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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 751: Isolated Family Bahasa Indonesia

No one noticed that Gravis had gone. Even if there had been an Immortal King watching over him, they wouldn’t even have realized that he had left. It was like reality had been changed as if Gravis had never been there, to begin with.


Gravis reappeared at a different spot, and he immediately felt some vertigo as his body shook a little bit. ‘Shit! The sensation of spatial displacement has never been this intense before. This probably means that I have teleported an insanely long distance.’

“Welcome, Senior Brother!” the excited voice of a kid appeared.

Gravis shook his head a bit to regain his bearings as he looked at the speaker.

It was a ten-year-old boy in the Spirit Forming Realm. He looked excited like a little kid as he looked at Gravis with widely opened eyes.

“Oh, sorry,” Gravis said. “I’m not your Senior Brother.”

“You’re not?” the young boy asked with shock. “But you are here. Everyone is part of my family here!”

Gravis looked around and noticed that the boy was not the only person here.

Around a hundred different people were all looking at Gravis with different expressions. Most of them looked at him with excitement and shock, but the more powerful ones had different expressions.

The young and weak beings looked at Gravis with wonder and excitement, while the older and more powerful ones looked at him with a bit of confusion, hesitation, and skepticism.


Yes, there were not only humans here. Gravis could also see that there were a lot of young beasts. Normal humans might not be able to see the subtle differences of age among beasts, but Gravis had lived among beasts for over a thousand years. He could tell that a lot of them were very young.

“Why have you come here?” an Early Minor Circulation Immortal King asked Gravis with furrowed brows. Yes, even Immortal Kings were here. There were even several beings with powers so great that Gravis couldn’t even judge their power.

Immortal Kings and Immortal Emperors were experienced enough to feel the subtle differences between Gravis and the normal new members of their family.

The new members always radiated a subtle feeling of isolation.

Gravis radiated a feeling of mature harmony with the world, which meant that he was relatively secure in his life without any significant emotional problems.

The new members always had slightly more powerful Will-Auras than normal, but Gravis’ Will-Aura was just far too powerful. Someone with such an insanely powerful Will-Aura for their Realm would not join their family. Someone like that could easily take care of themselves and would count as a valuable genius among the outside world.

The new members always had average or slightly above average Battle-Strength.

However, the experienced eyes of the Immortal Kings could discern Gravis’ Battle-Strength.

His Battle-Strength was so unreal that it bordered on a parody or a lie. It easily broke through any kind of common convention.

In short, Gravis stuck out like a sore thumb to all of the Immortal Kings.

Gravis was the complete opposite of what their teacher looked for in new members.

Gravis looked at the Immortal King and scratched the back of his head. “I’m not really sure myself. Some blonde Immortal Emperor gave me an emblem. Apparently, someone he calls teacher wants to speak to me. However, the Immortal Emperor made it very clear that I would not join your… Sect? Family? Power? Organization? I don’t know, really.”

The Immortal King’s eyes widened as she looked at Gravis with surprise. “You have met Eldest Brother?” she asked.

“I don’t know his name,” Gravis said. “He didn’t really introduce himself.”

The children were a bit confused. Someone had come here that wouldn’t be part of their family? Something like this was possible?

The Immortal King still looked with skepticism at Gravis, but suddenly, her eyes twinkled for a brief moment. Then, she started smiling and bowed in politeness. “Excuse me for my rudeness. Teacher has just contacted me and told me that I should bring you to him.”

Gravis nodded. “No problem. Thank you,” he said.

“Nothing to thank,” she said with a smile. Then, she gestured in a certain direction. “Please follow me.”

“Sure,” Gravis said.

Gravis started following her, but not before he found out several details based on context clues.

First of all, the children were very confused when he said that he wasn’t part of their family. This meant that no one entered here that wasn’t part of the family. Something like this seemed normal and obvious, but when one thought about something else, one would find out something strange.

Did these people all not have any kind of family or friends outside this “family” here? If they had, wouldn’t these friends and families visit from time to time, making the appearance of someone not from the “family” normal?

This meant that these people were either shut off from the outside world or weren’t allowed to meet their close ones in this place.

Another thing that Gravis noticed was the beasts. Based on how the people Gravis had met before in this world had talked, Gravis was pretty certain that beasts and humans weren’t fond of each other. There might even be a war between them to promote tempering.

