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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 678: Weapon Cultivator Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis appeared in another gigantic forge, this one even larger than the previous one. He didn’t even know what half the equipment did. Yet, knowing the equipment was not necessary to him. After all, he didn’t need any kind of equipment.

Yet, instead of one person, Gravis saw ten. One of them was the supervisor, while another person was the young man from his earlier evaluation, who just waved at Gravis with a smile. He probably also wanted to watch.

“This better be worth it,” one of the people transmitted to the young man. “You disturbed my cultivation because of this.”

“Trust me. This will so be worth it,” the young man transmitted back.

A middle-aged woman stepped forward and gave Gravis the beast blood and ore. “This is the client,” she said as she gestured to a young woman, which seemed to be rather nervous.

Gravis took the ore and beast blood and noticed many things about the young woman just based on the materials. The materials were light and flexible. This kind of material would be perfect for a rapier or a very thin sword.

Usually, Gravis would have expected this person to have the wind element, but he didn’t want to jump to conclusions yet. The elements exhibited different properties the more powerful one became. Light, for example, could also make use of this kind of weapon.

“Nice to meet you,” the young woman said. “So, you will forge my bow?”

‘A bow, huh?’ Gravis thought. ‘I’ve never seen anyone fight with a bow before. I’ve also never created a bow.’

“Yes, I will create your bow, but I want to do some tests first to see what you prefer. Is that okay with you?” he asked politely.

“Sure,” the young woman said with a smile. “What do you need?”

Gravis summoned the materials over and already heated them. “I’m going to make a bow and ask you for your feedback. No worries, this will take only a short amount of time. We should be done in, at most, two hours or so.”

The young woman was a bit nervous when she saw her materials being used to create a new weapon. She wanted a World Weapon, but this forger was using her materials to ask for feedback.

Gravis saw the young woman’s expression and guessed what she thought. After some seconds, the first bow was done. “Don’t worry,” he said. “None of your materials will go to waste. Here, look,” he said as he pointed at the finished bow.

In a matter of seconds, the components melted down again, creating the same pile of materials as before.

When the young woman saw that, she released a sigh of relief. As long as her materials didn’t go to waste, she was fine with it.

Gravis quickly created another bow while everyone looked at him with intensity.

“Impressive, isn’t it?” the young man asked the people around him.

“Shut up, I want to watch!” someone answered with annoyance. The speed at which Gravis created the bow was insane! It would take an Immortal Emperor with an insane amount of control to create a weapon that fast, and even then, it would be immensely draining for their concentration.

Gravis gave the finished bow to the young woman. “Try it,” he said.

The young woman took ahold of the bow in wonder. This was way too fast! After some seconds of surprise, she teleported over to one of the pieces of equipment. Gravis had no idea what the use of that piece of equipment was, but the young woman knew, apparently.


The young woman readied her bow and kicked over a big lever. Then, a target popped up at the other side, and she shot at it. Surprisingly, the arrow took nearly half a second to land, and it missed on top of that. Half a second was a ton of time for an Immortal, and Gravis was quite surprised by the slowness.

Yet, he quickly realized something. ‘Space,’ he thought. ‘This lever probably vastly stretches space in the area.’

The young woman shot five more arrows, with only the last four hitting the target. After that, she kicked another lever and returned to Gravis. “The string is not soft enough. I can’t use my full power with it. Additionally, can you take out the crosshair on the bow? I don’t need that.”

Gravis nodded. “Sure thing,” he said as he created a new bow in a couple of seconds. “Try this,” he said.

The same thing repeated itself about 20 more times until the young woman was finally happy. “It’s perfect! I want a World Weapon just like this one!” she said loudly with excitement and a bright smile.

Gravis had to chuckle at that. Without saying anything, he opened the bow and poured the blood in, making everyone’s eyes fall out. After filling the bow, Gravis put the World Core in at the front and fixed it to the bow.

The bow quickly floated over to the young woman as she looked at it with shock. “Done,” Gravis said. “You only need to attune the World Core to you. It’s literally the same bow, so it should also feel the same.”

