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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 620: New Law, New Use Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis scratched his chin in satisfaction. He wondered if the other Laws would also come to him so quickly, but he doubted it. This Law had only been a coincidence since he had basically already comprehended the Law without knowing when he created his equipment.

‘Next on the menu, water and lightning,’ Gravis thought as he grabbed a ton of water.


Sure enough, his Punishment lightning destroyed the water again. Because of that, he decided to use Destruction Lightning again. In comparison to the fusion with the stone, the fusion between lightning and water came very naturally. It was like the water naturally combined with lightning.

After only a second, Gravis looked at a sphere of water that had lightning going through it. ‘Interesting. The water doesn’t break down my lightning but disperses its form. Instead of having the typical bolt form, the lightning inside the water is distributed throughout it. Every part of water has the same amount of lightning.’

Gravis also saw some lightning bolts leaving the water and striking the surroundings. ‘As soon as the lightning leaves the water, it returns to its usual, bolt-like form. Yet, while inside the water, it automatically fuses with it.’

‘This is a bit different to the fusion between earth and lightning. Loaded Stone has the lightning stationary saved inside it while the water keeps the lightning flowing. One keeps it stationary while the other acts like some kind of domain that keeps the form of lightning changed,’ Gravis thought as he scratched his chin.

Two years later. Gravis had been in seclusion for 125 years.


Gravis smirked. ‘Sure enough, this Law was quite easy. The fusion between water and lightning appears to be very natural. Additionally, it also works with Life Lightning. Yet, the water also changes the form of the Life Lightning.’

How exactly did Life Lightning work?

Light infused the microorganisms inside one’s body with more Energy. This made every microorganism have a greater effect than usual. Yet, if the body ran out of microorganisms, the body would still be without microorganisms. One could say that light multiplied the healing ability of the Life Energy inside one’s body.

Water directly transferred microorganisms from the user’s body to the target body. This was why one could get healed without end by water, but with the same efficiency. The microorganisms did not receive increased strength from water. This also made it more difficult for water Cultivators and beasts to heal themselves. They were better at healing others than themselves.

Yet, that didn’t mean that water was useless when healing oneself. Due to the element of water, the beasts with such an affinity had an extra storage space for microorganisms. The Life Energy resided inside their Energy, a place where normally no Life Energy could be stored.

As for Life Lightning, it worked basically identically to light. In the lower world, there had been quite a big difference between light and Life Lightning. Back then, light required the user to use their own Life Energy to stimulate the Life Energy in the target. Meanwhile, Life Lightning had been able to transform Energy into the same kind of healing effect.

Obviously, Life Lightning was far superior to light in these conditions. Yet, that was only so because the light element in the lower world didn’t even count as a level one Law. Meanwhile, Life Lightning typically required someone to have understood the Composition of Lightning, which was a level one Law.

Because of that, it was natural that Life Lightning had been superior to light in the lower world. Of course, as soon as beasts reached the Unity Realm, they automatically understood the level one Law equivalent of their element. This also meant that the usual kind of light element in the middle world had the same effectiveness as Life Lightning. Both of them used Energy to stimulate the Life Energy in the target.

So, the question was, how did water change Life Lightning?

It was rather simple. The Energy inside the Life Lightning fused with the water and created pure Life Energy. This meant that new microorganisms would be created inside the water sphere.

The healing effect of this kind of fusion was not really higher than pure Life Lightning, but it had different uses. When someone was running out of Life Energy, the loaded sphere of water infused with Life Lightning would be able to grant the target more Life Energy. Then, one could use pure Life Lightning to increase the effectiveness of the added Life Energy.

Just like with nearly everything else, this thing wasn’t more powerful but became more useful in certain situations. Now, since Gravis knew the Law of Loaded Water, he could choose either or both ways to heal someone. This meant that, as long as Gravis had Energy, he could heal someone indefinitely.

‘It’s also more Energy efficient,’ Gravis thought as he scratched his chin. ‘When I’m already low on Life Energy, it takes a lot to heal myself to full health. Yet, if I simply infuse some microorganisms into my body and then increase their effectivity, I can cut down the Energy cost by half.’

But instead of being happy, Gravis only smiled bitterly. ‘Sadly, I already know the five Laws of Body Growth. This already increases my healing efficiency by a lot. So, at best, using this Law can cut down my Energy usage when healing myself by 25%.’

Then, Gravis remembered something. ‘Speaking of, I should get on that Law.’

Five years later. 130 years since the start of Gravis’ seclusion.


‘And done. Level two Law of Body Growth has been finished!’ Gravis thought with excitement.

Gravis had just remembered that he should have all the prerequisite Laws of understanding this Law. That was why this level two Law came rather quickly, only needing five years.

‘That’s my ninth level two Law. Now, I should know about as many level two Laws as Sary. Yet, I’m only a level five King,’ Gravis thought with a smirk.

What was the use of Gravis’ new Law?

The use of this Law was debatable. According to what the user preferred, this Law could either have very little use or great use.

‘I wonder how it feels like,’ Gravis thought. ‘Well, let’s try it out.’


Gravis’ body started deforming as scales and bones broke. A lot of dead material fell off his body and gathered on the ground, creating a small mountain. One shouldn’t forget that Gravis was over a kilometer tall.

Flesh, blood, bone, organs, scales, and everything else that was inside a body fell to the ground and gathered. Yet, only some seconds later, something new was revealed as more body parts fell off Gravis’ body.

Pinkish-white skin could be seen as it touched the sunlight for the first time. After that, hair could be seen as Gravis’ old skull fell to the ground.

Some seconds later, everything was finished.

In the air stood a human.

Yes, with this Law, Gravis could change the entire form of his body into something else. The only prerequisite was that everything of the old body had to fit in the new one.

Right now, Gravis was back in a human body. His hair was black, a color that he preferred. He had never been a fan of his old, weird eyes and his white hair. He liked his original body far more. The shape of his body was athletic with toned muscles.

Gravis opened his black eyes and looked at the surroundings. While he did that, he smirked as he used his Spirit to inspect his new looks. Even though his eyes and hair had returned to normal, something else had changed.

Gravis’ hand went to his chin, but instead of feeling skin, he felt hair.

Gravis combed his new goatee.

Additionally, his face had also changed. Before Gravis had become a beast, he had looked more like an old teenager or very young adult.

But, right now, Gravis looked middle-aged. Gravis now had the face of a handsome man in his younger forties. His demeanor radiated a charismatic maturity.

Gravis had changed immensely ever since he had come to this world. He had entered as a young adult but became a more mature person as more time passed. He now had children that were many times older than he had been when he came to this world.

His hellbent obsession with becoming as powerful as quickly as possible had also changed into a more secure approach. Now, he prepared himself very well for his future fights to get the most out of his Battle-Strength as possible.

Due to all of this, Gravis no longer felt comfortable in the body of a young adult. He was a mature, experienced adult now.

If one saw him, they could tell that Gravis and Orpheus were related. Gravis’ face looked very similar to Orpheus’ face when he smirked or smiled. Orpheus also had the look of a middle-aged man, which also fit his personality rather well.

‘Looking good,’ Gravis thought to himself with a smirk as he looked at his face.

Yet, he narrowed his eyes quickly, a cold gleam coming out of them. His narrowed eyes no longer gave the feeling of an angry teenager but of a judging Clan Patriarch.

As soon as Gravis’ expression changed into a cold one, he looked very different from Orpheus. With this expression, he looked much more like his father, the Opposer. The only obviously noticeable difference was the facial hair since his father was always clean-shaven.

‘I’m still over a kilometer tall,’ Gravis thought.


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