Yet, in here, beasts and humans talked to each other like they were not different. This might not be unusual in the highest world, but in this world where humans were not fond of beasts? Unusual.

Another thing Gravis found intriguing was the reaction of everyone when the Eldest Brother and the teacher were brought up.

Everyone had an expression of reverence and respect on their faces when they heard about their Eldest Brother.

Yet, when this Immortal King told Gravis that their teacher had contacted her, how had everyone reacted?


It was like their teacher was just the most normal person out there, like they met every single day. The teacher was obviously more powerful than this Eldest Brother, but the Eldest Brother commanded far more respect and worship than the teacher. This was also unusual.

‘It’s like the difference between parents and an older sibling,’ Gravis thought. ‘The parents are always present, but the older sibling only returns rarely. The parents might be more impressive than the older sibling, but due to them constantly being present, the children don’t realize the importance of their parents.’

Another interesting thing was the area Gravis was currently in.

Gravis was in the middle of a clearing in a forest. There were no buildings at all, not even benches or stools. It was like everyone lived in the wilds.

‘Yet, the young kids and teenagers seem to take this as normal. I’m certain that they have seen houses and buildings before, but they don’t mind living here. If they frequented the outside world, they would want to create some benches for themselves or something similar. Yet, they don’t.’

‘This probably means that they either aren’t allowed to build anything or aren’t in contact with the outside world at all. I’m pretty sure it’s a bit of both of them. The weaker ones probably remain here until they reach a certain power, getting used to the environment. Then, when they go to the outside world and return, they are probably not allowed to build any kind of building in order to not corrupt the other young ones.’

‘Not living in buildings probably makes people more receptive to nature, making them feel closer to the weather and the elements. Having them live like this will probably make it far easier for them to comprehend Laws in the future.’

‘On top of that, the younger ones didn’t doubt my words for a second. It was like they had never been confronted with deceit or lies. They also radiate a certain aura of purity. It’s like they haven’t been touched by the deceit of man.’

Gravis was an Immortal, and his thoughts were incredibly fast. He found out all of these things after not even taking his first step.

Gravis and the Immortal King walked for a couple of minutes at the speed of mortals. Gravis was unused to walking this slowly, and in his boredom, he looked around some more.

He saw a lot of animals and weaker beasts living near the clearing, but no beast could enter. There was probably some kind of Formation Array keeping them away.

Gravis also looked at the trees and animals some more but grew bored very quickly. After that, he simply continued following the Immortal King.

“Are you so used to the luxuries of humankind that you can’t see the beauty of nature?” the Immortal King asked. She didn’t sound arrogant but sad. It was like she pitied Gravis.

“No, that’s not it,” Gravis said as he crossed his arms behind his head in boredom. “It’s just that I already know all the Laws I can see here. It’s gotten boring.”

The eyes of the Immortal King opened wide in shock as she turned to Gravis, who only looked back at her with his usual, emotionless look.

After looking at Gravis for some seconds, she sighed and continued walking. “You really don’t fit our family at all.”

With her experienced eyes, she was able to see that Gravis was telling the truth, even without Gravis needing to activate his Law of Honesty.

Knowing all the Laws surrounding them meant that Gravis knew a ton about the elements and life. A complex forest full of life, movement, water, earth, wind, trees, animals, and everything else that created this world held no new information for him.

Such an insane Law Comprehension as an Immortal was far from usual.

They walked for about 20 more minutes until the Immortal King stopped.

“Teacher is currently teaching some of my Unity Realm siblings about the general concepts of understanding Laws. I’m sure you can wait until they are done,” she said.

Yet, Gravis didn’t look at her.

He didn’t even hear her.

Gravis’ Spirit had always been spread out, and he had already noticed that a lot of Unity Realm Cultivators and beasts sat at one spot, looking in the same direction. Yet, his Spirit had not been able to see the thing they were looking at.

But now, after Gravis came close enough to see the congregation with his own eyes, he saw the “teacher”.

Gravis’ brain almost stopped working as he saw this teacher.



A ton of questions went through Gravis’ mind as he tried to understand what he was seeing. How could this even be possible!?

In front of the students, Gravis saw a man.

He looked like he was in his early twenties and had long blonde hair.

And he had five eyes.


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