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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 587: The Fighting Ends Bahasa Indonesia

All the beasts looked at the space where the Inferno Immortal had vanished with respect and reverence. Every beast had the dream to become an Ascender, and he had managed to achieve their dream. How long until they could become Ascenders?

The Ultimates also watched the spot with envy, except for Meadow and Sary. After all, they could become Ascenders whenever they wanted.


Well, and except these other two. The Water Ultimate and the white snake were still fighting. They had no time to be distracted. Otherwise, their opponent might grab this opportunity and kill them.

By now, only these two were still fighting while everyone watched. This was their fight, and no one would get involved.

The fight had been going for quite a while, and the Water Ultimate became more nervous as the time passed. The white snake had already loaded an incredible amount of light into her attack, and she would soon unleash it.

This was now do or die for the Water Ultimate. If she didn’t manage to comprehend a level three Law, she would die to the white snake.

Ten minutes later, it was finally time.

The white snake unloaded all her gathered light into a concentrated beam that shot at the Water Ultimate. The Water Ultimate had comprehended the Law of Danger, which was why she knew that the attack was coming. Yet, she also knew that she couldn’t evade anymore.

Her life flashed before her eyes as all her insights gathered together, and in comparison to the two sea beast Ultimates that hadn’t managed to comprehend a level three Law, she achieved it.


The light beam froze and became an icicle that shot through the Water Ultimate’s torso. Yet, since the heat of the light had vanished, the Water Ultimate managed to survive.

Now, it was the time for the white snake to become panicked. The Water Ultimate had comprehended the water equivalent to Punishment Lightning, which was the Sheer Cold.

The Water Ultimate turned with cold eyes to the white snake and unleashed a wave of supremely cold Energy at her. If she didn’t manage to evade, she would die!


The wave passed, but the white snake had vanished. Everyone was surprised when they saw that the white snake had vanished. Yet, their senses quickly told them where she was.

Quite a distance away, the white snake floated with light shining around her. She hadn’t comprehended the light equivalent to Punishment Lightning, but she managed to comprehend a different level three Law. This was the Law of Light’s Speed.

This Law didn’t allow her to truly reach the speed of light, but it allowed her to become incredibly fast. She was even faster than Meadow!

Yet, this was only natural. Meadow had comprehended the Law of Supreme Speed, which was a non-elemental Law. On top of that, Meadow was a plant, and plants weren’t the fastest beings.

The Law of Supreme Speed didn’t cost any Energy to perform, which was why it wasn’t as fast as the Law of Light’s Speed. Yet, one could use the Law of Supreme Speed indefinitely until they ran out of stamina, which would take a very long time for beasts.

Due to all these reasons, the white snake was now even faster than Meadow.

The Water Ultimate looked at the white snake with narrowed eyes as she realized that her opponent also managed to comprehend a level three Law.

Yet, instead of continuing to attack, the Water Ultimate’s expression turned to a warm smile. “Congratulations! We can now both become Ascenders,” she said.

The white snake was a bit surprised when she heard the Water Ultimate’s words, but she quickly realized what the Water Ultimate meant. They had both comprehended a level three Law, which meant that there was no reason for them to continue fighting.

Both of them had already unleashed all their potential and comprehension in the fight. This meant that none of the two would be able to learn another Law in this fight. The only payout they would get from killing their opponent would be food, nothing more.

Yet, why go to that trouble? They could simply kill the Striders now, which was way less dangerous.

The white snake released a sigh as she relaxed. “Yes, there’s no reason for us to continue fighting,” she said.

Most of the beasts would be confused by the sudden stop of the fight. Weren’t land beasts and sea beasts supposed to have a war that wouldn’t end until either of the two sides was annihilated?

Yet, these beasts just didn’t know that this whole war only existed to create as many powerful beasts as possible. After all, the beasts needed a reason to fight each other.

