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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 648: Immortal Bahasa Indonesia

The world remained in carnage for an entire week, and then, it returned to silence.

The weak beasts were dead, and only the most powerful beasts on each level survived. These beasts all managed to rise by a level, and the average Battle-Strength of every beast was powerful enough to jump a level in normal circumstances.

The dying world had been refined into a powerful force of elites.

Now, this force remained asleep, but as soon as the new world appeared before it, it would break out in a violent slaughter.

The other world was not their enemy but food!


The last Strider died as Gravis killed it.

There was no reason to wait with his breakthrough. His fight against Heaven would happen in less than a year, and until then, he might as well learn more about his power.

The last Strider died, and Gravis absorbed its power.


Gravis felt his body evolving, and he decided to add another two arms to his being. His end goal was eight arms, but six had to do for now.

Yet, surprisingly, nothing much happened.

Gravis didn’t even feel the pull of Ascension, but that was to be expected. There was no reason to pull him to a higher world. The fight between him and Heaven would happen.

His evolution ended, and he got his new pair of arms, but that was it.

Gravis narrowed his eyes as he looked at his new arms. ‘This can’t be everything,’ he thought.

Sure enough, Gravis felt a calling.

It was like his body was calling out to his most powerful Laws. It was very similar to when he had reached the peak of Spirit Forming. Back then, his centers of power had called out to each other, except that, this time, his body was calling out to his Laws.

Gravis analyzed this feeling and somehow felt like only one of his Laws would be able to fuse with his body. He also felt that this process was irreversible.

‘When I returned to my homeworld, that one clerk said that the cultivation techniques from my lower world didn’t have much potential since the Laws have to fuse with the body later. I’m probably at this step right now, and I must choose one Law to become intrinsically connected to me,’ Gravis thought.

‘My body is ready to fuse with a Law. I’m also pretty sure that this is one of the reasons why the beasts of this world need to learn a level three Law before ascending. The more powerful the Law, the more powerful the base.’

‘This world has been created to grow food for the highest world. This means that a level three Law is enough to reach the standards of the highest world. Yet, is that my goal? Do I only want to reach the standards of the highest world?’

Gravis shook his head.

‘My goal is not to become powerful in the highest world but to become the most powerful. The level three Law of Elements is my most powerful Law, but is that truly enough?’ Gravis thought as he looked at the dark sky.

‘No, it’s not enough,’ Gravis thought with narrowed eyes. ‘I refuse to fuse my body with a level three Law. I want to consume Heaven and use its better Law of Lightning! The lower Heaven was able to use Punishment Lightning, so this Heaven can probably use an even more powerful form of lightning. I want this Law!’

‘Yet,’ Gravis thought, ‘Heaven is at a higher Realm than me, and it has surely already attuned its body to a Law. That one Immortal that Meadow had fought in the past surely hadn’t fused their body to their Law yet. Just a boost of three levels wouldn’t be enough. I’m sure that by fusing a Law with my body, my strength would explode even more.’

Gravis looked at the dark sky again. ‘This means that this Heaven will have the biggest advantage of the Immortal Realm over me. My body has not been attuned to a Law while its body has. I don’t know what effects this fusion will have, but it surely is what makes an Immortal an Immortal.’

‘This means my fight against Heaven won’t be as easy as I had believed initially. I’m also sure that this Heaven is not as inexperienced as the lower Heaven. It is probably very experienced in combat and won’t make any mistakes. Additionally, it has watched me all this time. It knows every attack and Law of mine, and I won’t be able to take it by surprise.’

Gravis looked at the world. ‘On top of that, this world had been created and managed by this Heaven. This Heaven has created Law Comprehension Areas for every kind of Law in this world. It’s impossible to do something like that if it doesn’t understand the corresponding Laws.’

‘This means that this Heaven has probably comprehended every single Law in this world.’

‘I have always had the advantage against my opponents in regards to my Laws. After all, the sheer number of Laws I know is what allows me to jump levels. Yet, Heaven knows many, many more Laws than me.’

