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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 551: Scattered Insight Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis felt incredibly satisfied. In the last 38 years, he had watched as Ferris understood one Law after the other, while he hadn’t understood even a single Law during that time. It had been very frustrating at the start, but as Gravis came closer to his goal, he realized that his progress wasn’t slower than Ferris’, well, as long as he ignored the level two and level three Laws Ferris managed to understand.

By now, Gravis understood that one’s knowledge about the world couldn’t fully be defined by the amount and levels of Laws one understood. Ferris had lived for way over 3,000 years, yet he hadn’t been very powerful for a level one Emperor. Did that automatically mean that he knew less about the world than more powerful level one Emperors?

No! Ferris had an incredible amount of scattered knowledge, which he had involuntarily learned just by living so long. Gravis guessed that Ferris was probably one of the oldest beasts in this world. How many beasts managed to die of old age?

Nearly none of them! Gravis was certain of that. As long as someone became a King, they had shown that their goal of supreme power was incredibly important to them. This meant that other Kings were way more likely to hunt other Kings to become more powerful.

Gravis remembered the Guild Master of the Lightning Guild in the middle-continent in the lower world and all his elders. This Guild Master, as well as his elders, had said that they were wasting away and that they had given up on the path to power. Even the elders in the Lightning Sect acted like that.

Gravis had met some Lords in this world that were not very interested in supreme power. Silva and his following were an incredible example of that. As Gravis thought back to Silva, he wondered how he was doing right now. Did he get his peaceful territory?

So, with all of this said, how many Kings had Gravis met that gave up on their path forward?

Not a single one!

All the Kings he had met wanted to become more powerful and become Emperors. This meant that they would kill someone if they got the chance.

After hearing all of this, one should now realize how impressive it was for Ferris to live for over 3,000 years. For a beast, according to the standards of this world, he was inconceivably old.

Had the 3,000 years of understanding nearly no Laws been a waste of time? Certainly not! If Ferris hadn’t had so many experiences, he wouldn’t have been able to create his level three Law. So, saying that more powerful Emperors than Ferris knew more simply because they understood more Laws was false.

In comparison, there was Gravis, someone that wasn’t even a hundred years old. How could his experiences compare to someone over 30 times his age?

The fact that Gravis managed to keep up with such an incredible beast showed that his progress was astounding. He had learned far more than just these seven Laws.

By understanding the Composition Law of Roots, Gravis managed to gain more insight into water and earth.

By understanding the Composition Law of Bark, Gravis gained insights into the wood element and Medium Pure Materials.

By understanding the Composition Law of Leaves, Gravis gained insights into sunlight, which was part of fire, and air.

By understanding the Composition Law of Flowers, Gravis gained insights into the wood element and, surprisingly, organs. The conversion of Energy, water, and air into wood element was similar to how the organs of beasts provided nutrients.

By understanding the Composition Law of Plant Organs, Gravis gained insights into water and blood. The water canals inside a plant transported nutrients from point A to point B, which was identical to how blood worked.

By understanding the Composition Law of the Wood Element, Gravis gained insights into earth, water, and soul.

Lastly, by understanding the Composition Law of Medium Pure Materials, Gravis gained insight into the Hard Complex, Medium Complex, and Soft Complex Materials.

Gravis’ gains were not only the Laws he managed to comprehend but all the other insights as well. The more Laws he knew, the more scattered knowledge about other Laws he received. This would speed up the process of learning Laws by a significant margin.

The perfect example was his comprehension of the Composition Law of the Wood Element. Had Gravis looked at the wood element before?

No, he hadn’t.

Gravis hadn’t even known what the wood element was before he had realized the truth. Yet, was knowing something the same as understanding something?

Obviously not.

So, wasn’t it weird that Gravis managed to understand a Law that he hadn’t even properly looked at? Previously, this would have seemed almost impossible to Gravis, but after seeing all the connections, he managed to realize how connected all the Laws were.

‘My comprehensions of bark, life, materials, and the other plant components have all shown me different facets of the wood element. I hadn’t paid any particular attention to the wood element. Yet, by watching all the other things, I have accidentally observed nearly all possible abilities of the wood element. I haven’t looked at the wood element directly, but I have still seen it in its full glory,’ Gravis thought.

‘The more I learn, the faster my future progress will be. This is the Law Comprehension experience that the Empress and the Grand Elder have talked about.’

Suddenly, Gravis smiled. ‘Yet, I won’t become arrogant and say that all this is only thanks to me. The Grand Elder and the Empress have managed to open my eyes to this way of spending my time. Ferris has given me great insights into possibilities. Lastly, Meadow provided me with this incredible Law Comprehension Area.’

‘If I hadn’t had this area, would I have comprehended all of these Laws? No! I would have needed to wander and search for all the different plants and maybe even kill them. Even when ignoring the problem of me not wanting to kill beings like that, I would still need to spend a ridiculous amount of time searching for them.’

Gravis looked at the forest. ‘Every plant from this middle world is present here. I was able to completely concentrate on comprehension without being interrupted, and I had everything at my disposal. Yet, even with everything neatly laid out before me, it still took me 34 years. If I hadn’t had access to this forest, understanding these seven Laws might have taken me several hundred years.’ Gravis thought.

‘However!’ Gravis thought as his smile transformed into a smirk. ‘If I didn’t have a lot of knowledge, a lot of power, and some things worth trading, Meadow would have never given me access to this area. Every land beast can try to get in this area, but they better bring something that Meadow is interested in.’

Gravis also remembered the wondrous tree that had suddenly appeared at the crucial moment, allowing him to comprehend the Composition Law of the Wood Element. Obviously, this tree didn’t appear there without reason.

Gravis took a deep breath and released it.

“Thank you, Meadow,” Gravis said with sincerity.

“Miss me with that shit!”


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