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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 554: Air and Wind Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis and Ferris first decided to go to a Law Comprehension Area regarding wind. This wasn’t a Law Comprehension Area for the powerful kind of wind that was the equivalent of Punishment Lightning. This was a Law Comprehension Area for all different kinds of Wind Laws.

Gravis’ goal in coming here was to understand the Composition of Wind and Air. With his new knowledge about the difference between the wood element and bark, Gravis had already anticipated that the Composition of Air was probably a different Law to the Composition of Wind. Wind was an element, while air was a material.

Yet, by now, Gravis wasn’t sure anymore if he actually needed to understand the Composition Law of Wind to get the Middle-Tier Material Composition Law. There was a high possibility that he only needed to understand the specific materials instead of the elements. Maybe the elements were part of the Middle-Tier Composition Law, without the “Material” word.

That Law would be a level five Law probably. The level four Law was already vastly beyond his current ability to comprehend. How powerful would a level five Law be? Would he even be able to understand a level five Law in the higher world?

Yet, the power of the Middle-Tier Composition Law was probably awe-inspiring. The name of this level five Law showed that Gravis would need to understand the Composition of an entire middle world!

Just imagine, the entire Composition of a whole world!

Since the word “Material” was missing, it probably meant that this might even include living beings, including the Soul, Spirit, Will, Body, and Energy. If Gravis managed to understand such a Law, he could probably eliminate an entire middle world. This probably also included Gravity, Space, and Time!

Of course, all of this was only a dream right now. Gravis was way too far off. Right now, he only needed to concentrate on understanding one Law at a time. All of this would be far in the future.

After a day of flying, Gravis and Ferris arrived at the Law Comprehension Area. They could see a lot of mountains and cliffs piercing the cloud layer. There were also deep and mighty rivers going through the mountains. Even erupting volcanoes could be seen. Some parts were beneath the light of the sun, while other parts were shrouded in darkness.

This seemingly chaotic environment created a wide variety of different kinds of wind. Additionally, some of the winds were incredibly fast and violent. Some of them were so powerful that even Gravis would only barely be able to keep himself stable in them.

With one glance, Gravis noticed that there was only a tiny variety of gasses. Nearly everything was made of air, and only some different gasses from the volcanoes could be seen. ‘I won’t be able to finish the Soft Pure Law here, but that doesn’t matter. One thing at a time,’ he thought.

Gravis could also see a lot of other beasts trying to comprehend different Laws about wind. Of course, these beasts completely ignored the arrival of Gravis and Ferris. Beasts constantly came and went, and none of them would care about any new arrivals.

Gravis and Ferris quickly split up. ‘As always, I have my work cut out for me,’ Gravis thought.

Understanding the Composition of Wind was understanding how all the winds worked. Wind wasn’t some kind of physical material but a force that made air move. This made this whole thing way harder for Gravis.

Gravis began by going to one area after the other to feel the wind and air. He watched how the air acted and how its Composition changed when being moved by the wind.

Yes, apparently, the Composition of Air changed when wind got involved. It was almost like air became wind and stopped being air. This made it even harder for him to understand.

Gravis stayed in the first valley for nearly five years. He had had some minor insights into air and wind before but trying to differentiate the two was incredibly hard. There wasn’t just some spot where air became wind, and wind became air. The change of Composition was a fluid transition.

After having stayed in this valley for five years, Gravis went to the next one.

Gravis stood in this one for a bit over four years. Even though his goal was only to learn two Laws instead of seven, like before, understanding wind and air was way more challenging.

Gravis remained in the third valley for a bit less than four years. Slowly, he was starting to see a pattern.

The next valley took him about three years.

The one after that took him a bit more than two.

The last one took him a bit less than one year.

After 19 years, Gravis was finally done with the valleys. Now, it was time to look at the mountain peaks and crevices.

Gravis spent about eight years on the mountain peaks and then about five years on the crevices.

32 years had passed since Gravis had arrived here, and he felt that he was close to understanding both air and wind. He had experienced all kinds of wind and air, and he knew that he was very close to understanding them.

Yet, no matter how hard he tried, he wasn’t able to take the last step. He knew that he was incredibly close to understanding both of them, but he also felt like something was missing. This feeling frustrated him to no end.

There was something crucial missing!

There was some kind of concept that Gravis just couldn’t grasp!

Meanwhile, Ferris managed to understand two Laws related to wind.

‘I’m stuck, and tempering won’t help,’ Gravis thought. ‘Sure, if I have a life and death fight, my mind might be pushed to the limits. In that case, the chances are pretty high that I would understand both of them.’

‘The problem with that is that I would need to be in a situation where I am required to make a breakthrough to survive. Yet, when I understand the Composition of Wind and Air, my Battle-Strength won’t increase. In that case, I would probably die. That’s why I can’t use tempering to understand these Laws. I can only try to understand them on my own.’

‘The crucial concept that’s missing is the border between air and wind. The transition is just way too fluid,’ Gravis thought. Then, he remained silent and began to think about a new plan.

‘I need to change Law Comprehension Areas. The phenomenon of the fluid transition can probably also be found in other things. Seeing something from a different element might give me the last push I need to understand the Composition of Wind and Air.’

Gravis made his decision and met up with Ferris. Ferris also had no intention of staying here anymore, so they quickly left for the next area.

By now, a total of 70 years had passed since Gravis’ Realm-Stop had started. He had 30 more years to go.

Their next stop was the Law Comprehension Area for fire. Gravis had said to Ferris that they would make a stop here anyway. Additionally, the different kinds of fire broke down and transformed one kind of matter into another. Gravis should be able to find a lot of different kinds of gasses in here. With that, he might be able to understand the Soft Pure Law.

After that, he would only need to comprehend the exclusive knowledge of the Hard Complex Law. If he managed to achieve that, his first goal would be complete.

“Fire, here I come!”


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