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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 754: The Lake Is Beautiful Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis sighed.

It was quite a shock to him that Orthar would become a Heaven, but everything made sense now.

When Orthar said that he didn’t need his money anymore?

Of course he didn’t need his money anymore. He was about to enter this special place for Heavens where he could learn all the Laws he needed.

“What about the Will-Auras of Heavens when they are born as beasts?” Gravis asked.

“They will receive their Will-Aura as soon as they enter the special Law Comprehension Place,” Arc answered. “Their soul will be turned into a Spirit, and according to their current willpower, a Will-Aura or appropriate strength will be created. Then, this Will-Aura will be strengthened by special methods.”

“Special methods?” Gravis asked.

“You know, the methods that Cultivators don’t use since that would only artificially inflate the Will-Aura and would make it nearly impossible for it to become even more powerful in the future,” Arc explained. “However, since Heavens don’t need to become more powerful, these methods can be used.”

“And when they are humans, they will receive a beast body, right?” Gravis asked.

“Correct,” Arc answered. “All Heavens have the advantages of both worlds without the disadvantages, like you.”

“What about higher Heavens?” Gravis asked.

“Same thing, except that it’s my creator who implants himself in them. The only difference is that they create their own worlds instead of getting a blueprint. Obviously, not even I can create a world from scratch since my Realm isn’t high enough. That’s why the creator gives them an empty space isolated from the Chaos outside.”

Gravis nodded. “I think I asked enough questions. Is there something you want to ask?”

“Not really,” Arc answered with a smile. “I simply wanted to meet you and get to know you. I think you are very similar to me, but you have come from a better background.”

“Better background?” Gravis asked.

“Yes,” Arc answered. “Your father and my creator have about the same power, but my father doesn’t allow anyone to break free of his control, while your father inherently doesn’t control you as soon as you have decided on your future path.”

“You love your father while I resent my creator,” Arc added. “We are like the same being born under different circumstances.”

Arc looked at Gravis deeply. “I wonder, if I had any hope of breaking free from my prison, would I feel the same drive as you? I think I would. Yet, here I am, forever stuck in this prison with no hope of escaping.”

Gravis had seen what Arc had been doing before he started talking to him, and Gravis had to agree that he might have done the same thing in his shoes. Gravis was an outgoing person and liked talking to others. He also enjoyed teaching his children.

Gravis might have also decided to create this kind of family for people and beasts that went through a lot of pain in their life.

However, since Gravis had the chance of becoming far more powerful in the future, he saw no need in creating something like this. He was too preoccupied with growing more powerful.

Gravis felt pity for Arc. Arc knew freedom, which made it even more difficult for him to stay suppressed. He was free in all his actions, but he still couldn’t do everything he wanted. He could never leave, no matter what he did.

Gravis took off his shoes and also let his legs soak in the lake. If a being billions of years old could enjoy this, why couldn’t he? Might as well try.

Silence came upon the clearing as the two of them simply sat by each other’s side.

Gentle waves hit Gravis’ ankles as he felt the cool breeze of the wind. Many fish were seemingly dancing in the lake as Gravis watched them. The light of the sun reflected in the lake.

Gravis quickly got reminded of his time when he had decided to enter his first really long Law Comprehension session at the Grand Lake.

Back then, it had been just like this.

There was only silence and peace.

However, the entire feeling of this situation was different from back then due to Gravis’ growth.

Back then, Gravis felt isolated, uncertain, and the silence had felt oppressive.

Now, Gravis was stable and had no major emotional issues. He didn’t miss his home yet, and he still remembered the faces and voices of all his close ones.

This time, Gravis felt calm.


At peace.

Several minutes passed in blissful silence.

“For just a little while, forget everything,” Arc said with a calm voice.

“You have been running around all the time, interacting with so many beings, constantly searching for danger, or constantly trying to become more powerful.”

“Right now, you don’t need money. You don’t need comprehension. You don’t need power.”

“In this place, you are safe. In this place, no one will attack you.”

“Just calm down, and don’t think. Take a moment of peace and just be yourself without any pressure.”

Arc’s voice had a peculiar ability to touch someone’s being. He had lived for an incredible amount of time and comprehended all Emotional Laws. This gave him an impressive ability to show someone what he wants them to see with only his words.

Gravis still felt apprehensive. He hadn’t talked with Arc for long, and his mind told him that he shouldn’t trust him.

Yet, his mind also told him that Arc had no reason to do anything. His father and the highest Heaven were watching.

Gravis felt like there was a tightness in his chest. He hadn’t noticed it before since he had always distracted himself, but now he felt it.

It was like he was a string that was ready to snap.

The uncertainty of his future.

His inevitable fight with Arc.

The mountain of Laws he still had to comprehend.

His children’s future.

His friends’ safety.

Need for money.

Need for resources.

And most of all, his predicament with his lightning.

All of these things weighed upon Gravis’ mind. He always acted very casually, but bearing such an incredible weight was still difficult. Just because Gravis had gotten used to it didn’t mean that he didn’t feel it.

Gravis took a deep breath and released a long sigh.

In one moment, Gravis managed to forget all his worries. He knew that the worries were not gone and that they would return after this moment, but just for this moment…

He wanted to let go.

Gravis felt a feeling of relaxation, and he even felt a little tired and exhausted.

Was he always this exhausted?

‘The lake is beautiful.’

Hours passed as day turned to night. The sun was replaced with the moon as most animals went to sleep.

Arc simply remained beside Gravis, and Gravis was thankful for it. The constant feeling of an enemy suddenly appearing was always in the back of his mind, but with Arc here, nothing in this world could touch him.

Gravis only felt this safe when he was in the room of his father.

‘It makes sense,’ Gravis thought slowly and calmly. ‘Arc is nearly as old as father, and his power is equally unmatched inside his world.’

‘Arc reminds me of myself, but he is countless times older than me. Is this what I will become in the future?’

‘Arc has this talent of making people safe, just by saying a few words.’

‘Safety can be achieved with simply some words.’

‘Then, doesn’t it mean that a mortal can grant safety to others even when they don’t have the power to create physical safety?’

‘I think so.’

‘So, this means that safety is just like freedom.’

‘As long as you do what you want, you are free, no matter what happens on the outside.’

‘And as long as you feel safe, you are safe, even when you are about to die.’

‘It’s contradictory to physical reality, but that isn’t important.’

‘Safety exists in the eyes of the beholder.’

‘It’s not physical reality, but perceived reality.’


Arc smiled from beside Gravis.

Instead of feeling exhilarated, Gravis sighed and turned to Arc.

“Why have you done this?” Gravis asked.

“You should know that the Law of Safety would have been my greatest hurdle in becoming powerful.”

“By helping me, you are increasing the likelihood of your death in the future.”

Arc only smiled.

“Isn’t it obvious why?”

“Because I want to.”


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