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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 597: New Fighting Style Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis had made his decision to remain as a King until he would be powerful enough to battle beasts four levels above him. Of course, he wouldn’t truly become an old man. After all, as a King, he already had a longevity of about 3,000 years. He would, at most, count as a middle-aged man and maybe not even that.

‘Alright! Now, first of all, I need to finish the remaining elements. Light time!’ Gravis thought as he looked at the Light Ultimate.

Then, Gravis walked over and started studying the show of the Light Ultimate. The Light Ultimate didn’t care about Gravis and simply ignored him. She had better things to do than to pay attention to some King.

As Gravis looked at the light show, he became quite surprised. ‘I know a lot of these concepts already. I learned a lot about light creation by understanding the Composition Law of Fire. I learned a lot about reflection from the Water Composition Law. I even already understand a lot about the gradual transformation from light to darkness because of the similarities between the transformation from air to wind.’

‘Sure enough, the more Laws I know, the easier it is to categorize and understand new Laws. This is what Azure said when she referred to the Law Comprehension experience of the Emperors. No wonder Ferris managed to learn one Law after the other when he started comprehending,’ Gravis thought.

Three years later.



‘Got it!’ Gravis thought with a smirk. ‘Just as I had expected, the Composition of Darkness and Light are intrinsically connected. By comprehending one of them, the comprehension of the other immediately follows.’

‘Now, I counter every single element,’ Gravis thought. ‘90% of all my opponents will be countered by my Composition Laws. Only the beasts without any elemental affinity are left. In order to counter them, I would need to learn the Composition Laws of the Body.’

Gravis frowned. ‘Yet, that’s a problem. My body is made out of lightning, which makes its Composition very different from other bodies. Since it’s still a body, the other Laws still work with it, but not the Composition Law. This means that I don’t have an easy way to learn the body’s Composition.’

Gravis glanced over at Sary. ‘I only have 33 years of comprehension in this area left. Originally, I wanted to look at the Medium Complex and Soft Complex Laws and finish everything off with some Lightning Comprehension. Yet, I can find Medium Complex and Soft Complex Materials nearly everywhere in this location. Additionally, I can also just look at myself for lightning.’

Gravis narrowed his eyes. ‘Yet, I don’t always have an opportunity to inspect bodies. Sure, the CMO can give me insights into the Composition of a body, but the CMO is too random, and the knowledge is far too dispersed. Right now, Sary is demonstrating the different Laws in an orderly fashion. I can’t waste this opportunity.’

So, Gravis left the Light Ultimate and walked over to Sary.

“I thought you would never come,” Sary transmitted with a giggling voice.

“You might not have been my first choice, but your display will help me the most, probably,” Gravis transmitted back with a smile.

“I’m happy to hear that,” Sary transmitted with a smile. “What are you interested in?”

“I want to take a look at the Composition of the body,” Gravis answered.

“Good choice!” Sary transmitted. “The Composition Laws are the basis for all the other Laws. When you understand the Composition of something, you can look at the other related Laws from a different perspective.”

Gravis nodded. He agreed with that assessment.

“I placed all five of them over there,” Sary transmitted as Gravis’ Senses were pulled to an area with five eggs placed closely to each other.

Gravis nodded. “Thanks,” he said.

Sary was surprised. “Oh, you don’t have to go that far. You helped me, and I help you. It’s natural,” she transmitted with a bashful voice.

‘Why is thanking beasts so weird? This is starting to become annoying,’ Gravis thought with a sigh.

Gravis didn’t interact with Sary any further and walked over to the eggs. The transparent, unfertilized eggs demonstrated the Laws perfectly. Just like the CMO, the things inside the eggs grew and broke down different parts of the body. Yet, instead of it being random, it was very orderly.

Surprisingly, Gravis already knew a lot about the Composition of the Body. Watching the CMO and knowing the Growth Laws allowed Gravis to see the Composition from a different perspective. He may not have understood the base, but he understood the result, which the base would turn into.

‘I notice more and more how my previous experiences are helping me now,’ Gravis thought. ‘Back then, when I started my first true Law Comprehension, I had to understand every single small thing. It took me so incredibly long to learn the basics of the materials and elements. Yet, after a long time of getting no concrete results, I started understanding Laws faster and faster.’

