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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 558: Ferris’ Path Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis arrived on top of the Mountain of Pride without any fanfare. Right now, only the Empress was present, but Gravis could feel the Grand Elder a couple hundred kilometers away. He was apparently busy with something else.

“So, you have returned,” the Empress said as she looked at Gravis. “How much have you gained?”

“I’ve managed to comprehend a total of 13 level one Laws in the last hundred years!” Gravis said victoriously. “That should be enough experience for now, right?”

If the Empress hadn’t already heard about Gravis understanding seven Laws previously, she would have been shocked right now, but thanks to Gravis’ earlier pit-stop, she had been prepared for something like that.

“No level two Laws?” she asked.

Gravis scratched the back of his neck in a bit of embarrassment. “No, but I’m on the verge of understanding two, which should be the Composition Law of all Plants and the Composition Law of Physical Elements. Sadly, both of these Laws won’t increase my Battle-Strength as long as I don’t fight any plants or beasts with the specific elements,” Gravis said.

The Empress nodded. “Understandable. You don’t have enough experience regarding Laws to understand level two Laws without sudden enlightenment or a tempering opportunity. Yet, your current experience should be enough. However, I would advise you to take, at least, one more break as an Emperor.”

Gravis nodded. “I think so too. At some point, I will meet Emperors that know more than one or two level two Laws. If I don’t manage to retain my lead in understanding Laws, I will fall behind faster than I can notice.”

Then, the Empress looked at Ferris with narrowed eyes. “Elder Ferris,” the Empress slowly said. “I feel a bit of danger from you. I presume that your gains have also been bountiful?” she asked.

Ferris nodded respectfully. When he was in front of her, he always acted like a subservient Elder instead of his usual, excited self. “Since the last time I have come here, I have managed to understand another level two Law regarding fire.”

“Another one, huh?” the Empress commented. “Remaining at your current Realm would only be a waste. I would advise you to search for tempering. It is time for you to ascend.”

Ferris nodded solemnly. “Yes, Empress. I agree with that assessment. I have stayed a level one Emperor for far too long,” Ferris said.

“Then we are in agreement. Which route do you wish to take?” she asked.

“Route?” Gravis asked.

“You don’t know?” Ferris asked, back in his usual excited self. “Oh, right! I forgot that you aren’t an Emperor!”

“Anyway,” Ferris said as he started explaining. “There are four ways that Emperors can go about increasing their Realm.”

“The first way is to stay under another Emperor leading an Empire. The beasts that choose this path follow the orders of the Emperor. Of course, due to their power, they are treated rather well and will be sent on fitting missions. This is for the Emperors that don’t want to bother with all that political stuff and potential land beast enemies that may suddenly attack them. After all, they would still be part of the land beasts.”

“The second way is to create your own Empire. If you decide to do that, you need to fight another Emperor for their territory. The loser dies, and the winner eats the loser and rules the new territory. The advantage is that you can choose what you want to do, and you’re also still part of the land beast camp, which means that no random Emperors way more powerful than you will attack you. Of course, you still need to manage the entire Empire.”

“The third way is to create a private territory. These territories are tiny, and you don’t need to fight another Emperor for them. Most Emperors have no problem with just giving you a mountain or something. The advantage is that no land beast will bother you as long as you remain in your territory. Yet, the disadvantage is that you can only temper yourself with the agreement of the land beast camp. This option is mainly for Emperors that want to live in peace.”

“The fourth way is to go completely solo. You don’t join any camp, but also don’t have a private territory. This gives you the most freedom, and you can also attack any Emperor from any camp without the whole camp going after you. Yet, you are also not protected by the camp. This means that every Emperor can also go after you. This is the fastest way to the top but also the most dangerous one,” Ferris said as he finished his explanation.

Gravis nodded and thought about it. Every way had its advantages and disadvantages. All four of them were viable to reach the top. Yet, it depended on how willing someone was to put their life in danger.

Creating a private territory was the safest way since one wasn’t required to fight anyone and could simply live their lives out to the end. Leading one’s own Empire was the second safest way, at least after one managed to kill another Emperor for their territory. After all, one would have complete control over what they wanted to do then.

The third safest way would be to stay in another Empire. Sure, the Empire wouldn’t mistreat them, but one would still have to follow orders in the end. The most dangerous way was obviously the last one. With that way, one basically would have no friends but a ton of potential enemies.

“So, what will you choose?” Gravis asked with interest.

“Well, I like to make my own decisions, but I also don’t want to bother with managing an entire Empire. On top of that, I want to ascend and not just remain here forever. So, I will choose the fourth way. I want to become a wild beast!” Ferris said to the Empress.

The Empress nodded. “Good choice. You don’t need to take any breaks for Law Comprehension anymore, so this truly is the best choice. I will inform the Ultimates of your decision and whatever happens, happens. However, keep in mind that if you require a safe place, you can come back to the Icy Pride Empire. I can’t accept you back into the land camp, but I can decide not to attack you.”

“Thank you, Empress,” Ferris said respectfully. “Ever since you’ve taken over this Empire, my life has been good. You allowed me to spend a long time comprehending Laws and never forced me to fight without my consent. I will remember this, and if the Icy Pride Empire ever has a problem, I will help!”

The Empress only looked neutrally at Ferris. “You’ve spent too much time with Gravis. You should know that you don’t need to tell me that.”

Ferris laughed a bit in embarrassment. “I know,” he said.

“Also,” the Empress said, “I’m not your Empress anymore. Now, I’m only Azure to you,” she said.

‘Huh, Azure,’ Gravis thought. ‘So, that’s her name. Quite fitting for someone that has the water element.’

Ferris nodded. “Yes, Azure,” he said. “It was great being here, and I will leave now.”

Azure nodded. “You will ascend,” she said.

“I will,” Ferris answered. Then, he turned to Gravis. “Well, Gravis, this is where we part ways.”

Gravis smiled. “I’m going to miss you, Ferris,” he said as he patted Ferris on the shoulder.

Ferris only laughed. “I’m going to miss you too, but don’t worry! With your mindset and power, I’m sure we will meet each other again in the highest world!” he said.

Gravis also laughed. “I’m sure we will. Take care, Ferris.”

Ferris nodded one last time and left without saying another word. It was time for him to jump into danger and become truly powerful.

Gravis sighed as he saw Ferris leaving. Ferris had been a constant companion to him over the last century. Ferris was, by far, the being he had spent the most time with. One shouldn’t forget that Gravis had only spent about 17 years with his true family in the highest world. In comparison, Gravis had stayed with Ferris for an entire century.

Yet, Ferris was his own being, and he needed to follow his own path. On the path to power, different paths crossed and then split again. There was no way around that if one put their full commitment to achieving supreme power.

After some seconds, Gravis turned to Azure again.

“How are our children?” Gravis asked.

Azure looked neutrally at Gravis.


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