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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 651: Avatar Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis had never been so shocked and shaken up in his life. He had challenged Heaven to a fight, and Heaven had just demonstrated to Gravis that he wouldn’t even be able to react to an attack. If Heaven had targeted Gravis with this attack, he would have immediately died.

What had he done?

Yet, after some rationality returned to him, he realized something.

“This was not a level five Law,” Gravis said with narrowed eyes. “There are no level five Laws for a middle world. The only level five or level six Law you should know is the next level of lightning.”

Heaven continued to look at Gravis evenly. “You are half-right,” Heaven said. “This was not a level five Law, but the attack had the power of a level five Law. Yet, you were incorrect in saying that there are no level five Laws for a middle world. There is one, but not even I know it.”

Gravis remained silent but was shocked. There actually was a level five Law for the middle world?

“There is one level five Law that can be comprehended in a middle world, but due to the nature of middle worlds, no one inside a middle world can comprehend it, including me.”

“The reason for that is the Will-Aura,” Heaven said. “If you want to comprehend a level five Law, you need a Will-Aura at the level of an Immortal Emperor, which is impossible to reach while not being a peak Immortal. Right now, your Will-Aura is at the peak of the Immortal Realm, but it has not yet reached the power of an Immortal King.”

Gravis realized that Heaven’s words made sense. Since everyone ascended at the Immortal Realm, it would be impossible for them to learn this Law while being inside a middle world. “What is this Law?” Gravis asked.

Everyone else would have been scared beyond belief by these circumstances, but Gravis managed to retain his rationality. If Heaven truly wanted to kill him, he would already be dead. The fact that Heaven let him live meant that Heaven, or more likely the highest Heaven, wanted him to survive.

Yet, Gravis had no idea what he should think of the current circumstance. In the beginning, the lower Heaven had honestly tried its best to kill him, but now, when the highest Heaven actually had an opportunity to kill him without any backlash from his father, it decided not to kill him.

What was its plan? Did it genuinely wish for him to become another Opposer? Why would it want that?

“It’s the Minor Law of the True World,” Heaven answered. “It’s the composition of every dead and living being inside a middle world. Yet, that is impossible for you to comprehend in this world. My ancestor and your father would agree.”

“How were you able to create an attack with the power of a level five Law without having used one?” Gravis asked. This was the best opportunity to learn more about Battle-Strength. He wanted to become powerful. His father wanted him to become powerful. The highest Heaven wanted him to become powerful. Then, fine, he’ll play along.


Something appeared behind Heaven, and Gravis had no idea what that thing was.

It was some kind of white and shining small sphere. It only had a diameter of half a meter and hovered there, doing nothing. Behind the light, Gravis could see its appearance. When he saw its appearance, he was shocked.

This was a small world!

He could see tiny mountains, tiny oceans, tiny volcanoes, and everything else one would think a world would have. The only thing missing was life. This tiny world was just as lifeless as this world.

“This is an Avatar, Gravis,” Heaven said. “This is what makes an Immortal an Immortal. Without this Avatar, an Immortal is not an Immortal. It is the basis for your entire future cultivation, and if it is inadequate, it will be nearly impossible to make it adequate again.”

Heaven turned to the Grand Lake again as it continued explaining. “When you fuse one of your Laws with your being, your Avatar will be created. This Law will then be your primary Law for your entire future.”

“What can it do?” Gravis asked.

“The Avatar increases the power of your Primary Law by one level. This means that if you were to create your Avatar with the Law of Punishment Lightning, your Punishment Lightning would be able to exhibit the power of a level four Law. Do you now understand the power of an Avatar?” Heaven asked.

Gravis immediately realized how powerful that was. If any Ascender from this world created their Avatar, Meadow would have no chance against them. The power of a level four Law was far too overwhelming for anyone in a middle world to resist.

Due to Gravis’ Will-Aura, he would still be able to win against an Immortal with an Avatar, but as soon as someone wasn’t entirely suppressed, Gravis wouldn’t be able to dodge or block such an attack.

