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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 643: Beast Disadvantages Bahasa Indonesia

The level four Emperor and Gravis’ three children looked at Gravis in shock. These were quite some ominous words he had just spoken. What did he mean by that the world was going to end soon?

Gravis didn’t elaborate further and only told them that they would see in the future.

Without waiting for another second, Gravis shot towards the northern region to inform the level four Emperor residing there.

When he crossed the gigantic river, no one dared to stop him. One reason was that every Emperor had been informed about Gravis’ power, while the other reason was Gravis’ ridiculous speed.

Gravis was already a level two Emperor, and he had comprehended the level two Law of Lightning’s Speed. This Law alone already made him as fast as a level three Emperor, but when it was used with Punishment Lightning, Gravis was already as fast as a level four Emperor.

Yet, that still wasn’t the end. Gravis’ Law of Time allowed him to double the speed of his personal time. This meant that, to him, he flew as fast as a level four Emperor, but to others, it looked like he was nearly as fast as a level five Emperor.

No one could stop him with that speed, except for Meadow and maybe Orthar. However, Gravis’ power was already more powerful than Orthar’s power by quite a bit. Sadly, Gravis was pretty sure that he still wasn’t as powerful as Meadow. He probably had to become a level three Emperor first, maybe even a level four Emperor.

Meadow had already killed an Immortal once, and as everybody knew, every three Realms, a major power jump would occur. This meant that a level one Immortal, if that level existed, would be three levels above a level five Emperor. So, from a total strength standpoint, Meadow was six levels above his Realm right now.

Gravis quickly arrived in the northern region and informed the residing level four Emperor about the meeting. At first, the northern level four Emperor doubted Gravis’ power, but his instincts told him that he must not anger Gravis. So, in the end, he decided to trust his instincts.

After that, Gravis quickly gathered his three children and lead them to the Grand Lake. The reason for that was that he wanted them to learn more about Laws. Right now, they were not in danger, which was the best moment to comprehend more Laws. After all, if Gravis’ plan worked, his children wouldn’t be so safe anymore in the future.

There was not much land left at the Grand Lake, but there was still some since the sea beasts couldn’t take everything without angering Meadow.

Gravis showed them around and demonstrated to them how he had comprehended one Law after the other in his over 700-year-long seclusion. Of course, he didn’t tell them how the Laws worked since that might hurt their Law Comprehension experience. Gravis wanted them to search for their own paths and learn their own Laws.

He simply showed them which thoughts he had had back then and how he had decided to look at one thing after the other in an effort to understand everything.

His children absorbed all of Gravis’ knowledge. To them, it was wondrous that Gravis learned Laws by looking at his surroundings and trying to find stuff he didn’t understand. He seemingly had no goal in trying to comprehend Laws. Even if a Law appeared absolutely useless to his Battle-Strength, he looked at it anyway.

Their viewpoint was vastly different. Gravis looked at his surroundings and understood nearly everything due to his incredibly vast knowledge. By now, Gravis had dabbled basically in nearly every category of Laws, which meant that he knew a little bit about everything.

Meanwhile, his children were overwhelmed by all the unknown. They hadn’t looked at their surroundings like Gravis. They always had a goal in mind when trying to comprehend Laws, and they only targeted these goals. After all, what was the point of learning a Law if it didn’t increase their power?

One couldn’t fault Gravis’ children for this mindset. Basically every beast had this mindset since they lacked creativity and curiosity. Their inherent drive towards power made comprehending unimportant Laws appear like it was a waste of time.

Yet, just like several other things, following one’s instinct was often very useful but would also hinder someone sometimes. The two best examples were the pre-dodging technique and the mutation after a significant breakthrough.

Performing a dodge based on an assumption transformed it into a conscious action instead of an instinctual one. Additionally, if his children always followed what their father’s blood inside them told them, they would all still look like him, which would be a problem. After all, they all had different personalities and fighting styles.

Aris obviously preferred a direct confrontation, which made him decide to create a very bulky body with four powerful arms.

Cera relied more on her agility, which made her decide to create a lithe, agile, and fast body with incredibly sharp spikes at the end of her arms.

Yersi fought more like a darkness beast, evading and hiding her strength until she managed to unleash a devastating assault that immediately killed her opponent. Because of that, she looked very graceful and thin, even when compared to Cera.

Additionally, she looked very humanlike, but that was only the surface. In truth, she had already comprehended the Law of Disguise, and an incredibly terrifying, venomous tail was hidden inside her body.

Since the three of them were beasts and also had the inherent drive of beasts, it became quite difficult for the three of them to look at the Laws like Gravis looked at them. Their viewpoints were just entirely different.

Something inside the three of them told them that they had to become more powerful, quickly. Every second they didn’t spend becoming more powerful felt like they crept closer to death. Their instincts told them that they had to become more powerful, or they would end up as food.

Gravis told them that they had to overcome these instincts, but that was easier said than done. This was something very connected to their very being. They were beasts, and Heaven didn’t want beasts to have an overly powerful Battle-Strength. Average Battle-Strength or slightly above average was perfect for beasts, but Heaven didn’t want them to jump two or three levels.

If a beast managed to gain such a powerful Battle-Strength, Heaven wouldn’t kill the beast. After all, some rare geniuses needed especially powerful beasts. Yet, there also shouldn’t be many of these beasts to protect the population of human cultivators.

This was why this instinct was in every beast. It wouldn’t be able to stop all of them, but it would be able to stop over 99.999% of them from going too crazy with their Battle-Strength.

Gravis and his three children spent the next week talking about the general concept of how one should approach understanding a new Law. Many of the concepts were challenging for the children to understand, but Gravis noticed that they made progress. This talk would be invaluable for their future survival.

And like this, the one-week waiting period had ended.

And the three level four Emperors had arrived.


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