For a short time, Gravis looked at the sky as he thought about the difference between then and now. ‘Finally, my experience in regards to Law Comprehension is just as high as an Emperor. It took me 150 years, but I’m finally there.’

‘Right now would be the optimal time for me to become an Emperor, but with the change of my goal, I can’t do that anymore. As soon as I become a level one Emperor, a level four Emperor would maybe only give me the slightest of tempering. Yet, fighting an Ultimate would become even harder then than fighting a level three Emperor now,’ Gravis thought.

‘If I breakthrough now, I will probably never be able to fight four levels above me. I need to invest a huge amount of time right now, but it will be worth it!’ Gravis thought.

Then, with renewed motivation, he looked at the eggs.

Two years later.


‘Organs are done,’ Gravis thought with a smirk. ‘By understanding the Organs, I have a base of understanding the other components even better.’

One and a half years later.


‘Blood is done,’ Gravis thought. ‘My Spirit can’t penetrate through living matter because of their will. Due to that, these Laws are currently useless to me since I can’t get to my enemy’s blood and organs. Yet, if I also understand the other Composition Laws, I can work my way through the layers.’

One year later.


‘Bones are done,’ Gravis thought. ‘This is becoming faster and faster as time passes. I notice that many concepts in components I haven’t understood yet are already familiar to me. Additionally, I’m becoming very good at analyzing new kinds of Compositions. In this branch of Laws, I’m starting to become an expert.’

Half a year later.


‘And that’s the muscles,’ Gravis thought. ‘Only the skin remains. No time to waste!’

Two months later.


‘And I’m done!’ Gravis thought with a smirk. ‘Five Laws in only five years! That’s even faster than Ferris back then. Of course, the main reason for my speed is the orderly display from Sary, and also that I already have a huge amount of experience in Composition. As soon as I step into a different category of Laws, my speed will fall drastically again.’

‘Anyway, with these Composition Laws complete, I can counter all the beasts. If my Will-Aura is powerful enough, I can turn their skin into dust, followed by their blood and muscles, and lastly, their bones and organs. On top of that, since the dust still has all their Energy, I can just destroy the dust with my lightning and absorb their power.’

‘If my Will-Aura isn’t powerful enough, I can weaken their skin. That would reduce their defense by an entire level, but not completely. After all, I can’t weaken the muscles if the skin blocks my Spirit Sense. First of all, I would need to weaken the skin, destroy part of the skin with my attacks, and then weaken the muscles beneath the skin.’

‘On top of that, even if I manage to leave a cut, I can only weaken the muscles that are exposed by the cut. This means I would need to concentrate fully on only one spot. With just these Laws, I won’t be able to kill my opponent.’

‘However, there’s one funny thing,’ Gravis thought with a chuckle. ‘Ironically, the dispersal of my Lightning Crescent’s Energy would be more effective than a more concentrated attack. With my Lightning Crescent, I would be able to burn off the whole skin of my opponent and would then have access to all their muscles.’

Gravis started scratching his chin as he fell into thought again. ‘But if my opponent knows the Law of Skin Growth, they would rebuild their skin. Yet, that would cost quite some Life Energy. Interesting. This would result in a war of attrition between my opponent and me.’

Gravis looked at Sary intensely. ‘If I were to fight a level three Emperor version of Sary, this fighting style would result in my death. Her Life Energy regeneration is insane. For these cases, I would need a more concentrated version of my Lightning Crescent.’

Then, Gravis turned to the Light Ultimate. ‘Yet, this tactic would be incredibly effective against beasts with the water and light affinity. They can’t just create Life Energy out of nowhere since they rely on their own Life Energy and element to heal themselves.’

‘An opponent with the earth element also would succumb to this tactic. Their offense is not powerful enough to kill me immediately, and their speed is slow. With my Earth Composition and Body Composition Laws, I would be able to slowly grind them to death.’

‘Meanwhile, offensive elements like fire, darkness, wind, and maybe even metal would kill me in a short time. This means I can’t just rely on this new fighting style.’

Gravis scratched the back of his neck. ‘Well, I guess I have two fighting styles now.’


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