Gravis narrowed his eyes as he also remembered something else. ‘Additionally, Heaven is not a beast. The lower Heaven had been able to share its Will-Aura with its Heavenborn. This means that this Heaven probably also has an intensely powerful Will-Aura.’

‘Yet, I’m also certain that my Will-Aura is more powerful. My Will-Aura has reached the peak of the Immortal Realm, and I doubt that this Heaven has such a powerful Will-Aura. However, due to the level suppression and Heaven also knowing the Law of Suppression, our Will-Auras will probably cancel each other out. I won’t be able to suppress it.’

‘This fight will be difficult, really difficult,’ Gravis thought.

‘Yet, that is exactly how I like it!’

Gravis decided to stop thinking about his future fight. It would arrive regardless, and thinking more about it won’t change the reality.


Gravis transformed into a human, and he felt no strain while doing so. He also felt that he could still exhibit all of his power in this form. The only difference was the form of his body. His human form had the same power as his beast form, but it wasn’t as combat-oriented. This meant that Gravis was still more powerful in his beast form than in his human form.

Yet, Gravis enjoyed being in his human form. His new human form looked identical to the form he had chosen when he had just comprehended the Law of Body Composition. Right now, Gravis looked middle-aged with black hair and a goatee.

Gravis also summoned some black pants and a black shirt. With his Composition Laws, this was nothing difficult.

‘I’m finally a true human again. Right now, I have a human body with the power of a beast body. This means that I have the advantages of both with none of the disadvantages. For once, my typical saying is not accurate,’ Gravis thought with a smile.

Gravis looked to his side and snapped his fingers.


A 1,000-kilometer wide area collapsed as it turned into nothingness. Space had collapsed, and that part of the world didn’t exist anymore.

Gravis looked at the hole, which didn’t mend by itself. There was no more Energy in this world, and Heaven wouldn’t mend this hole.

The main reason for that was that it didn’t need to.

Gravis snapped his fingers again.


The hole shrunk and vanished.

‘No wonder all Immortals can teleport,’ Gravis thought.

As soon as Gravis had become an Immortal, he had comprehended a Law. The comprehension of this Law had come automatically without Gravis having to concentrate on it.

This was the Law of Space.

The reason why every Immortal could teleport was because of the Law of Space. Every Immortal automatically comprehended the Law of Space, which was a level three Law. It allowed them to manipulate space, which gave them the ability to teleport, destroy space, and repair space.

Yet, this Law was actually only for show.

The reason for that was that, just like Gravis’ Law of Time and Gravity, this Law of Space was only the mid-tier version of this Law. This meant that the user could fully manipulate all facets of this Law as long as the surroundings had been created with that version of the Law.

Yet, would higher worlds or the highest world have this mid-tier version?

Of course not!

Right now, Gravis had transcended the scope of a middle world, and he could fully control the middle world.

This meant that Gravis could destroy and mend all space. It also meant that he could accelerate and slow down time by 100 times. He could also create so much gravity that the entire world would be compressed to 1% of its current size.

Yet, all of this would change in the higher world. Just like previously, Gravis would only be able to double the acceleration and deceleration of time. The same thing was true for space and time.

The three Laws were still powerful in the higher worlds, but they didn’t have the ridiculous power that they had here.

‘Most beasts and humans probably attune their body to the Law of Space since it would be the only level three Law they know. Only the elite that manage to comprehend another level three Law before becoming Immortals would be able to attune their bodies to another Law,’ Gravis thought.

‘I wonder what the difference is between attuning oneself to different Laws. What kind of effect does it have on one’s power?’ Gravis thought.

Gravis had to smirk. ‘Well, I will find out soon enough, won’t I? After all, Heaven will surely show me what Law it has attuned itself to.’

Gravis experimented some more with his Laws, and sooner than he had thought, the time was already up.

Tomorrow, the deadline would arrive.


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