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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 698: Trip Down Memory Lane Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis visited his old place of employment alone. He wouldn’t need Orthar or Yersi here. Instead, Orthar walked around the city, procuring more materials again. Usually, he always had to quickly run and get materials when there were fewer customers since the Gravitas was going through materials like crazy. Yet, with the Gravitas being closed for two days, Orthar decided that this was just the perfect opportunity for Orthar to get more.

Meanwhile, Yersi decided to spend the next two days with her grandparents and relax. Yersi and Gravis’ mother hit it off rather well. Gravis’ mother was very fond of Yersi’s humble and approachable mindset. The fact that Yersi looked like a killing machine was no deterrent to her.

Gravis entered the building and looked at the familiar hall. Whenever he had come to class back then as a Research Assistant, he had gone through this hallway. He still remembered greeting the receptionist every time with his best friend.

What was his name again?

Gravis couldn’t really remember the name of that friend back then. It just had been far too long, but he still remembered how he had felt when that friend died in the first practical exam.

Yet, that was to be expected. Some people would have thought that the death rate was only there to scare the new students. After all, which company would allow their recruits to die?

Of course, such thoughts were naïve. The cultivation world was cruel, and only very few managed to get back from the lower world. If they couldn’t even get through these practical exams, they would have no hope of coming back to the highest world.

Luckily, their families received a generous one-time payment when the students had signed up. The payment was comprised of three Immortal Stones.

That was generous?

One had to remember that the teenagers that went into this company came from weak backgrounds. These backgrounds couldn’t even afford proper cultivation techniques for their children, and even if they could, this powerful company obviously gave better training. After all, it was the company’s business to get as many people to ascend as possible. They were pretty good at it.

With these three Immortal Stones, the families could give another heir a powerful start or use it for their own lives. Three Immortal Stones was a ton of wealth.

In the lower world, Gravis had used Spirit Stones to buy all of his stuff. He still remembered that he had needed a little less than 6,000 Spirit Stones to reach the Spirit Forming Realm.

Yet, three Immortal Stones would count as three million Spirit Stones, which was the equivalent of an entire Elemental Sect in the lower world. This showed how much three Immortal Stones were for these families.

“Can I help you?” the receptionist asked as she saw Gravis spacing out.

Gravis quickly shook his head to break out of his nostalgia. “Yes,” Gravis said with a polite smile as he summoned the jade token in front of her. “I’m here to meet someone.”

The receptionist nodded with a smile and checked the jade token. When she saw the contents, her eyes widened in surprise. This was an important guest!

The receptionist stood up. “Please follow me,” she said as she walked down a hallway.

“Sure,” Gravis said as he followed her.

While Gravis was walking, he was also checking out the different rooms he had access to with his Spirit. If the company didn’t want him to snoop, they would just isolate these rooms. That literally cost no Immortal Stones and wouldn’t need more than a mere thought.

Gravis saw several classes with young cultivators being taught. When Gravis saw that, he fell into nostalgia again.

Gravis also very quickly found a familiar face.

It was a bored-looking, Mid Unity Realm Cultivator teaching a class of teenagers.

This was Gravis’ old teacher!

Gravis still remembered how it had been that teacher that told him of his friend’s demise. Additionally, Gravis also remembered how he had curbed Gravis’ Will-Aura before the final practical exam. However, that was understandable. Gravis had had his Will-Aura constantly unleashed, and when someone unleashed their Will-Aura on Gravis today, he would also take that as an act of aggression.

‘What was his name again?’ Gravis thought with furrowed brows. ‘I think it started with an m,’ he thought as he scratched his chin.

“Are you interested in our classes, sir?” the receptionist asked from in front of Gravis. “I can tell you more about them if you’re interested.”

Gravis only smiled. “No need. I was in one myself,” he said.

This made the receptionist halt. “You were?” she asked. “But I don’t recognize you. I have a pretty good memory.”

Gravis showed his Obsidian Ring. “I’m called Gravis,” he said.

“Oh!” the receptionist said as she immediately remembered the small kid from back then. At first, that kid had been timid and nervous but then turned into a cold and unapproachable killing machine.

This small kid survived? Additionally, he was already an Immortal?

“Sorry for not recognizing you earlier, Gravis,” she said, more approachable now. “I still remember you, but you really changed. What happened?”

Gravis had to laugh a bit as he fell back into memories. “I returned very quickly and got my Research Adept Emblem. Sadly, someone in the Sky Community stole it from me back then, making it impossible for me to return here. Yet, thanks to my background, the loss of the emblem was not an issue.”

“I could have simply bought a new one from some random trader, but there was no need. My father was the one that sent me to the next middle world,” he said.

The receptionist sighed. “I never was a fan of this policy. Young people make mistakes. Disallowing them from continuing just because they lost something seems far too extreme to me, but what can I do? I’m just a receptionist.”

“Well, sometimes there are just shitty policies,” Gravis said in a joking manner.

The two of them talked about the old times but stopped when they arrived in front of a door. The receptionist opened the door and motioned for Gravis to enter.

Gravis thanked her and entered.

Gravis stepped into a humongous and chaotic area. At first, Gravis was quite surprised about the look of the area, but when he inspected it closely with his Spirit, he grew shocked.

This was the best Law Comprehension Area he had ever seen!

It was a relatively flat room, ten-by-ten kilometers big. At one spot was a lava lake, while there was an even hotter lava lake beside it. At another spot, Gravis saw two different kinds of water. There were even an insane amount of ore and materials in this place.

‘There are so many Laws demonstrated here!’ Gravis thought with widened eyes. ‘There are even several level three Laws! This is absolutely insane!’

Gravis looked with surprise at the areas when he heard a voice.

“Hey, new guy!” someone transmitted to him as the person teleported in front of Gravis. “You’re late! The others are already waiting!”

Gravis looked at the person. It was a middle-aged man in the Late Minor Revolution Immortal Realm.

“I’m sorry, but I think-“

“Stop your excuses!” the man shouted as he interrupted Gravis. “I won’t have latecomers in my class!”


And then, that man constricted the Space around Gravis and pulled him into a certain direction. He had also summoned his Avatar while doing so, and Gravis saw that the Avatar was comprised of the three primal forces, Space, Time, and Gravity. Quite a powerful Avatar.

Gravis’ eyes narrowed, and he summoned his own Avatar.


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