


Then, all three of them shot forward to the center of the Sect.


A Formation Array appeared in front of them, but they only laughed. The three of them retrieved their weapons and laid them together. After that, they put some jewels onto the weapons and pointed them at the Formation Array.


A black beam shot out of their weapons and hit the Formation Array. The Formation Array wasn’t destroyed, but it vanished. It was like it had stopped working. After that, the three of them shot into the ground at the center of the Sect.


And then, fighting broke out.

The two Vice Sect Masters were vulnerable now. The Formation Array that they had used to protect themselves had been deactivated, and now they were fighting the invaders.

However, this could barely be called a fight. It was more like the two Vice Sect Masters fleeing while barely defending themselves against attacks. The three attackers laughed loudly and flew after them, taking potshots at the fleeing prey.

“Are you done watching?” the attacker asked. “Then follow me without any resistance, or I might inject you with some Spirit Poison.”

Gravis looked away from the chase and looked into the eyes of the Immortal King in front of him for the first time.


Gravis activated all his Laws that targeted the Will-Aura, and his body vanished as it got absorbed by his more powerful body. There was no reason to keep the weaker body alive.

The Immortal King felt a hit to his Will-Aura that nearly took him out. The Will-Aura of his prey was vastly more powerful than he had ever imagined!

Then, he noticed that Gravis was now a Late Major Circulation Immortal, and he immediately retrieved his spear. He immediately readied himself for a bloody fight. He had heard how powerful Gravis’ Battle-Strength was, and he knew that this fight wouldn’t be easy.

So that was what his prey was waiting for!

He didn’t flee because he had underestimated them, but because they served as perfect tempering for him!

“Have you recovered?” Gravis asked. “I could have killed you right now, but I want a good fight. You better not disappoint me.”

“Might as well,” the attacker said with a smirk. “Seems like I won’t only get paid but will also receive some nice tempering.”


The attacker summoned a jade token and broke it.


A Formation Array appeared around them, and Gravis raised an eyebrow.

“Tempering is forbidden in missions,” the attacker said with a smile, “but forbidden is a word with a meaning open for interpretation. However, just to be sure, I summoned this Formation Array to keep the others from looking on. Don’t you want to thank me?”

Gravis looked at the Formation Array and nodded. “It’s better this way. You have actually really helped me. Thanks.”

“No problem,” the guy said with a smirk. “Now, I hope you are ready to die, Gravis. I’m eager to see how powerful this supreme Ascender truly is.”

“Try not to die in a single attack, okay?” he said with a smirk.

“Funny,” Gravis commented.


Then, he took out his saber.

“That’s just what I wanted to say to you.”

And then, they clashed.


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