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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 749: Training Ground Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis decided to use the emblem later. He wasn’t really worried that the guy had some kind of trap in mind. After all, the guy was powerful enough to use a level six Law. Someone with that power wouldn’t need to use any kind of scheme on Gravis.

Gravis was quite interested in this teacher that the Immortal Emperor talked about. This teacher obviously had to be an Immortal Emperor, at least. Usually, Gravis would have believed that this person wanted Gravis to join their Sect, but the things that the Immortal Emperor said made this improbable.

First of all, he said that his teacher didn’t have any Sect. Second of all, he said that his teacher only searched for weak and lonely Cultivators.

When a normal Cultivator heard that claim, they might believe that this was due to an altruistic reason. After all, why else would someone only accept the weakest and loneliest souls into their midst?

Ordinary Cultivators might also come to the conclusion that this was some kind of exploitation. After all, the weakest and loneliest Cultivators would do nearly anything to get some kind of place of belonging or something similar.

However, Gravis’ horizons were vast. He had come into contact with the absolute elites of the Cosmos, and he knew how they usually thought. Gravis doubted that this teacher character did it out of goodwill or exploitation.

Instead, Gravis was certain that this teacher simply did this out of boredom.

Gravis guessed that this teacher person was probably one of the most powerful people in the world, maybe even the most powerful. This meant that this teacher probably had no way to find entertainment in the world except for understanding more Laws.

Gravis guessed that getting the weakest Cultivators and teaching them until they became the most powerful was probably some kind of challenge or entertainment for this teacher. This was also the main hobby of most peak Cultivators in the highest world.

Why did all these Divine Gods and Heaven’s Magnates create all these Sects?

The Sects couldn’t further their Cultivation.

Status? Maybe that was a minor reason.

However, the biggest reason was to compete with others. All these peak Cultivators already knew their powers in relation to other Cultivators. Fighting them made no sense, especially since it might not even help them in increasing their Realm.

Due to that, many powerful Cultivators, which were forever stuck before a bottleneck, created Sects. They could get invested in new disciples and let them live their life for them. One could call it a reliving of the past.

‘I’m not certain that I got everything right, but I’m sure that I got the general gist of it,’ Gravis thought. ‘The only question is what such a person would want from me. Maybe they want to implant themselves in my life by teaching me some stuff so that I won’t ever forget them? That would be kind of like what Gorn had wanted to do in the lower world.’

Gravis shook his head. ‘No reason to think about it now. I don’t have enough information to arrive at a definite conclusion yet. First, I want to learn the basics of Weapon Cultivation from Surem. After that, I might visit this teacher person and talk to them.’

Gravis put the emblem away again as he looked at Surem’s house. Surprisingly, Surem’s house didn’t fit him at all. It was black and made of something that looked like obsidian. Additionally, it was very spiky.

In contrast to the house, the garden around it looked tranquil and pristine. It was like a small wonderland of flowers and nature.

Gravis scratched his chin as he looked at the house. ‘Is this some kind of representation about his dark past but optimistic mindset?’ Gravis thought.

But then, Gravis shrugged. ‘Or it could also just be that he likes spiky black things and flowers.’

“Oh hey, you’re back!” Surem said as he appeared in front of Gravis with a smile. “What do you think of my house? Cool, huh?” he asked.

Gravis nodded. “It looks like the castle of some evil overlord,” Gravis said. “It doesn’t really fit you.”

Surem laughed loudly. “I know. I’ve heard that many times before. But hey, I like spiky black things. Who cares what others think?” Surem said with a proud smirk.

Gravis also laughed a bit. “True,” he said.

“So, you ready for your lesson, senior brother?” Surem asked with excitement.

Gravis nodded. “Yes, and thank you for teaching me.”

“No problem!” Surem affirmed. “Man, teaching someone more powerful than me about the very basics of Weapon Cultivation will be so weird, but I’m excited. Who else has the opportunity to teach something to the most powerful Minor Circulation Immortal?”

Gravis only chuckled a bit. “Where to?” he asked.

“Right over here,” Surem said as Gravis felt a pull on his Spirit Sense. Surem was pulling his sense over to a certain spot and requested synchronized teleportation.


Both of them teleported and appeared far outside the Unrestrained Sect.

This was a vast desert without any dunes. It was several thousand kilometers long, and it was incredibly even. It was almost like this desert served as some kind of training ground.


Which was actually the case. Gravis spotted a ton of disciples from the Unrestrained Sect fighting in this place. However, none of them fought seriously. They were only sparring.

The problem with sparring vanished as soon as someone went through enough life and death fights. At some point, one would never lose their edge again. After that, sparring wouldn’t dull their senses of danger anymore.

Obviously, anyone at the Nascent Nourishing Realm or higher went through enough life and death battles. These were no longer beginners uncertain in their own path.

However, not everyone was fighting. Gravis also saw some disciples kneeling on the ground with their weapons resting on their laps. These disciples appeared very respectful to their weapons. It was almost like they worshipped them.

At the edges of the desert, Gravis could also see a troop of 5,000 people, all doing the same thing and wearing the same clothes. This troop was overlooked by some Law Comprehension Cultivators that dressed differently.

This troop was obviously from the Restrained Lands. The leaders probably made them train here to show them what they could have in the future, which would increase their desire to break through the Suppression.

Just a bit beyond the desert, Gravis saw a ton of trees with radiant, green fruits growing on them. As soon as Gravis saw them, he could feel the sheer Life Energy inside of them. After some seconds, Gravis saw one of the fruits being teleported away to a person in the middle of a spar.

The person ate the fruit, and their injuries recovered nearly immediately.

“Do people have to pay for these fruits?” Gravis asked.

“Yep!” Surem confirmed. “Tyler grew these plants himself, and they belong to him. However, he specifically grew them here so that other disciples could keep sparring without having to pause. Of course, they have to pay for every fruit.”

Gravis nodded. “I presume this place is kind of the official training ground?” Gravis asked.

“Exactly!” Surem affirmed. “You can train wherever you want, but most disciples decide to train here. We are one Sect, and we are a community. Training among others feels better than training all alone in a cave or something. If you are confused about something, you can also just ask others who are training here.”

Gravis agreed that he would also prefer comprehending Laws among company instead of alone. Sadly, the issue was that not everyone wanted to comprehend the same Law, which made it hard to comprehend the same Laws among company.

Gravis had only comprehended Laws among company twice in his life. One time was with Ferris, who had constantly bothered him with new Laws. Another time had been when Morus was his slave.

‘Oh right, that guy!’ Gravis thought as he remembered the lizard.

‘I totally forgot about that guy. I took him back to the highest world, and father threw him out into the city. I’ve never seen him since. Wonder what happened to him.’

‘Actually, I think I can guess what happened to him. As far as I know, that guy was only interested in growing more powerful, like nearly everyone else. This meant that he probably directly left the city in search of a good place to cultivate.’

‘Pretty sure he didn’t use the Transfer Array since he would need to earn money first, which would force him to stay longer in the city. He probably just left the city gates without knowing where he even was.’

‘Then, he probably immediately got annihilated by some random God Beast living near the city that turned over in its sleep or something.’

‘Dude’s probably long been annihilated before I even left father’s house.’


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