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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 566: Defensive Battle Bahasa Indonesia


Fire came out of the Emperor, and after a second, it split off of his body. Yet, instead of charging forward, the fire stopped beside the Emperor and took the Emperor’s form. In no time at all, a perfect fire-copy of the Emperor flew beside him, also looking at Gravis.

‘This is the thing that blocked my Lightning Crescent previously,’ Gravis thought. ‘This should be his level two Law. He can probably fight with this copy just as well as with his own body. This ability is incredibly useful in a fight, but it doesn’t fully concentrate on attack. Either its attack is not as powerful as the spires of the Inquisitor, or it costs a ridiculous amount of Energy.’

“I would have never thought that I would need to use my level two Law of Fire Forming to fight a level four King. You’re really as powerful as everyone says,” the Emperor said coldly.

Gravis didn’t answer. If he wanted to waste time for himself to recover, he would have engaged in this conversation. Yet, as soon as Gravis regenerated everything, the fight would become too easy. Sure, as the fight was right now, he would still get tempering, but not nearly enough for his liking. He wanted to genuinely be in danger.

Seeing that Gravis didn’t answer, the Emperor readied himself.


Yet, his fire copy suddenly started falling down uncontrollably, shocking the Emperor. For some reason, he had suddenly lost control over his fire-copy!

Obviously, Gravis has used his Spirit to destroy the will on the copy. Without anyone controlling the fire, gravity became active and pulled it down.

The Emperor recovered quickly and narrowed his eyes at Gravis. “So, the reason why I couldn’t control my fire spears was you. You can cut the connection between me and my element. I don’t know what Law that is, but I don’t need to know.”

Another copy appeared beside him, but there was a distinct difference this time. The difference wasn’t in its appearance but in what it was doing. The tails of the lizard and its copy were intertwined. Like this, the copy wouldn’t leave the Emperor’s side, making it impossible for Gravis to destroy the will on it.

Then, the Emperor charged at Gravis with his full speed. Even fire came out of his legs, which allowed him to accelerate to insane speeds.

Usually, Gravis would have no issues evading such an attack, but he had to conserve his lightning. If he used the Law of Lightning Speed or his explosive acceleration method, he would use too much lightning. He needed to recover. Otherwise, he would never win this fight.


One of the Emperor’s claws exploded on Gravis’ massive shield while his copy attacked from the side. Gravis could only block one attack since he needed both his hands to hold the shield. If he only used one hand to block the attack, his arm would break. Due to that, Gravis was shot in the distance.


Yet, the attack of the copy had missed, surprising the Emperor again. The Emperor had enough experience to judge something as basic as backlash correctly. So, why had Gravis shot into the distance faster than he was supposed to?

Of course, this was due to the Formation Arrays on Gravis’ shield, which increased an attack’s force. Some of Gravis’ bones cracked while some of his muscles tore, but that was nothing major. Such injuries would be healed in a minute.


The Emperor summoned another three copies. Now, one copy was at his right, one was at his left, one was below him, and one was above him. All their tails intersected behind the Emperor. When Gravis saw that, he became nervous. He couldn’t block so many attacks.


The Emperor shot at Gravis again. Gravis had no choice but to block the attacks since he couldn’t afford to use up his lightning.


The Emperor, as well as all his copies, attacked Gravis’ shield at the same time. Gravis was many times bigger than the Emperor right now. Thus, the Emperor thought it would be easier to concentrate all his attacks onto a single point. After all, he was much more powerful than Gravis.

The four copies exploded at the same time, completely destroying Gravis’ shield. This was an attack that was truly on the level of a level two Law, and Gravis violently shot backward as his arms broke. Yet, thanks to the makeup of his torso, his organs only received some minor damage.

Starting at the Spirit Beast level, air was no longer important, as were most organs’ functions. Yet, instead of being less important, the organs actually became even more important. The reason for that was that organs transformed into Life Energy generators at that point.

Where did a beast or a human get their Life Energy from? Life Energy was produced in the organs, while blood transported Life Energy. If an organ were destroyed, the generation of Life Energy would plummet. The body required a set amount of Life Energy to keep operating, and if too many organs were destroyed, all the Life Energy inside the being would be used up. That was why the organs were vital.

Even though Gravis hadn’t been majorly injured in the clash, his only shield had been destroyed. Creating and forging such powerful materials cost a lot of Energy, and creating a new shield would cost Gravis around 10% of his lightning and Spirit.

Now, Gravis stood in front of an Emperor without a shield. He also couldn’t evade his attacks. This meant that he had to block them with his armor.

He wouldn’t even be able to use his saber since he hadn’t upgraded his saber. After all, the power of the Lightning Crescent wasn’t determined by the quality of the saber. The saber only needed to be able to resist the Lightning Crescent while it was inside it. If Gravis had also upgraded his saber, he would have even less lightning right now.


Four seconds passed in which the Emperor summoned another four copies. His old ones had exploded with the last attack, forcing him to create new ones. Sadly, Gravis couldn’t interrupt the Emperor since he couldn’t unleash an attack that would actually be a danger to his enemy. It was better to wait.


The Emperor shot at Gravis again. Yet, this time, the copies stretched until they all came from different angles. Gravis immediately swung around and used his tail to destroy the copies.


One copy was destroyed, and the armor on Gravis’ tail became incredibly hot as it started fusing with his scales. Yet, the tail didn’t stop!


Another one was taken out as the armor on Gravis’ tail nearly became liquified.


A third copy was punched by Gravis’ hand, and the armor on his right arm also started fusing to his body.


The last copy exploded as the sweep of Gravis’ tail finished. One tail-swipe had taken out three copies of the Emperor. Yet, this didn’t come without damage. All muscles on Gravis’ tail had burned black, and even the bones started becoming black. There was simply too much heat.

‘One attack will only burn my skin. Two attacks burn my muscles, and three attacks burn everything. I can only block one attack safely and two if I’m in desperate straits,’ Gravis thought quickly. He had used his most expendable body part to test how much damage he would take from attacks. With this new knowledge, he could plan his blocks better.

Gravis was already using his Law of Suppression and his Law of Fire Composition to weaken the copies as much as possible. Without these two things weakening the copies severely, only one explosion would have completely destroyed Gravis’ tail and right arm.

Yet, Gravis was only so fast. He had unleashed two blocks at the same time, but he couldn’t unleash a third one to block the body of the Emperor. So, Gravis had to resort to creativity.


The Emperor evaded the burned tail and attacked Gravis’ back, but suddenly, a powerful chunk of ore appeared between them. This was the remaining Peak Nascent Nourishing Rank ore that Gravis had inside his Spirit Space.


The ore exploded, and fragments of the ore hit Gravis’ back. Luckily, since Gravis wore an armor even harder than the ore, the armor only got dented slightly. The fragments’ force also threw Gravis into the distance again, which protected him from a follow-up attack from the Emperor.


Suddenly, in front of Gravis, a concentrated fireball appeared! This was a fireball that had been created with the Law of Fire Explosion. Gravis was shooting right into it since it had spawned right in front of him. Additionally, Gravis was so fast that he couldn’t even react.


The fireball exploded on Gravis’ chest without being weakened by any of Gravis’ Laws.


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