No Ultimate cared about their side. It was all just a means to an end to get as many powerful enemies as possible. The leadership of neither of the two sides wanted to annihilate the other one. If they did, there would be less strife and danger, resulting in fewer outstanding beasts, which would reduce the number of powerful beasts they could fight.

Some lower worlds had a concept, which was called a Great Era. This was a time when supreme geniuses suddenly sprang out of the ground one after the other. These worlds thought that something major was going to happen soon, which was why there were so many geniuses.

Yet, in truth, this was a self-fulfilling prophecy. Supreme geniuses appeared from time to time, and if enough time passed, there would be more than one at the same time. Then, everyone would get nervous and believe that a major war would happen, which would subconsciously make them act in such a way that the occurrence of this major war was more likely to happen.

Now, the funny thing was that these Great Eras only existed in relatively peaceful worlds and also only in lower worlds. As for worlds like this middle natural world? There was constant fighting, constant strife, and constant danger. Because of that, this natural world was constantly in this so-called Great Era.

The beasts didn’t fully know all about this concept, but they knew that fighting and death created geniuses, and geniuses were powerful enough to serve as tempering.

This was the entire reason for the war’s existence.

“Alright, we’re done,” Meadow suddenly announced to everyone. “This was a great show!” Then, the small flower turned to the white snake. “Hey, white snake, you will take part in the Ultimate’s Meet in two years.”

First, the white snake was a bit confused by what Meadow meant, but her comrades quickly informed her. Yet, the white snake wasn’t happy at all. She had just achieved her dream, and now she was being told that she had to wait for over 50 years? That was like receiving a present that one wanted but not being allowed to use it for a year.

Meadow saw the eyes of the white snake. “Oh? You wanna have a go?” she asked provocatively.

The white snake did a simulation in her head of how a fight against Meadow would go, and the result was very devastating. Yes, the white snake was faster than Meadow, but it cost her an incredible amount of Energy every time she used her Law of Light’s Speed.

During that fight, Meadow would continue chasing her, and the white snake would be forced to unleash her Law again to get away from her. The end result? The white snake would run out of Energy in less than ten seconds.

Any other beast that had Meadow’s speed wouldn’t be such a danger. After all, the white snake wasn’t helpless. She could heal herself, defend herself, and also attack with her body. She would only need to use her level three Law if the opponent used one of their most powerful attacks. Like this, she could gain enough time to gather Energy.

Yet, even a very casual attack from Meadow would already endanger her life. The white snake had a 0% chance of victory.

“Yes, I will take part in the Ultimate’s Meet,” she conceded. It seemed like her dream had to wait for a little more than 50 years.

“Great!” Meadow said. “For the first time, we will have a Law Exchange that includes the sea Ultimates! Additionally, we also have several level three Laws that are being shown.”

“Ruler, I have a question,” the Water Ultimate suddenly said.

“Yeh?” Meadow asked.

“You have never demonstrated a level three Law in our past meetings,” the Water Ultimate said respectfully. “We haven’t questioned that in the past since we thought that you haven’t comprehended one. So, my question is, why haven’t you shown us your level three Laws?”

“Bitch, you a beggar or something?” Meadow asked back. “You only give me shitty-ass level two Laws, but you want to have a look at my premium stuff? The fuck’s wrong with you? Show me some good shit first before you ask for me to show you my pristine-ass pussy!”

A human would have felt humiliated, but for beasts, it was customary to accept the ridicule of the more powerful ones. “I understand now,” the Water Ultimate said respectfully.

Meanwhile, Sary landed beside Meadow, the two sea Ultimates following her. They felt a bit nervous as they stood beside their enemies, but that was only natural.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Meadow summoned some roots and clapped them together to gain the attention of all the gathered beasts. “Alright, the pre-show is over! Now, it’s time for the pathetic main event!”

“So, let’s not waste any time. Anyone wanna fight mah boy Gravis for the first place?” she asked.



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