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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 722: A Talk Bahasa Indonesia

The Opposer looked at his son and nodded. “It took you longer to comprehend the High-Tier Elemental Laws than I had anticipated, but you managed to understand the High-Tier Hard Pure Material Law during this process. All in all, this is better than expected.”

“I also agree that this is the perfect opportunity to continue your journey. Waiting for too long might weaken your resolve. If you wanted to stop your cultivation, there wouldn’t be any problem, but you don’t.”

Gravis nodded as he accepted a cup of coffee from his father. “I have stayed here for a long time, and I finally know the highest world more than before. Yet, I also realize that the outside of the highest world is probably very different from the city.”

“It is,” the Opposer said. “The city is peaceful, but the outside is not peaceful. This city is the only peaceful place in this world, and that only because it acts as the major trading hub for the highest world. No major power wants Opposer City to be destroyed since its economy allows people between the Unity and Star God Realm to find the things they need to become more powerful.”

“The outside world is different. Any city or power can be destroyed, and no one would feel any kind of consequence. When you return, you shouldn’t assume that you know the highest world just because you stayed in the city.”

Gravis nodded. “I know. I have been reminded of that when I heard Jake ask about your power. I had expected that everyone knew that you were the only being stronger than a Heaven’s Magnate, but that isn’t the case apparently.”

The Opposer drank a mouthful of his coffee. “People have different horizons, Gravis,” he said. “Many people have heard about Heaven’s Magnates, but they can’t accept that there are people that much stronger. They see their exalted teachers, who are Ancestral Gods, but know of the illustrious Sect Leaders of the most powerful Sects, who are Divine Gods.”

“Believing that there are people that could kill their exalted teacher with but a wave of their hand is already hard to accept, but believing that there are beings that can extinguish these mighty Sect Leaders with a wave of their hands is even harder to believe. It is only natural that people wouldn’t want to believe that there is someone that can extinguish Heaven’s Magnates with a wave of his hand.”

“If someone were to come up to you and tell you that there is someone that can wipe out Heaven with a wave of their hand, you would also not believe them, even if it were true. Your horizons have only reached as far as mine, after all.”

Gravis nodded. “I always believed that the highest world would be this all-powerful place where everyone knew everything about the world and Heaven’s secrets, but I now know that this thought was naïve. They are people, just like everyone else.”

The Opposer nodded. “When do you want to go?”

“I think 170 years sounds good,” Gravis said. “I think I will stay until my 4,000th birthday and then leave. This should act as a nice, last get-together for everyone I know,” Gravis said.

“Sounds good,” the Opposer said. “Right now, you are the most powerful Early Minor Circulation Immortal that exists, Gravis, but you need to keep comprehending Laws. Remember that being the strongest in your Realm is not your goal, but freedom is, and you can only achieve freedom by being more powerful than the Heavens and the Old Bastard.”

Gravis surprisingly didn’t feel happy when he heard that he was the strongest person at his level. Everyone else would be happy and proud, but Gravis felt like this wasn’t good at all.

Gravis had seen the gigantic gulf between normal people and a Heaven. Even being able to annihilate everyone else in a world with a wave of one’s hand wouldn’t even be powerful enough to resist one wave of Heaven’s hand. One truly had to break all kinds of conventions to reach the absurd heights of a Heaven’s power.

The fact that Gravis was the most powerful Early Minor Circulation Immortal only made it harder for him to evaluate Heaven’s power. If there were more powerful Immortals, he would be able to compare his powers with them and see how far away he currently was from Heaven’s power.

Sadly, that was not the case. Gravis could only theoretically estimate Heaven’s power but couldn’t directly see it.

“Even now, I am weaker than the middle Heaven,” Gravis said.

“You are,” the Opposer said directly. “You know that you have only won because the middle Heaven had underestimated you. Some people would argue that it didn’t matter. You have indirectly killed it, which means that you are more powerful. In some sense, that is true, but relying on something like that is relying on luck, and we don’t have that luxury.”

“Luck, huh?” Gravis commented. Then, he sighed. “Father, has Jake been introduced to Yersi because of Heaven?”

“Gravis,” the Opposer said. “You are no longer a child. As an Immortal, you could even cultivate in the highest world already. You have truly stepped on the path of cultivation, and you’re no longer a kid in regards to the Laws.”

“In regards to cultivation, you are now a young adult, and with adulthood comes responsibility. These are things that you have to find out yourself and understand yourself because you have chosen a path that doesn’t rely on my power.”

“The same thing is true for your issue with your lightning. You have decided to go through with attuning your Spirit to Destruction Lightning, and you’re now old and mature enough to carry the responsibility for this action. You can request help with your issues, but you must still resolve them yourself, Gravis,” the Opposer said.

Gravis sighed. For a bit, he felt guilty that he had asked his father about Jake. Gravis knew that these were his problems and that he should resolve them. “You’re right. Sorry, father,” Gravis said.

“Nothing to be sorry about,” the Opposer said. “I have informed you of the most important things in the past, so it is only natural that you would ask me. I simply want you to be more responsible and self-reliant. If you don’t know how to handle these issues now, you won’t have the experience to make the correct choices later in your life.”

Gravis sighed again. “No matter how much time passes, I always feel like a kid when I’m in front of you,” he said.

“And that will never change,” the Opposer said. “Even when you ever reach my power, you will still feel like a kid in front of me because I’m your father. This shows our deep bond between father and son, Gravis. As long as you don’t feel like a kid in front of others, there is no problem with that.”

The Opposer put his hand on Gravis’ shoulder, and Gravis could feel the love his father had for him.

Right now, the two of them were as close as never before.

The distance that Gravis had always subconsciously felt between him and his father had nearly vanished at this point.

The Opposer pulled his hand back and summoned a third cup of coffee. Then, he put the cup of coffee to the right of him, which was the left of Gravis.

Gravis looked at the cup of coffee in confusion. “Mother doesn’t like coffee,” Gravis said.

“This is not for your mother, Gravis,” the Opposer said.

Then, the Opposer changed his sitting position, which he usually never did. He always sat with crossed legs on the ground, but now, he sat with one leg beneath him, and the other angled in front of him. It looked like a knight kneeling in front of their lord, but more relaxed.

Yet, Gravis saw and felt that this was not a position of respect for his father. This was a relatively comfortable sitting position that also allowed him to quickly stand up.


The Opposer’s saber appeared in his hand as he rested his arm on his knee. For the first time, Gravis could see his father’s weapon from close up, and what he felt surprised him.

It was nothing.

This weapon exhibited absolutely nothing, not even Laws. It was like this weapon wasn’t part of this world at all, similar to how the Opposer felt to others.

What was his father doing?

“Gravis, the higher worlds are the most important stop on your journey, maybe even more important than the highest world,” the Opposer said. “The higher world will decide if you will ever reach my power or not.”

“But for that, we need to talk with someone first,” the Opposer said.

Gravis’ eyes widened as he realized why his father had changed his posture and summoned his weapon. There was only one being that could make the Opposer raise his guard.

Now, Gravis knew who the cup of coffee was for.

“Old Bastard, sit down. We need to talk.”


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