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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 694: Security of the City Bahasa Indonesia

After one month of working, everyone finally got enough money to search for an apartment. The Gravitas had nearly a million Immortal Stones in their coffers, but they had to have around 700,000 Immortal Stones ready for the situation that maybe everyone would sell back their weapons at the same time.

Of course, something like this wouldn’t happen, but Gravis always wanted to be safe. He had to be ready for everything, which was why he kept the amount of money ready at all times.

Renting the shop for a century cost him 650,000 Immortal Stones, and he didn’t have that amount of money yet to repay his mother without endangering the Gravitas. Yet, judging by how everything looked right now, it wouldn’t take more than some months to pay that back.

So, Gravis decided to finally rent their place after one month of working. This would probably delay the repayment of the loan by a month, but a month was nothing for Immortals and Gods.

Orthar stopped new customers from entering the shop, telling them that they would serve the customers inside the shop until everyone was gone. The new customers complained, but Orthar quickly quelled these complaints by telling them that they would only be closed for a couple of hours.

For these cultivators, a couple of hours was about as much as a couple of minutes for mortals. They had no problems with waiting for that bit of time.

After everyone was gone, Gravis, Yersi, and Orthar came out of the shop and closed it. Most of the Formation Arrays deactivated, changing the shop’s color and the color of its aura to a lifeless grey, the sign that a shop was closed.

One Formation Array that hadn’t been activated before activated now. This was the Formation Array specifically designed to keep everyone out of the building that didn’t have the fitting Residency Rings.

Could someone steal the Residency Rings?

If some people managed to think about stealing the Residency Rings, the big companies and managers of the city obviously also thought about that. No one would actually rent or buy a place in this city if someone more powerful could simply steal their identity.

Because of that, the Residency Rings were enchanted by the owners of the buildings. First of all, they couldn’t be taken off by anyone but the person. Additionally, even if they could be taken off, no one could activate them as long as they didn’t have the fitting aura.

How did the Residency Rings accomplish that?

Simple, Middle World Core ore.

When someone got their Residency Ring, they only had to attune themselves to it. Of course, since these were only rings and not weapons, one didn’t need nearly as much of the Middle World Core ore as when one used a World Weapon. To be precise, normal Residency Rings only had around 0.7% the amount of Middle World Core ore than a World Weapon would have.

Yet, Middle World Core ore was still Middle World Core ore. In order to crack the attunement of the rings, one would need to have comprehended the High-Tier Law of the Dead World, which was a level seven Law. Only a minority of Star Gods knew that Law and someone of that power and comprehension wouldn’t need to steal some basic Residency Ring.

Someone with that power would only be swayed by truly expensive buildings. Yet, obviously, the truly expensive buildings would be protected by Higher World Cores, and to crack those, someone needed to know the True Law of the Dead World, a level nine Law.

Only Divine Gods knew that Law. Theoretically, they could crack the Residency Rings, but ironically, their overwhelming power was the reason why they couldn’t do that.

Someone with that amount of power was under constant supervision of the absolute elite in the city. Divine Gods were very rare, and whenever a Divine God appeared, every other Divine God would constantly keep track of them.

On top of that, the official highest authority of the city would never allow their rules to be undermined.

Who was the official highest authority of the city?

It was the leader of the company that managed the guards and rules. In order to keep the money flowing, everyone had to feel safe inside the city. Otherwise, people wouldn’t be as willing to settle here. The more people came to this city, the better it was for the company.

The leader was someone at the absolute peak of the Divine God Realm. He was only missing a single step to become a Heaven’s Magnate. Yet, how difficult was it to take this last step? How many Cultivators ever managed to take this last step?

The leader of the company had tried everything but never succeeded in taking the last step. Because of that, he stopped cultivating and decided to live his life out in peace.

Yet, one should never forget that this leader was still a Peak Divine God. 99% of Divine Gods were weaker than him, making the city incredibly safe, but there were still exceptions.

The Opposer was an obvious exception, but he didn’t care about anything. The entire city could be destroyed by someone, and he wouldn’t care at all. This city had his name, but it had nothing to do with him.

One could compare this situation to the Opposer being a powerful, sleeping beast, and everyone else being some weaker animals walking around it. He didn’t care about these animals. As long as they didn’t climb on top of his body or bit him, they could do whatever they wanted.

Another exception was the Black Magnate. As a Heaven’s Magnate, only other Heaven’s Magnates could rival him. When the Black Magnate talked to Gravis, the official leader of the city was incredibly nervous. He had simply hoped that the Black Magnate wouldn’t do anything terrible.

Luckily, except for a bit of stopping time and some earthquakes, the Black Magnate didn’t do anything else. Overall, the situation passed without any issues.

The last exception was Gravis’ mother. Even though Gravis’ mother was also a Heaven’s Magnate, she hadn’t achieved this Realm independently. So, the leader of the city was sure that he could actually easily win against Gravis’ mother in a fight. After all, he had achieved all of his power on his own.

Of course, this was only a hypothetical scenario that would never happen. The Opposer might allow people to go against his kids when these kids decided to join the path of cultivation, but attacking his wife? Never!

Luckily, the Opposer’s wife was a very peaceful and approachable being. She was only interested in her hobby, making money. On top of that, she loved competition. She didn’t want to win against her competition because of her status but because of her abilities. So, even if someone managed to pull a fast one over her, she would actually become even more excited.

Nevertheless, all of this explaining was only to show how trustworthy the security of the city was. The Residency Rings couldn’t be cracked easily, which meant that the Gravitas was safe from any invading force that would actually care about entering the building.

Gravis turned to Orthar and Yersi with a smirk.

“Let’s get ourselves an awesome apartment!”


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