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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 681: Strange Man Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis returned to the street and continued his stroll. Yet, for some reason, he felt watched. Before he had dealt with the young man, he hadn’t felt like this, but now, it was very apparent.

This feeling was bizarre since Gravis was able to see everything with his Spirit. Additionally, he knew enough Laws to notice any darkness cultivator looking at him. On top of that, his Law of Danger didn’t get triggered at all.

Yet, the feeling of being watched became only more intense as time passed. Gravis furrowed his brows as he tried to find the watcher. For mortals, such a feeling would most probably be just paranoia, but Cultivators had very honed instincts.

Gravis looked around, but no one else seemed to notice anything. It was only him. This probably meant that someone was specifically only looking at him.

As Gravis continued walking, the feeling only became stronger until he came to an intersection. Out of instinct, Gravis turned to his right and looked into the street.

Black eyes.

Gravis immediately locked eyes with a young man. His hair was spiky and black, and his eyes were also black. On top of that, he even wore entirely black clothes. Yet, instead of dressing in gaudy robes like everybody else, this young man wore seemingly simple clothing. The pants were made out of a fabric that a hunter would wear, while his shirt looked rather casual and comfortable.

Gravis immediately knew that this was the person watching him. Gravis also found out several other things.

First of all, the young man was standing in the middle of the street, directly looking at him with an interested smirk. The next thing Gravis noticed was that he couldn’t get a read on the power of this person. This person was obviously far more powerful than him, but that didn’t mean much. Gravis wasn’t even able to feel the power of the more powerful Immortal Kings.

Yet, for some reason, this young man felt different from the other people.

Lastly, the person obviously intended for Gravis to notice him. If he wanted to stay hidden, Gravis wouldn’t be able to notice him due to the power difference.

After narrowing his eyes, Gravis slowly walked over to the young man until he stood around two meters in front of him.

For a while, both of them only looked at each other, one with furrowed brows and the other with a smirk.

“Do you know that walking up to strangers can be dangerous?” the young man asked with a smirk.

“Not in this city, not for me,” Gravis asked.

“Your father, right?” the young man asked.

“Yes,” Gravis answered.

“That is only partially correct,” the young man said.

Gravis narrowed his eyes now. “You’re saying that there is someone that can threaten me in this city?”

“Yes, I am saying that,” he said. “Immortals can.”

“Immortals?” Gravis asked with a raised brow. “I was expecting someone with a higher Realm.”

“That’s where you’re wrong,” the young man said. “Any Immortal King or more powerful would be stopped by your father, but I don’t think that he would involve himself if it were an Immortal. After all, you should be able to battle three to four levels above yourself.”

Gravis remained calm outside, but inside, he was shaken. This person knew exactly how powerful he was. Any normal person would consider such an insane Battle Strength to be a joke. It was just too absurd to be real. Even if Orthar or Yersi had said so, no one would believe them.

Yet, this young man was stating it like it was a fact. So, how did he know exactly how powerful Gravis was?

“But with the guards, no Immortal would be able to kill me,” Gravis said.

“Half-true, again,” the young man said. “Assassinations happen in this city from time to time. Either by people confident in fleeing or people in desperation for money. Some people need a huge amount of money for their loved ones, making them willing to sacrifice their lives for a huge sum of money.”

“I’m safe from the more powerful assassins,” Gravis said, “but you’re saying that the desperate Immortals are an issue. Yet, haven’t you also said that I should be able to fight four levels above me? I should be able to block a sudden attack from someone like that.”

“And when they try to immobilize me, well, if you know my power, you should also know my Avatar,” Gravis said.

“The Minor Law of Freedom can secure your unhindered movement in front of any Immortal, that is correct, but that is also not what I meant,” the young man said.

Gravis had only tested the young man with that question. Sure enough, he even knew the specific Law of Gravis’ Avatar. Gravis had absolutely no idea how he could have found out something like this.

“Then, what did you mean?” Gravis asked.

“What about people at the Late Major Revolution, and what about the ones at the peak of the Realm?” the young man asked.

Gravis raised an eyebrow. “I haven’t heard of this Major Revolution thing,” he said.

“That’s not good, Gravis. You should know something like that,” the young man said, addressing Gravis with his name for the first time. “Your father might think that you should find out the hard way, but I disagree on that.”

“You act like you know my father,” Gravis said evenly.

“We have talked a couple of times. We even traded just recently,” the young man said.

Gravis’ insides shook. Someone able to talk and trade with his father was absolutely not a simple person. This was definitely not just some Star God or something similar. This person was probably truly powerful.

Yet, the person could also be lying.

“That’s great and all,” Gravis said, “but why are you here, talking to me?”

“Weren’t you the one that approached me to talk?” the young man asked.

“Yes, but only because you purposely showed your aura to me,” Gravis said, getting a bit annoyed at the man.

“So, when I simply don’t suppress my aura, and you feel it, it means that I want to talk to you?” the young man said with a smirk. “Quite self-centered of you.”

Gravis narrowed his eyes further. “You were also staring right into my eyes.”

“Because you kept probing me with your Spirit,” the young man said.

“Cut it with the bullshit,” Gravis said with a bit of anger. “You obviously have a reason to gain my attention. So, what is it?”

“Do I need to have a reason?” the young man asked.

“So, you actually wanted to gain my attention,” Gravis said with a smirk.

“Yes,” the young man answered with a smirk. “Because you kept probing me with your Spirit.”

Gravis gritted his teeth. Why was this so infuriating?

“Okay, then I will stop. Bye!” Gravis said as he turned around to walk away.

The young man chuckled a couple more times at the retreating Gravis. “Quite infuriating, isn’t it?” he asked.

Gravis didn’t turn around.

“Actually, I wanted to know how you would react when someone acted like this towards you,” the young man said.

“What’s it to you?” Gravis said without turning around. He simply continued walking until he saw the young man standing in front of him again. Gravis hadn’t even felt any kind of space movement.

“What’s it to me?” the young man asked as he looked into Gravis’ eyes again. “I only wanted to feel how it feels like.”

“After all, you seemed to have a lot of fun while doing this to the Red King,” he said.

Gravis stopped.


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