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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 545: Trade? Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis looked with shock at the Plant Ultimate. Hadn’t Ferris said that plants were not fans of slaughter? Also, hadn’t he said that the Plant Ultimate was a nice being? How come Gravis was not able to see any of these things!?

“So, you didn’t intend for me to learn this stuff,” Gravis said.

“Fuck no!” the Plant Ultimate transmitted with her calm and harmonious voice. “Everything that stands between you and your path to power must be eliminated with everything you have! Everyone just doesn’t want to anger me by stepping on my body with all their power.”

“Wait,” Gravis said as he looked at the flowers. “This is also your body? I thought you were only this flower.”

“Who do you think I am?!” the Plant Ultimate said with her melodious voice. “I’m an Ultimate! I am not only this meadow of flowers, but this entire fucking forest!”

Gravis took a deep breath when he heard that. He had expected that this was the bulwark, but in actuality, it was just the Plant Ultimate.

“Ferris! I thought we were at the bulwark!” Gravis shouted to him.

Ferris tilted his head to the side in confusion. “I didn’t say that. I said the bulwark is close, which it is.”

‘This guy!’ Gravis thought.

“Anyway,” Gravis said as he stood up again. “Our main goal is to understand the Composition of Wood, but if you allow us to understand more, that would be even better.”

The Plant Ultimate remained silent for a bit. “Why the fuck would you want to understand wood without having the affinity for it? That sounds retarded!”

Hearing a calm and harmonious voice say the word “retarded” sure felt weird to Gravis. “Because comprehending other Laws might give insights into our main Laws.”

“How?” the Plant Ultimate asked directly and flatly.

“Four years ago, Ferris had only had comprehended a single level two Law. Yet, after gaining insights into steam, wind, soul, and earth, all elements that have nothing to do with his fire, he managed to comprehend a level three Law,” Gravis said.

The flower’s head turned to Ferris. Gravis wasn’t sure what she was thinking, but she must be shocked right now.

“I have felt the level three Law before, but you’re saying that he achieved all that in only four years!? Are you trying to fuck with me without giving me some food first? I have to tell you that I don’t appreciate being fucked!” the Plant Ultimate said.

“It’s the truth!” Ferris said with several nods. “I’ve been stuck for over 3,000 years, and after looking at something else for a change, I managed to understand more about my own element.”

“But those Laws are not useful to your Battle-Strength!” the Plant Ultimate said.

“They’re not, right,” Gravis said, “but understanding them gives you more experience in understanding Laws and might give you insights into Laws that increase your Battle-Strength. After all, by looking at something that isn’t fire, Ferris managed to learn something that mixed very well with his fire. Ferris, please show her.”

“Show what?” Ferris asked in confusion.

“Your Living Fire!” Gravis shouted back.

“Oh, that! Sure!” Ferris said.


Three small balls of fire appeared around Ferris as they circled him. They also started inspecting several other things. One of them even came too close to the ground and started burning the flowers.

“No! Bad fire! Come back!” Ferris shouted with authority. The fireballs shrunk a bit and swirled closely around Ferris now.

The Plant Ultimate remained silent as she watched the fire. She had never seen anything even remotely like this in the entire 50,000 years she had lived.

“As you have seen,” Gravis said, gaining the attention of the Plant Ultimate again. “Ferris has combined his Law of Fire Manipulation with his Law of Soul Infusion. Soul Infusion should be part of the Life Laws, something that is very different from such a destructive element as fire. Yet, Ferris managed to combine a Life Law with his Fire Law, creating a more powerful Fire Law.”

The Plant Ultimate remained silent for several more seconds.

“Fuck!” she cursed with her pleasant voice. “How have I not seen this obvious shit!? Am I the retarded one!?”

Saying anything might be dangerous for Gravis, so he simply didn’t say anything.

“No, you’re not retarded, Ultimate,” Ferris said, eliciting a nervous glance from Gravis. “I would have never been able to see this without Gravis’ words. Gravis is filled with wisdom, and staying with him has helped me immensely!”

The flower turned to Gravis again. “We need to talk!” she commanded.

Gravis narrowed his eyes. “What about us understanding the Laws of Wood?” Gravis asked.

“Oh, come on, fuck you!” the Plant Ultimate said. “We’re only talking! Why are you so greedy for advantages!?”

Gravis didn’t avert his gaze. “Weren’t you the one that said that I should eliminate everything on my path to power? Doesn’t that mean that my gain should be more important to me than yours?” he asked.


The earth started shaking violently. Obviously, the Plant Ultimate wasn’t happy about having her own words thrown at her.

“Oh, you think you’re a smartass, eh!?” she asked with her harmonious voice. “Ya think ya can fuck with this flower, eh? Ya think I’ll go ‘Oh, you are right. Here take my thick flower pussy as your reward’? Dude, your head’s in the shitter if you expected that!”


The ground below the flower parted as something emerged. Gravis’ eyes widened when he saw it.

It was a green, hulking, muscular body! It looked incredibly human, but it was just way too bulky! It was almost like the Plant Ultimate had created a body of an Earth Cultivator. What the fuck was going on?

The hulking body didn’t have a head. Instead, the flower simply grew out of the chest of the muscular body, basically replacing the head.

“Yeah, guess what!” the Plant Ultimate said. “You’re right! Your gain is more important to you than my gain, but my gain is more important to me than your gain! You’ve fucked enough with me! Now, it’s time for me to fuck with you, little shitstain!”

The body gestured for Gravis to come at it. Then, it started lifting its arms in some sort of martial arts pose. Gravis almost couldn’t comprehend the current situation.


The earth exploded as the green giant exploded forward. Surprisingly, Ferris didn’t care. Ferris had acted aggressively towards the Empress when she had looked coldly at Gravis, but this time, he simply watched.

Another surprising fact was that the Ultimate didn’t shoot at Gravis with a lot of speed. Sure, she was still about as fast as a level four King, but as a level five Emperor, she should be able to move way faster. Additionally, Gravis felt no feeling of danger from her.

‘Her body is as powerful as a level three King Divine Beast. She probably wants to show the difference between her and me by fighting me while being at the same Realm,’ Gravis thought.

‘I wonder if she knows that I have created my body to specifically counter humans,’ Gravis thought with a smirk.

‘Oh, this will be fun!’ Gravis thought with glee as he also shot at the green giant.


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