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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 637: Law Comprehension Realm Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis stood in the air as he absorbed all the lightning with closed eyes.

He immediately became a level five King again, but there was more than enough Energy to make him into an Emperor. Because of that, only seconds later, Gravis already started to feel the evolution approaching.

Gravis’ body started vibrating as he envisioned his new body. His fighting style had changed, and with his new fighting style, he needed to make some alterations to his body. He no longer needed to focus all his power into a physical attack. Now, he needed variety and flexibility to make use of as many Laws as possible.

Gravis’ body became bigger as time passed, but that was irrelevant. Starting at this Realm, one could exhibit their full fighting power also in a small size. Because of that, Gravis didn’t care about the actual size that his body would reach.

Yet, that was only the beast part of him evolving. While his body was changing, his lightning and Spirit were also changing. Gravis had a feeling that he had to move his lightning into his Spirit, which he followed. He felt no feeling of danger from this act.

His lightning entered his Spirit quickly, and in a matter of seconds, all his lightning had seemingly vanished. Gravis watched as the lightning inside his Spirit Space started to gather into a tight ball. After some more seconds, the ball began to vibrate violently.

Gravis felt like something was building up inside of him, and he let it build up until it exploded forward.


The small ball of lightning exploded, and the explosion hit the walls of Gravis’ Spirit Space. Usually, such an explosion would be devastating for the Spirit of a Cultivator, but Gravis felt no pain. In only an instant, Gravis saw how all his lightning vanished into the walls of his Spirit Space.


Then, Gravis’ Spirit Sense seemingly exploded. It began to stretch into the distance as its range increased by more than ten times. On top of that, everything seemed to be so much clearer.

Gravis had already been able to see everything clearly before, but one wasn’t able to envision how it would be like if they could see and feel even better.

All the minuscule particles in the air appeared in Gravis’ vision, and with his knowledge, he understood them. He saw the Energy inside them and how they worked. Everything that he saw just made sense. This was the only way it could be described.

As he gazed upon the world, there were no questions, only answers. Everything that had confused him in the past just made sense now.

‘This is why it is called the Law Comprehension Realm, huh?’ Gravis thought in a rare moment of peace and tranquility. Right now, only he and the world existed, nothing else.


‘So this is temperature,’ Gravis thought as the level three Law of Temperature seemingly appeared in his head by itself. ‘It’s actually so simple. How have I ever been stuck at something like this?’

What was the use of the level three Law of Temperature? The use could be described as very useful or nearly useless, depending on who was asked.

Its use was that the Temperatures could be controlled more finely and a little more intensely. Yet, the big part was the Energy requirement to keep the Law running.

There wasn’t any.

As Gravis existed, so did the temperature around him exist. If Gravis wanted, everything would burn. If he wanted, everything would freeze. If he wanted, everything would be nice and temperate. Temperature was a state of matter and Energy, and that was it, just a state.

Using the Law of Cold and Heat had consumed a lot of Energy from Gravis in his previous fight. Because of that, he hadn’t been able to keep it up indefinitely and could only use it in short bursts. Now, there was no limitation to it.

‘This is a supporting Law,’ Gravis realized with his newfound clarity. ‘The Law of Temperature can be used by itself, but that is not where its true use lies. Its true use lies in its ability to change the other Temperature Laws. As long as I understand another level three Temperature Law, like Extreme Heat, I would be able to use its power without needing any Energy. This would grant me unlimited usage of the powers of an offensive level three Law.’

Gravis looked upon the gathered beasts, which looked at him in wonder and reverence. Gravis had killed a level three Emperor as a King. This had never happened before.


Suddenly, a storm of fire appeared as it shot at Gravis.

This firestorm came from a level two Emperor, which realized that Gravis was weak now. He was in the middle of his evolution, and this was the ideal moment to strike.

Why did this beast attack Gravis?

Because it feared what would happen to the southern region. One of their leaders had angered Gravis, and there was a chance that Gravis might extend his anger to the southern region. Nearly every beast knew Gravis, but none of them actually knew him.

If one knew Gravis, they would know that Gravis wouldn’t do that, but they didn’t know him. As far as they knew, Gravis could be a petty and exploiting beast.


The fire stopped before Gravis like it had been halted. Gravis turned his gaze to the fire as the panicked beast behind it turned into dust, which was quickly absorbed by Gravis’ lightning.

Gravis’ lightning had been absorbed by his Spirit, but that didn’t mean that it had vanished. In actuality, this was exactly what everyone went through when they reached the Law Comprehension Realm. The only difference was that instead of lightning, they used Energy.

Gravis’ lightning and Spirit became one. Now, there was no longer a distinction between them. His lightning was his Spirit, and his Spirit was his lightning.

Earlier, his Spirit had only been attuned to lightning. It had still been its own thing, but now, it turned into the same thing.

This meant that his lightning now carried the power of his Spirit and that his Spirit now carried the power of his lightning. This increased the power of both of them. The only drawback was that both of them drew from the same well now.

Gravis’ Spirit had become so powerful that he could stop an elemental attack from a beast an entire level above him. Stopping this attack was no different to him than controlling his armor pieces.

At the same time, four other level two Emperors turned to dust as their Energy was absorbed by Gravis. Gravis had seen that they had also wanted to attack him but would wait until someone else attempted it first.

Yet, that didn’t matter to Gravis. They had planned to attack him, and because of that, they were his enemies.

The surrounding beasts became panicked as they thought that Gravis was going on a rampage. Fear took ahold of their minds as they scattered in all directions. This was a crisis for the southern region!

Gravis didn’t bother to explain himself to them.

After he became an Emperor, the workings of this world were no longer relevant.


Because with the exception of Meadow and Heaven, nothing was a danger to him anymore.

Right now, these scattering Emperors and Kings appeared to Gravis like the weak Spirit Beasts appeared to an Emperor. They existed in the same space, but they lived in different worlds.

A Spirit Beast wouldn’t explain itself to an Energy Beast.

An Emperor wouldn’t explain themselves to a Spirit Beast.

And Gravis wouldn’t explain himself to an Emperor.

Gravis no longer inhabited this world. Right now, he was only a visitor that would soon leave.

Yet, there was something that interested Gravis.

The flame he was currently holding.

At the same time as he looked at the flame, all the elements of the destroyed Emperors also got pulled to him by his Spirit. He saw water, wind, lightning, and nothing. The last one had no elemental affinity.

Gravis only looked at the gathered elements before him as he smiled.

‘So, these are the elements, huh?’


With that, Gravis understood the level three Law of the Elements. His Laws of Elemental Matter, Elemental Force, and all the small Mixed Elemental Laws fused into one to become an impossibly powerful level three Law.

Gravis smiled happily as he saw that his prediction had come true.

“The elements are only an entryway.”


And then, something shocking happened.


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