The young woman marveled at Gravis’ forging ability as she quickly went on to attune herself to the World Core. She had always heard that it was incredibly difficult and time-consuming to create a World Weapon, but, apparently, her family and friends were making a mountain out of a molehill. This forger had created about 20 World Weapons in less than an hour. This shouldn’t be so hard.

Meanwhile, the examiners couldn’t think rationally anymore.


Creating a weapon in some seconds was one thing but creating a World Weapon in some seconds was something entirely different. What about the delicate channels? These channels were the main reason why World Weapons took so much longer to craft than normal weapons.

Creating these channels was incredibly difficult. It was like creating an intricate network of blood vessels all throughout a weapon. If there were too much nourishment at one spot, the whole weapon would feel weird. Yet, if there were too little, that spot of the weapon wouldn’t be synchronized to the customer at all.

There were thousands of these tiny channels in a World Weapon, and creating all of them without even damaging the previously created ones was insanely complicated and time-consuming. One could say that creating a World Weapon was very frustrating and delicate.

The current situation was simply unreal to them. They just couldn’t accept it!

If one likened the creation of a World Weapon to another craft, it would be pretty accurate to say that the creation of a World Weapon was akin to stitching an insanely tiny and intricate pattern into something. One wrong move, one slight spasm of the muscles or Spirit, and everything would be destroyed.

Watching Gravis create a World Weapon like it was a normal weapon was like watching someone taking the thin string for the pattern, laying it down in front of them, and smashing it with a fist. Yet, with just that simple smash, a perfect and supremely tiny pattern appeared.

It was just that insane! It just didn’t seem real at all!

The examiner looked at the others evenly. “Yes, this is real,” she transmitted to them calmly.

Only now could the others accept that this really just happened.

The young man from earlier only sighed. “I’m impressed that you remained so calm,” he said to the examiner.

The examiner didn’t answer.

In actuality, she had been the most shocked out of everyone.

Since she was an examiner for World Weapons, she knew the most about them out of everyone present. This situation had the most powerful impact on her. The only reason why she appeared so calm was that she had nearly a whole hour to calm down.

She had noticed that the very first bow had been a World Weapon, and after watching 20 more getting created, she was able to calm down and accept the situation.

But the others didn’t need to know about that.

Everyone waited for the attunement process to finish, and after around 15 hours, the young woman was done.

‘Interesting,’ Gravis thought. ‘Her attunement process took far longer than mine. I’m pretty sure that my Laws have nothing to do with the speed of my attunement. After all, it is simply filling up the World Core with your being. So, why did it take her that much longer?’

The young woman tested the bow out, and she shot over 300 arrows at the targets, hitting every single one of them. After around 50 arrows, she switched from material arrows to arrows created out of light. Apparently, she used the light element.

Yet, Gravis noticed that she was using the light element differently. Instead of just using the pure light element, the light element merged with something else, creating mighty, searing arrows. Gravis guessed that she was probably a Weapon Cultivator that used the light element secondarily.

After some minutes, she returned with a bright and happy smile. Then, she bowed to Gravis. “Thank you so much! It’s perfect!” she said happily. “Can you tell me your name? I’m sure that all my friends would also want to request your services.”

Gravis chuckled a bit. “I’m Gravis,” he said. “I don’t have a shop yet, but I will create one in the next couple of days or weeks or so.”

“Gravis?” she said. “Gravis who?”

Gravis laughed a bit and showed his Obsidian Ring. “Just Gravis,” he said.

The young woman was surprised when she saw Gravis’ Obsidian Ring.

“Wait a second,” the examiner said as she stepped forward. “I need to examine the weapon.”

The bow flew over to her, and she looked at it closely. After some seconds, she was done and nodded. “Fine work, Gravis,” she said as she threw over a jade token to the supervisor from the main hall.

The supervisor quickly filled out everything on the spot and created the Certificate, which flew over to Gravis.

Gravis looked at it and smirked.

“Evaluation: Perfect!”


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