This also explained why this world didn’t allow anyone to ascend without having comprehended a level three Law. If someone hadn’t comprehended their own level three Law, they would need to use the Law of Space to create their Avatar since this would be their only level three Law.

Yes, the Law of Space was powerful, but it wouldn’t be as useful as another level three Law. One could already teleport and compress space. The only advantage of upgrading it to level four would be that one would be able to compress and widen space further. Yet, the Law of Space had no attacking power while its defensive capabilities were weak.

Additionally, what would be the point of upgrading their space capabilities if everyone could already teleport? On top of that, how hard would it be to upgrade the Law of Space? There had to be a way to upgrade one’s Avatar. Gravis refused to believe that the overlords in the highest world ran around with a level three or level four Law as their Primary Law.

This meant that the Avatar could probably be upgraded by including the Primary Law into a more powerful Law. For space, there were only two paths available. One path would be to increase its purity by comprehending the High-Tier Law of Space in the higher world. The other path would be to fuse it with other Laws.

Yet, how difficult was it to fuse space with anything? It had no affinity with any matter, life, or the elements. Gravis guessed that it could probably only be fused with the Laws of Gravity and Time, and comprehending these Laws was very difficult, especially time.

But if one used an element-specific Law as their Avatar, they would have a wide variety of options. For example, fire could be upgraded into a more powerful fire, fuse with the other elements, transform into the Law of Supreme Heat, or create a mixed element. Additionally, upgrading a Fire Law to the fourth level would boost the Battle-Strength of the user to ridiculous degrees.

All these thoughts shot through Gravis’ head in an instant. As soon as he had reached the Law Comprehension Realm, the speed of his thoughts had increased exponentially. With him being an Immortal now, his thoughts became even faster.

“I presume if I had already condensed my Avatar, I wouldn’t be alive right now, right?” Gravis asked.

“Correct,” Heaven answered. “My Ancestor wants you to become truly powerful, and if you committed the same mistake again, you would have no affinity with true power.”

Gravis lifted an eyebrow. “Same mistake again? What do you mean?” Gravis asked.

Heaven turned to Gravis again. “You have already failed two tests created by my ancestor,” Heaven said. “The fact that I’m talking to you right now is proof of that.”

Gravis quickly realized what he meant. “I guess that this test had been to become powerful enough to defeat you?” Gravis asked.

“Correct,” Heaven said. “You have failed this test, which had been the second one, and now I have been tasked with fixing your inadequacy.”

Gravis gritted his teeth when he heard Heaven’s words. “What was the first test?” Gravis asked.

“Your first test had been to realize your true power and the power of your opponent. Haven’t you realized that I had to know all the Laws in this world in order to teach them? Haven’t you realized that I must have comprehended at least one level four Law to manage this entire world? Haven’t you realized that I would be able to exhibit the full power of the Immortal Realm?” Heaven said.

“All of these things should be warning enough. Every onlooker would have been able to see that there is no way for you to win against me without having comprehended at least one level four Law.”

Heaven looked deeply into Gravis’ eyes. “Confidence and arrogance are only a step away from each other. When you believe in your power while fighting a slightly stronger opponent, your confidence might give you the boost to win. Yet, if your opponent far outclasses you, and you still believe that you will emerge victoriously, you are not confident but arrogant. Haven’t you taught these things to your child?”

Gravis felt incredible rage and frustration when he heard Heaven, but he wasn’t angry at Heaven.

Gravis was enraged and frustrated at himself. If he had been an onlooker, he would have thought anyone that decided to fight Heaven to be an arrogant idiot. No sane person would choose to fight such an overwhelmingly powerful opponent.

‘I’m an arrogant idiot!’ Gravis thought with gritted teeth.

‘This is exactly what I have taught Aris!’

‘I’m a liar!’

‘I’m a hypocrite!’


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