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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 578: Meadow’s Power Bahasa Indonesia

All beasts fled. The Ultimates were about to fight, and they had to flee. Gravis was among them. Even if the Lightning Ultimate was no danger towards him, a single error on Meadow’s part might end his life. Meadow, obviously, wasn’t his enemy, but accidents happen.

The beasts didn’t stop until they were over 50,000 kilometers away. There were even two Empires between them and the Ultimates. From this distance, none of them could hear or feel anything that was going on in the distance. They had no idea what was happening over there.


Suddenly, the earth started trembling. At first, the tremor wasn’t very powerful, but as time passed, it became more powerful. Did this tremor originate from the Plant Ultimate? They could feel it even from such a distance!? No beast, not even the Ultimates, should be able to unleash so much power that it could be felt from such a vast distance.


The tremor became more and more powerful. The beasts looked at the shaking floor that started to split apart into vast crevices. What was going on?

Yet, when they returned their gazes to the horizon, they all froze. What did they see? What even was this!?

A brown sphere made out of an uncountable number of roots rose in the distance. They were over 50,000 kilometers away, but they were still able to see this sphere. How big was this sphere!?

The sphere rose and rose as the ground got destroyed. The two Empires between them and the Ultimates were being decimated. The earth split apart and swallowed the ore and the weaker beasts. It was like the apocalypse had arrived.

After some seconds, the sphere finally fully rose from the ground. Yet, the sphere was still connected to the ground by some kind of wide pillar. The pillar wasn’t as wide as the sphere, but it wasn’t small in any sense.


All beasts felt a cold shudder run down their body as they witnessed something incredible.

The sphere wasn’t just some sphere. It was a head!

And it had just opened its eyes!

Then, this pillar below the head… could it be?


The earth exploded as the Empires were annihilated. Only the beasts that could fly managed to survive. Everything else was swallowed by the earth.

In the distance, the body below the neck appeared. It had broad shoulders, and the beasts could even see arms growing out of its shoulders. How massive was this body!?

“I comprehended my first level three Law 42,000 years ago,” a majestic and deep voice echoed throughout the world. It was like this voice was ever-present as it stretched into infinity.


The body began rising as the second pair of arms was visible.

“At that time, I already had the power to ascend,” the deep voice resonated throughout the world. It was like the world itself was speaking to them.

The third pair of arms was now visible as the body rose further and further.

“My first level three Law is the Law of Size,” the voice echoed as the fourth pair of arms was now visible.

“This Law increases my power as my size increases,” the voice said.


The beasts couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Meadow’s body was already bigger than a Strider! How could any beast be bigger than a Strider!?


The earth shook as a blast went throughout the world when Meadow took a step out of her hole. Black streaks appeared in the sky that surrounded her.

Gravis couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He knew these streaks! These were the streaks that appeared when someone was powerful enough to destroy the space of this world.

Yet, this was only possible if someone reached the Realm in which they would ascend. Did this mean…

Meadow was already as powerful as an Immortal, even though she was still an Emperor!?


Meadow fully righted herself, and now, she could be seen in her full glory. She had the appearance of a gigantic, muscular human made out of roots. Yet, instead of having only two arms, she had eight. On top of that, she was around ten times as high as a Strider! How tall was that!?


Suddenly, green liquid came out from across her gigantic body. In a matter of seconds, the green liquid hardened and transformed into black bark, which covered her entire body.

“My second level three Law is the Law of Ancient Bark,” Meadow declared to the world as one of her right arms lifted to demonstrate her now, skin-like, barky texture. “Except for Inner Metal, this is the most durable and powerful material in this world. No beast in this world can penetrate my defense.”


Suddenly, the body vanished as it appeared above the Grand Lake. The eyes of the Emperors nearly fell out of their heads. How could such a gigantic body be that fast!?

“My third level three Law is the Law of Supreme Speed,” Meadow said. Then, her arm stretched, but not towards the Lightning Ultimate, but towards a Strider!


Her arm took hold of the Strider. Her hand was so big that it managed to nearly encase the entire Strider’s torso!


Some pulses appeared around the Strider as some of the bark on Meadow’s hand fell off. The Striders were powerful, and even if Meadow was stronger, a Strider was still powerful enough to injure her powerful bark.

Gravis saw these pulses and guessed that this was some kind of space-shaking Law that the Striders had. This was probably the reason why someone needed to understand a level three Law to kill them. Anything weaker than the force of a level three Law would cease to exist in this domain.

The Strider seemingly didn’t react. It simply stared forward aimlessly. Its companions also ignored the huge giant, which was even bigger than them.

Then, something unbelievable happened.

Meadow lifted the Strider with one hand!

“My fourth Law is the Law of Supreme Strength,” Meadow announced calmly to the world, her words being proven by the fact that she was lifting a Strider with just one hand.

The humongous Strider was lifted until Meadow held it above her head.


And then, she crushed it with her grip.

The pieces of the Strider slowly fell towards the ground. The pieces were so big that it would take a long time until they landed on the ground from such a height.

Meadow had just killed a Strider like it was a weak animal!


Yet, before the Strider pieces could land, they were penetrated by roots coming out of Meadow’s body. After some seconds, the pieces of the dead Strider turned into eight large pieces of wood.

Meadow’s eight arms grabbed one piece each. Then, she held them together until they touched.


With unbelievable speed, Meadow moved the pieces back as they all ground at each other. Wood exploded into the horizons as something was left behind in Meadow’s arms.

Gravis’ eyes widened. In just one fluid motion, Meadow had created eight different human weapons!

From top to bottom, Meadow carried two spears, two halberds, two sabers, and two axes. The Strider had died and had been crafted into eight mighty weapons.


With unreal speed, Meadow slashed with all eight weapons in alternating order. Her motions were unbelievably fast and fluid as black streaks were left behind after every swing. Every attack destroyed the space in the world as Heaven was forced to fix the tears.

In the end, she stood in a battle-stance, with all eight weapons ready.


Yet, that wasn’t the end. Suddenly, some white streaks came out from across her whole body, including her weapons. Her weapons were wood and had fused with her body, which made them part of herself.

It was like steam was coming out of her body, but it wasn’t steam. It looked more similar to the tears in space. Yet, instead of being black, they were pure white. Her weapons, in particular, had so much of these white streaks coming out of them that they looked like they were on fire. Around these white streaks, black tears of space continually appeared and disappeared.

“My fifth and final level three Law is the Law of Deep Wood, which is the level three Law equivalent to the element of Wood. With but a mere touch, I can attack your soul. My physical power can be transferred to your soul, and it will be torn apart with but a single slash.”

“So,” Meadow said evenly. “You wanted to fight me, yes? If you wish for death, I will be happy to accommodate you.”

“Yet,” Meadow said with more power in her voice. “In this world, I am the most powerful beast or plant, bar none. I’ve even killed an Ascender once after they were ready to ascend.”

“In this world, except for Heaven, I am God!” she declared, her voice shaking the world.

Deep in the Grand Lake, the Ultimates of the sea beasts ordered their beasts to never attack the Bulwark again. Only now had they realized that they had been playing with fire this entire time.

No beast could kill Meadow. Not even all the beasts in the entire world combined could kill her. Even if all Ultimates in the world attacked her at the same time, they still wouldn’t even be able to leave a scratch on her.

She was the undisputed God of this world. Nothing but Heaven could stand in her way.

“So, what’s your choice, boy?” Meadow asked as one of her spears pointed towards the ground, where the Lightning Ultimate stood.

The Lightning Ultimate didn’t move. In fact, he couldn’t move.

He was frozen in pure terror and fear.

What had he done!?


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