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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 712: Favor Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis went to the Smart Cultivator to get his next Virtualization Array. Paying ten million Immortal Stones every time felt horrible, but it was necessary for his power.

Next on the list was Frost, the level three Law equivalent of water. Gravis knew the related Law of Graphite and the antithesis of Inferno. Just like with everything else, Gravis knew two Laws that would help him.

The more powerful the elements became, the more they changed. Water had been one with a weak offense and great healing, but that changed with Frost. Frost was nearly as offensive as Inferno but still had some minor healing capabilities.

“You’re Gravis, right?” a voice transmission said to Gravis as he just finished his trade.

Gravis looked outside the shop with his Spirit and noticed someone in the streets. It was a man in black, casual clothing with a long and thin sword on his back, which only had one edge.

Gravis immediately noticed several things about this person. First of all, the person was wearing the weapon on his body, which indicated that he was probably a Weapon Cultivator. Additionally, that weapon was a World Weapon. Only Weapon Cultivators would pay so much money for a World Weapon.

Gravis also noticed the power of this person. This was an Early Major Circulation Immortal. This meant that this person was four levels above Gravis since the difference between the Late Minor Circulation and Early Major Circulation Realms were two levels.

This would be a formidable opponent in their own right. Yet, this human also had a Will-Aura, which was more powerful than his Realm. His Will-Aura was in the Middle Major Circulation Realm.

“Yes, I’m Gravis,” Gravis answered evenly.

“Could you come outside for a bit so we can talk?” he asked.

Gravis lifted an eyebrow but complied. He teleported out of the store and onto the streets. “Yes?” Gravis said coldly. He already felt a feeling of animosity from this man, which was why he wasn’t polite at all.

“A certain person has requested a favor of another person, who has requested a favor from another person, who requested a favor from my friend, who requested a favor from me. That’s why I’m here,” he said with neutral eyes.

“That’s a lot of favors,” Gravis said slowly. “Who might the first person be?”

Gravis’ senses were pulled to the Sky Community, to the flying statue. It had been around 740 years since Gravis had encased that scammer.

“Him? Really?” Gravis asked. “Why didn’t you just break him out yourself? You have the power.”

“That would help him once, but he would never be able to come back to Opposer City like this. He wants it cleanly so that he doesn’t lose his trading spot in the Sky Community. That’s why I’m here,” he said.

“So, you’re willing to pay the 1,000 Immortal Stones?” Gravis asked.

“No,” he said. “The reason why I’m here is to tell you that this person will be under my protection from now on. No one will pay you, but you will free him.”

“Ho?” Gravis cooed. “Isn’t a favor from you worth more than a thousand Immortal Stones? Why go to such lengths?”

“Why I have been tasked with this has nothing to do with you,” the man said. “You only have to release him and leave him alone.”

“And what if I don’t?” Gravis asked.

“Then you will have to fight me,” the man said.

“We are inside the city,” Gravis said. “As soon as you launch an attack, the guards will drag you away.”

“If I were to attack without your consent, yes, but you will consent,” the man said.

“Why would I consent?” Gravis asked.

“Because you believe you are powerful enough to fight with me,” the man said. “I can feel it from your powerful Will-Aura. Your Will-Aura is even far more powerful than mine, and someone with such a Will-Aura won’t flee from a fight that they can win. Would you do that?”

Gravis chuckled a bit. “You’re right. I wouldn’t flee from such a fight. Yet, when you already accept that I can fight you, why would you want to fight me for some Nascent Nourishing scammer?”

“Just because you believe that you can win against me doesn’t mean that I believe that you can win against me,” the man said. “I think you are overestimating your own ability a bit.”

“Oh, am I?” Gravis asked with a smirk.

“You are,” the man said with narrowed eyes.

Both of them glared at each other as the surrounding people felt the air heat up. Most of the people walking on the streets were either below the Immortal Realm or beggars at the beginning of the Immortal Realm. This was not something that they should come into contact with.

“Hey, we can talk about this, alright?” a third voice appeared as someone teleported beside them.

Both of them looked at the new arrival.

It was Jake.

The man looked unsure when he felt the power of Jake or more like didn’t feel Jake’s power. This was, at least, an Immortal King.

“Jake, keep yourself out of this,” Gravis said coldly.

“Hey, Gravis, I’m only here-“

“Keep. Yourself. Out. Of. This,” Gravis said slowly and aggressively to Jake.

Jake was a bit taken aback by Gravis’ violent tone. This guy was four magnitudes of power above Gravis. No one in the Immortal Realm could jump four levels, and even if there were a person like this, they would be the most secret disciple of the Peak Sects.

“Come back, Jake,” Yersi said as she pulled him over.

Jake didn’t resist his girlfriend but still looked with uncertainty at Gravis and the new person.

“Are you willing to see your father die?” Jake asked Yersi with a voice transmission. “I know that he’s powerful, but the Realm difference is just too much. Additionally, this person also has a powerful Will-Aura.”

“Jake,” Yersi said like he had just said something silly. “Trust in my father. He is far more powerful than you think. This wouldn’t be the first time he jumped four levels.”

