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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 624: Element Neutral Temperature Laws Bahasa Indonesia

Many years passed as Gravis tried to comprehend the Law of Cold. He already had an excellent base to comprehend it since he had comprehended the Law of Heat, the Composition Law of Water, and the Composition Law of Darkness, surprisingly. Gravis hadn’t thought that the darkness element was related to cold, but it was, apparently.

Thanks to these three Laws, Gravis could extrapolate a lot of workings of the Law of Cold.

Yet, his progress was still slower than his progress when he had comprehended the Law of Heat. The reason for that was that, back then, he had been able to create heat. Here, he couldn’t create cold. He could only observe the already existing cold.

After 20 years, Gravis still found a lot of new facets of the Law of Cold.

After 40 years, Gravis was sure that he could see most of the Law.

After 60 years, Gravis saw that he was close to understanding it.


And after 65 years, Gravis managed to understand it.

Every other beast would become envious if they heard that Gravis managed to comprehend a level two Law in only 65 years. This was not a Law that had level one Laws as a base, but one which had to be understood all at once. The same thing was true for the Law of Heat. Just because Gravis managed to produce it with fire and wind didn’t mean that it needed these two Laws to be understood or created.

‘Finally, I got it!’ Gravis thought with excitement. ‘It took quite some time, but this should be the base for a level three Law. I expect that the Law of Heat and Law of Cold can fuse to become the Law of Temperature.’

‘The Law of Cold is not much more useful than the Law of Heat since it simply does the same thing, just in an opposite way. The only effect it would have on an enemy is that they would need to spend a lot of Energy to keep themselves warm.’

Gravis scratched his chin. ‘I mean, sure, if I fought someone two levels above me, this Law would be terrifying, but I’m not fighting someone only two levels above me. Sure, it would also have a restrictive effect on someone four levels above me, but I need to use Energy to keep the Law running. In such a fight, I can’t spare that Energy. I need all of it for my speed and offense.’

‘Well, it doesn’t matter,’ Gravis thought with a smirk. ‘I’m not here to immediately increase my Battle-Strength, but to give me a solid foundation for the future. With this Law, a new path has opened before me. Now, I have the prerequisites of understanding another level three Law.’

Gravis looked at his surroundings. ‘Though, I still need to use up a lot of time to get to the threshold of understanding the Law of Temperature. I have already been in seclusion for over 300 years. This seclusion has been so long that I have been in this seclusion for 60% of my entire life. It sounds terrifyingly long, but somehow, it doesn’t feel that long. It’s like I have only entered seclusion like 50 years ago.’

‘It actually feels weird. I have only spent about 17 years or so in the highest world and only around six or seven years in the lower world. Yet, I have been in this world for over 480 years by now. This contrast is absolutely insane.’

Gravis looked down at the ground. From up here, he could see insanely far into the distance. He could even see the end of the continent.

Gravis looked at the world for several minutes until he turned his gaze to the sun. ‘I should be able to reach the sun now. My Law of Cold allows me to weaken the cold around me. But first, I need to load up my Life Ring again. I’ve used up nearly all the Energy inside it.’

After going back to the ground and reloading the Life Ring with Energy, Gravis shot into the sky again. As soon as he reached a distance of 12.000 kilometers, he felt the difference that his new Law made. Gravis didn’t need to waste as much Energy as he was recovering, even at such a distance.

At 15.000 kilometers, he used just as much Energy as he was recovering.

At 20.000 kilometers, he was using up a lot of Energy.

At 25.000 kilometers, his front became far hotter while his back stayed cold. This was good since he now only needed to protect his back and not his entire body, which drastically reduced his Energy consumption.

At about 28.500 kilometers, he nearly reached the sun.

It was absolutely massive. It wasn’t nearly as big as the world, but it was definitely bigger than a Strider.

Additionally, the heat it exhibited was also insanely powerful. Gravis was using even more Energy than before since he now also needed to protect his front with the Law of Heat.

‘This heat is truly intense,’ Gravis thought. ‘This heat also feels qualitatively different to my Law of Heat. I can feel the usage of Energy of the sun, and it’s not nearly enough to create so much heat. This can only mean that this heat is produced with a higher-quality Law, which would be a level three Law.’

‘My guess is that this should be the next level of the Law of Heat. Let’s call it the Law of Extreme Heat. Even more surprising is that there is actually no fire. I’ve thought that the sun was some huge ball of fire, but it’s simply a ball of light. This means that the Law of Extreme Heat is not intrinsically connected to fire. It can be produced by fire, but it doesn’t need fire to exist.’

‘Interesting,’ Gravis thought with a smirk. ‘Just as I’ve thought. After understanding the Law of Cold, I noticed that it also had no intrinsic connection with the element of water. Yet, it can still be produced by water.’

‘This means that there should be five level three Laws for Temperature. I’m pretty sure that the Law of Supreme Cold, which the Water Immortal managed to understand, is a Law of Temperature, which is intrinsically connected to water. This means that the Law of Supreme Cold is a different Law than the Law of Extreme Cold, as I would call it.’

‘One of them is Element specific, while the other one isn’t. The same thing should be true for heat. There should be a Law of Extreme Heat and one of Supreme Heat. One is element neutral, while the other one is element-specific. Lastly, there should be the element neutral Law of Temperature, which combines the Law of Heat and the Law of Cold.’

Gravis scratched his chin as he fell into thought. ‘Does that mean that there could also be a fusion of the Law of Extreme Heat and Law of Extreme Cold? Would that be the Law of Extreme Temperature? If so, that should be a level four Law.’

Gravis sighed. ‘Sadly, even though the Law of Extreme Heat is demonstrated in all its glory in front of me, I can’t truly comprehend it now. I can only stay here for some minutes until I need to go back to refill my Energy. I can’t concentrate like that. I’m also using a lot of Energy just to keep up with the sun’s movement.’

One should remember that the sun managed to travel across the entire world in an arc in simply twelve hours. This was an insane amount of speed, and Gravis had to use a lot of Energy to keep up with it.

‘Well, back to base, I guess,’ Gravis thought as he diagonally shot back to the ground. Right now, he was no longer above the core of the world due to the sun’s movement.

After some minutes, Gravis reached the Grand Lake again and took a deep breath of air.

‘Now I need to think about what I want to comprehend next. Sure, I will take a look at the Law of Gravity, but I also want to get my Law of Temperature to the threshold. Yet, that may take another hundred years or so. I’ve already spent over 300 years here.’

After some seconds, Gravis snorted. ‘What am I hesitating for? I already spent 300 years here, so I might as well go all the way. Sure, let’s get the Law of Temperature ready. So what if I waste another century?’

And with that thought, Gravis sat down on the ground and experimented with the Laws of Cold and Heat.

He was about to spend another century.

Yet, for a level three Law, this was more than worth it.


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