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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 611: Friend Bahasa Indonesia


After some months, an explosion suddenly occurred, which took Gravis out of his thoughts. He had thought about his situation and his decision in detail but couldn’t come to an answer. Surprisingly, the sudden explosion even startled him.

Gravis had always been careful and had always been ready to be attacked, which was why he never got startled by anything. Still, with the quiet atmosphere of nature as a constant companion, Gravis became careless.

Gravis looked over to where the explosion came from, and his eyes widened at what he saw.

One of the Striders had just been killed by a powerful explosion of fire.

Someone was about to ascend?

Gravis quickly connected the dots and sighed in relief. Then, he smiled.

On top of the Strider stood a red wolf with dominance. The wolf was still very energetic and still had a lot of power left over after killing the Strider.

“Ferris,” Gravis transmitted to the wolf.

Ferris looked up, then looked around in confusion, and finally found Gravis.

Ferris instantly beamed with excitement and shot directly at Gravis. He was so fast that Gravis couldn’t even react.


Ferris reached him and accidentally pushed him away with his paws, resulting in Gravis shooting away.

“Whoops. That was not on purpose,” Ferris quickly said as he arrived beside the downed Gravis.

Gravis only had to laugh at Ferris. Ferris truly hadn’t changed one bit.

“I’m happy to see you, Ferris,” Gravis said as he righted himself again.

Ferris’ tail wagged happily as he smiled with excitement. “Same to you, Gravis,” he said. “How have you been? Have you learned more Laws? How many Laws have you learned?”

Gravis chuckled a bit. “I learned some Laws. Come on, let’s sit down and talk for a bit.”

“Sure thing, Gravis,” Ferris said as he sat down.

Then, Gravis and Ferris talked about a lot of stuff over the next day.

After Ferris had left Gravis, he had roamed around, just looking for an opponent. First, he went to the sea beasts and rained carnage down upon them. It didn’t matter if a beast did something to him or not. To Ferris, all other beasts that were not companions were just food.

With this, he fought a ton of sea beasts until he became powerful enough to fight level four Emperors. At that point, he ate enough from the sea beasts until he became a level four Emperor himself and then some.

Yet, at that point, it became very difficult for Ferris to find any level four Emperor sea beasts. It was like they were all hiding from him. He couldn’t even find the Ultimates from the sea beasts.

So, Ferris simply decided to go to the land beasts. It didn’t matter that he had once been part of the land beast camp. He was no longer part of that camp, which meant that he could kill and eat them without any bad feelings.

Yet, that was the moment when the Ultimate’s Meet started. At that point, all the level four Emperor land beasts had been gathered in the core of the world. Ferris knew that he couldn’t just attack someone there. He could fight one Ultimate, but two or more would be an issue. So, Ferris decided to wait.

After the Ultimate’s Meet had been over, Ferris found two level four Emperors from the land beast camp and ate them. With this, he would only need four more to become a level five Emperor and leave this world.

“But guess what,” Ferris said, “When I searched for my next opponent, the Lightning Ultimate visited me.”

Gravis raised an eyebrow. That should have happened about 15 years ago when Gravis had been tempering himself with the help of Styr.

“What did he want?” Gravis asked.

“He was angry that I was weakening the land beasts so much and told me to go hunt sea beasts,” Ferris said with his usual excited voice. “Then I said that I will do whatever I want and that I don’t want to hunt sea beasts right now.”

“Man, you should have seen him,” Ferris said. “He got like, super pissed. I guess he had some built-up anger that he wanted to release, so he directly attacked me.”

Gravis narrowed his eyes when he heard that. “What happened?” he asked.

“I ate him, isn’t it obvious?” Ferris asked with a confused voice.

Gravis blinked a couple of times. “Huh,” he uttered. “That actually is obvious.”

“Yeah. Anyway, he was really delicious, and he allowed me to become a level five Emperor. After that, I went to some Law Comprehension Areas that I still hadn’t finished yet to comprehend some more Laws. Then, yesterday, I went to the Icy Pride Empire to visit you one last time, and I have been told that you were here.”

Gravis smiled when he heard that Ferris still wanted to visit him, even though his dream was so close at hand. Yet, his smile transformed into a smirk. “Then, why did you kill a Strider?”

Ferris scratched his ear in embarrassment. “Well, when I saw the Striders, I grew excited and wanted to see if I can kill one. I swear, I would have searched for you after that!” Ferris said with a defensive tone near the end.

“I believe you, Ferris,” Gravis said with a chuckle.

‘Fate can be unpredictable,’ Gravis thought. ‘If Meadow hadn’t stopped the Lightning Ultimate back then, I would have killed him. Then, he no longer dared to do anything against me. Even when I comprehended his Laws, he only ignored me. I was fine with that, and I wouldn’t have killed him just because of that.’

‘Yet, even though he had dodged a bullet, he just had to seek out another one. He was probably frustrated that two other Emperors know the Law of Punishment Lightning while he doesn’t. Then came his conflict with me, and lastly came his embarrassing “fight” against Meadow. He probably had a belly full of anger.’

‘He saw three other Ultimates and the Inferno Emperor becoming Immortals while he was stuck here. Then, after all of this, he saw another Ascender that was about to overtake him. He probably wanted to prove to himself that he was not worthless and that he was still a powerful Ultimate. Sadly, he had to attack Ferris, who is already very powerful, even for an Ascender.’

Gravis looked at Ferris with shining eyes as Ferris looked with confusion at Gravis. ‘The Inferno Immortal has advanced too fast. He has probably comprehended a level three Law and maybe two or three level two Laws that increase his offense. Yet, as long as he only concentrates on the Fire Laws, he will be stuck at some point.’

‘In the next world, the Inferno Immortal must concentrate on different Laws to supplement his Fire Laws. Yet, the pressure I exhibit on him won’t allow him to stay still. If he doesn’t change his way, he will be stuck in the higher world.’

‘Yet, Ferris has thousands of years of Law Comprehension experience. He knows all kinds of Laws from different categories, and his foundation is beyond solid. Additionally, Ferris knows how important it is to gain experience with Laws.’

Gravis smiled. ‘Ferris is more powerful than the Inferno Immortal.’

“What’s wrong, Gravis?” Ferris asked. “You look troubled.”

Gravis shook his head to regain his bearings. “Sorry, I was only in thought.”

“Oh yeah, right. You said that once before,” Ferris said. “Well, anyway, that was my story. What happened to you?”

Gravis took a deep breath and started to tell Ferris his story.


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