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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 622: Mixed Elemental Law Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis entirely concentrated on the level two Law of Mixed Elements as time passed.

10 years after starting his comprehension, he saw that he had learned a lot.

20 years after starting his comprehension, he saw that he was still learning a lot.

After 30 years, he was still learning a lot.

By now, Gravis frowned. He had comprehended ten level one Laws, which should all be associated with this Law. Why was there so much to learn?

After 40 years, Gravis was still absorbing a seemingly endless sea of knowledge. How powerful was this level two Law!?

After 50 years, Gravis felt like he was getting somewhere.

After 60 years, Gravis realized that he had been mistaken and that there was still so much more to learn. Was this truly a level two Law?

After 70 years, the gathering of knowledge still didn’t end. Could a level two Law even have so much knowledge!? Why was there so incredibly much to learn about it!?

After 80 years, Gravis finally saw the full scope of the Law. It was humongous!

After 90 years, Gravis felt like he was truly closing in on the end.

After 100 years, Gravis thought he was nearly there.

After 102 years, Gravis reached the threshold of understanding the Law. Only one more step.

After 112 years, Gravis stopped comprehending.

‘This is not a level two Law!’ Gravis thought. ‘This is definitely a level three Law! There’s no mistaking it! I have been at the threshold of understanding it for over ten years, but I’ve made zero progress during that time. I’m just missing that one last step until everything makes sense.’

‘I know that I have the ability to understand level two Laws without having to resort to tempering, but I just can’t get this one to work. Additionally, the ridiculous amount of knowledge I need on top of already having understood ten related Laws is not something that a level two Law should have.’

Gravis opened his eyes, dispersed the different kinds of mixed lightning, and looked into the sky.

‘I finally reached this point, huh?’ Gravis thought with nostalgia. ‘Back then, understanding a level three Law was so far out of my reach. Even level two Laws seemed to be almost impossible to understand. The Hard Complex Material Law by itself has taken forever to learn. But now, I’m on the cusp of understanding a level three Law.’

‘I can feel it. I am ready to understand the Law, but without a push, I’m not able to take the last step. When I understand this Law, I will count as a proper Ascender. When I manage to understand this Law, I will have managed to learn a level three Law all by myself.’

‘My experience in understanding Laws is no longer below-average, average, or above-average. Right now, I have even more experience than the Ultimates. Only Meadow has more experience in regards to Laws than me in this world. Well, she and Heaven, I guess.’

Gravis remained silent as he looked at the sky. ‘I have been in seclusion for 240 years, but I don’t feel like I got rusty in battle. I think I have been battling for so long that I have no problems with staying so long without one.

Gravis took a deep breath as he relaxed and laid back on the ground. ‘I should take a break from comprehending Laws.’

Like this, two hours passed.


Gravis jumped up again. ‘I can’t sit still! I want to take a break, but I want to learn more!’ Gravis thought with excitement. ‘There’s so much to do, so much to see. What’s wrong with- Oh hey, Morus is over there.’

Gravis looked over at Morus, who stood silently several kilometers away. Sure enough, Morus had become a level three Emperor.

“Morus, have you learned a new level two Law?” Gravis asked.

“Yes, Master. I have comprehended the Law of-“

“Stop!” Gravis said, making Morus stop speaking. “I don’t want to hear it. How long have you been there?”

“For about 48 years, Master,” Morus said.

Gravis nodded. “You will need to wait some more years, but the wait will be worth it. Just stay near my vicinity.”

“Yes, Master,” Morus said deferentially.

Gravis nodded and concentrated on something new as he left Morus. ‘I think I have enough experience to learn the level two Laws of Pure Elements. Let’s get right on it.’

Gravis closed his eyes and gathered all his knowledge about the pure elements. Then, he looked at each of them very closely. As he inspected them one at a time, he remembered the things he had learned in the last 112 years. The mixing of the elements took a considerable amount of knowledge about the Pure Elemental Laws.

Because of that, Gravis managed to extrapolate one aspect of the Pure Elements after the other.



And only one hour after starting, Gravis managed to comprehend both level two Laws of the Pure Elements.

Gravis was shocked when he realized that he had managed to learn two level two Laws in only an hour. This was insanely fast!

One of the level two Laws was comprised of earth, water, metal, and wind. This was the Elemental Matter Composition Law.

The other level two Law was made out of light, darkness, lightning, wood, and fire. This was the Elemental Force Composition Law.

Gravis’ 112 years of trying to comprehend the level three Law of Mixed Elements had proven to be invaluable. Thanks to such a long time of comprehension, Gravis had already learned all the concepts of the pure elements on accident.

Gravis narrowed his eyes. ‘I see. I have already comprehended both of these Laws, but since I haven’t tried to put them into a singular concept, I have only managed to comprehend these two Laws now. On the plus side, I have two new level two Laws now. On the downside, I have learned nothing new in the last hour.’

Gravis thought about the Mixed Elemental Law but realized that he was not one step closer. He was still on the cusp of understanding it.

‘I see,’ Gravis thought. ‘This is the same thing that has happened with the Pure and Complex Material Laws. I had expected that there were two paths, but there is only one path. There is no level three Law of Pure Elements. At least, there is not an overarching one. The level three Laws of Pure Elements are simply the individual Elements.’

‘Instead, the Law of Elemental Matter and the Law of Elemental Force require all the individual Mixed Elemental Laws to create one singular level three Law. That should be the Law of Elements, and as far as I can see, this is a terrifying level three Law, probably one of the most powerful level three Laws in existence.’

‘Just the level two Laws of Elemental Matter and Elemental Force are already incredible. Instead of weakening the elements of my enemy by one level, they are now weakened by two levels. This means that the elemental attacks of a level three Emperor are now as powerful as the elemental attacks of a level one Emperor.’

Gravis smirked. ‘I have become immune to the elements of any opponent that is fightable by me. They can only hurt me with their bodies now.’

Gravis narrowed his eyes as a cold gleam could be seen inside them. ‘I’m ready to fight an opponent four levels above me as long as they have an elemental affinity.’

Yet, Gravis took a deep breath and slowly exhaled. ‘But there is still more I want to learn. I’m only halfway there.’

Gravis looked at the sky. ‘Now, it’s time for the more exotic Laws. First, I will check out the Law of Cold. Then, I will check out the Law of Gravity. Lastly, I will check out lightning once more to increase my speed.’

‘After that, I will return to the world. Then, I will be ready to ascend. I no longer need to focus on any other Laws in this world when I’m done with the ones I want to learn now.’

‘When I return to the world, I will fight a level three Emperor and become an Emperor myself. At that point, only the Ultimates can serve as tempering, but there are not many left. Additionally, the two remaining sea Ultimates have helped me. I don’t want to kill them.’

‘This means I will search for some level four Emperors until I become a level three Emperor. At that time, I will try to take on a Strider.’

Gravis’ eyes narrowed. ‘Then, it’s your turn, Heaven!’


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