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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 690: Orthar’s Value Bahasa Indonesia

“Is everything ready?” Gravis asked Orthar.

“Ready,” Orthar said. “I have brokered several deals with mining companies for future cooperation. For the next hundred years, we can purchase as many materials as we want from them. Of course, there are some conditions.”

Gravis nodded and let Orthar continue.

“When we buy materials, we need to buy at least 20,000 Immortal Stones worth of materials in one go if we want to purchase them at the agreed price. Anything below that, and the price would go up by 10%,” Orthar said.

“That’s quite a lot,” Gravis said, “but if we get a ton of customers, we can probably get that amount quickly. What about advertising?”

“I have given discounts for a couple of schools and teaching offices for their students,” Orthar said. “They will get a price cut of 20% of the manufacturing fee for the next 100 years. We might not earn as much, but we will have a steady customer base. As long as they receive one of our products, they will come back.”

Gravis nodded again. “What about the opening event?” he asked.

“The flyers have been posted on the most relevant message boards,” Orthar said. “By now, many relevant customers should know about the opening event of Gravitas.”


This was the name that Gravis decided to give the shop. When something had gravitas, it meant it had an impact. Additionally, it sounded very similar to his name. The name was just perfect.

“And the cooperation agreement with the surrounding shops?” Gravis asked.

“The surrounding shops have been informed of our opening and of our credentials,” Orthar answered. “They will recommend our shop free of charge, but we also have to recommend them. This is the list,” Orthar explained as he transferred a list of shops and their credentials to Gravis.

“And the beasts?” Gravis asked.

“The unofficial beast district has been informed about Gravitas,” Orthar said. “They know that you have been in a natural middle world and that you know how to create equipment for beasts.”

Gravis nodded again. Orthar had done a perfect job. He had taken care of everything, but this was also the reason why Gravis wanted Orthar in this position. Orthar was very methodical, logical, and planning, which gave him an incredible ability to maximize the efficiency and publicity of the shop.

Gravis nodded. “Yersi, are you prepared?” Gravis asked as he smiled at Yersi.

Yersi nodded with motivation. “Yes! I’ve been waiting for this! I’m so excited to meet and talk with so many different people,” she said with a smile.

Yet, there was some hesitation in her voice. “But father, are you sure that I should greet the customers in person?” she asked. “Maybe it would be better if I talk to them via voice transmission only.”

“Why?” Gravis asked.

“Well,” Yersi said as she looked at herself. “Because of my looks. I have seen several humans looking at me in fear. My body is filled with weapons, and some of them seemed to be quite reluctant to open up to me.”

Gravis only laughed. “Then fuck them,” Gravis said. “The fact that you are a beast should actually encourage customers. After all, beasts tend to be more direct, which is far easier to handle than a slimy, slippery human. If someone isn’t even able to see that because of how you look, then they’re too stupid to deserve my creations.”

Yersi felt relieved when her father said that, but she was still a bit reluctant. She had seen how some humans were afraid of her due to her aggressive appearance. In her mind, Orthar would be a far better fit for her position. After all, he looked like a small, cute octopus, even if he had a couple more eyes.

“Then everything is in order,” Gravis said with a smirk. “Let’s open!”

Orthar and Yersi nodded, and everyone entered. Gravis went to the second floor while Yersi waited at one of the two counters. As long as the shop wasn’t overwhelmed with customers, Orthar wouldn’t need to help at the second counter. He had other things to do.

What was Orthar’s job while inside the shop?

Intelligence gathering and profiling. It was important to know and see what a customer needed and how they wanted to be treated. Not every customer wanted to sit down for tea first and talk about random stuff. A lot of them would think that this was a waste of time.

Yet, some customers felt themselves to be very important and wanted to be treated like they were royalty, and as long as they didn’t overdo it, Yersi could accommodate them.

Orthar didn’t have the inherent feeling humans had towards others, but he could judge humans very accurately due to his theoretical knowledge about how humans behaved. He would analyze the customer and give Yersi a plan on how she had to interact with them.

Orthar could sniff out even the most hidden details. For example, if someone entered with nearly destroyed clothes and a nearly broken weapon, some shops might believe that person to be poor. Yet, Orthar was able to see if this was normal by their facial expressions, posture, and aura.

Outwards appearances could be very misleading. It was possible that this person had just had a devastating fight, and the fact that they won meant that they got a ton of wealth from their dead enemy. Treating someone like that like they were poor would insult them and make them leave.

This was precisely what had happened to Gravis when he had wanted to sell some of his ore. That one store didn’t serve him for minutes and then rudely greeted him. If they had had Orthar, Orthar would have immediately noticed Gravis’ powerful Will-Aura and his Obsidian Ring.

Orthar was incredibly thorough, and he would inspect absolutely everything on everyone. That was why he was perfect for this job.

Orthar sat down on a chair in the corner, reading a ton of books while keeping an eye out on the store. Yersi readied herself as she practiced some different gestures and tones of voice.

Gravis smirked on the second floor as his Spirit entered the Formation Array.

“Let’s go!” he said.


The shop shined for some seconds, and some text appeared above the entrance.

“Grand Opening! 10% off on EVERYTHING!”

And the people on the street looked at the Gravitas for the first time.


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