“Not the first time?” Jake asked with shock. “Have you seen that for yourself?”

“No, I didn’t,” she said, “but I heard it from very trustworthy sources.”

Jake looked like he didn’t believe her.

“Just watch,” Yersi said to Jake.

Jake wrestled with himself for a bit, sighed, and decided to watch.

“You are that confident, huh?” the man asked Gravis.

“I am,” Gravis answered.


Gravis activated the full power of his Will-Aura and concentrated it on the man.

The man harrumphed and also activated his Will-Aura. As soon as he activated it, Gravis’ Will-Aura was pushed back until Gravis was the suppressed one. The level difference was just far too significant.

Jake looked with uncertainty at Gravis.


Gravis activated his level two Law of Apathy. As soon as it activated, the man felt his Will-Aura being consumed. It was like Gravis’ Will-Aura was destroying the Will-Aura of the man.

The man narrowed his eyes and felt his Will-Aura being pushed back a bit. Yet, the Law of Apathy didn’t eat enough of the Will-Aura to resist the endless push of new power. One shouldn’t forget that the source of a Will-Aura was unlimited. As long as the speed of consumption wasn’t faster than the Will-Aura’s release, nothing would change.

“The Law of Apathy, huh?” the man commented.


“I also have that,” he said, and as soon as he finished his words, Gravis felt his Will-Aura being consumed.


The decay of Gravis’ Will-Aura stopped as a superior Law countered it. Gravis had activated the level three Law of Minor Death. The apathy on the man’s Will-Aura seemingly died, but Gravis’ apathy was still consuming the enemy’s Will-Aura.

Additionally, the Law of Minor Death weakened the edges of the enemy’s Will-Aura, like they had been affected by old age. This increased the effect of Gravis’ Law of Apathy.

The man was shocked, but he didn’t relent. He had no idea what this Law was, but he could feel its effect. This Law had something to do with death, but he had never even heard about a Law associated with death.

Gravis was still slightly suppressed, even with the help of the Law of Apathy and Minor Death.



Another layer appeared, and as soon as it showed itself, the man’s Will-Aura was violently pushed back like it had been punched. The man took a deep breath out of shock as he felt that he was on the losing end now. Right now, none of the two were suppressed, but the man was closer to being suppressed than Gravis.

The man would have never believed that someone so many levels below him could suppress his Will-Aura. This was absolutely insane! What was this Law!?

Gravis had activated his level four Law of Major Suppression. The world around them turned to a shade of grey and black as suppression and death combined their power. The power of the level four Law of Major Suppression was incredible.

The man gritted his teeth as a fire burned with battle intent inside his eyes. Right now, he believed that Gravis might be able to fight him. He was still sure that he would win, but the fight would definitely not be easy.

The surroundings had been cleared as the earth around the two of them shook with power. A cold feeling of death, helplessness, suppression and emotionlessness encompassed their surroundings.

Yet, the guards didn’t intervene. As long as nothing was destroyed, they wouldn’t care.

Jake took a deep breath in shock. He was powerful and knew a lot about Laws, which was why he was so shocked. Gravis knew the Law of Apathy and the Law of Major Suppression? As an Early Circulation Immortal? This was absolutely insane! Even more shocking was the fact that he didn’t recognize the Law of Minor Death. He had no idea what this Law was.


The man felt his Will-Aura nearly being destroyed as he felt like he lost all control over it. It was like his Will-Aura was a wild animal that he had to rear in to control, making it far harder to resist Gravis’ Will-Aura. Right now, the man was the one that had been suppressed by around 20%. 20%! This was insane! What had Gravis just activated!?

Gravis had activated his level four Law of Control. This Law had destroyed the control of the enemy, making it far more difficult for them to resist.

The man looked with severe uncertainty at Gravis.


Gravis took one step forward.


His body transformed into his beast form. Gravis was now two meters tall with six powerful arms. His entire body was made for battle, and even without weapons, he was armed to the teeth.


Six different weapons appeared in Gravis’ six arms as the Laws of Cold, Heat, Punishment Lightning, Minor Death, Soul, and Dead World were infused into them. A cacophony of destruction was displayed by his weapons.


A black and red armor appeared around Gravis as he stepped forward another time.

The man could barely resist Gravis’ Will-Aura, and Gravis’ last step created an opening.


Gravis’ Will-Aura pushed violently into the man, destroying it for a second.


The man immediately jumped backward for several kilometers. If this had been a fight, he would have died right now. Getting his Will-Aura broken meant that he had been under the full effect of Gravis’ Will-Aura, making it nearly impossible for him to do anything but move back slowly.

Gravis didn’t chase the guy and only looked coldly into his eyes.

Gravis had been able to fight four levels against the Tornado Emperor when he had been a level five King. Yet, what had Gravis comprehended after that? How many powerful Laws had Gravis learned during this time?

The man released a nervous sigh as Jake couldn’t believe what he was seeing. What was it with this absolutely unreal Battle-Strength? This should be impossible!

The man relaxed and looked at Gravis. “A favor is not worth my life,” he said.

And then, he teleported away.

Now, only the imposing form of Gravis remained in the middle of the street.

The enemy had fled.


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