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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 539: Elements of Beasts Bahasa Indonesia

Finally, Gravis knew what he needed to learn in order to understand this level four Law. He still remembered how he had nearly despaired as he looked at all the scattered, dead things that could have been a prerequisite of understanding the Law. He had had no idea what he should comprehend.

Now, all these scattered forces had been categorized by him. He was pretty sure that he might have missed some prerequisite for the level four Law, but it was a start. Yet, the sheer number of Initial Laws Gravis had to understand was already astounding.

‘I need to comprehend, at least, 22 level one Laws in order to even have a shot at understanding the level four Law. Then, I need to understand many level two Laws and, at least, three level three Laws. This is obviously way beyond my level at this point. I’m not so arrogant that I believe I would be able to understand a level four Law while still being in a middle world. I can only attempt that when I’m in the higher world,’ Gravis thought.

Gravis looked at the mountain and at the forest. ‘The Metal Composition Law should be the Hard Pure Composition Law. Wood is partially already in the Medium Pure Law, but Wood probably has something else as well. Wood Composition is probably half Material and half Plant Composition.’

‘I won’t aim to understand the full Material Composition Law, but I’ve already started with the Material Laws. I think I should first finish the Hard Complex Material Law since that would increase my Battle-Strength a lot.’

Suddenly, Gravis’ eyes shone in realization. ‘Wait! That’s the answer I’ve been looking for!’ Gravis thought as he remembered the thoughts he had had after killing the Inquisitor. ‘Back then, I wasn’t sure how it was possible to block the attacks of Emperors with weapons made out of pure materials.’

‘Of course! The Hard Pure Law is a level one Law! How would a level one Law be able to block the attack of a level two Law? If the enemy Emperor only attacks with the force of a level one Law, my equipment should be able to withstand that, but not if they attack with the force of a level two Law.’

‘And since every Emperor has understood, at least, one level two Law, equipment made with the Hard Pure Law won’t be able to withstand their attacks. So, in order to keep my equipment advantage, I need to understand the Hard Complex Law.’

Gravis looked at the mountain with fiery eyes. ‘If I hadn’t been forced into this Realm-Stop by the Empress, I would have never realized this. Then, I would have continued fighting against Emperors without knowing that my equipment didn’t allow me to block an attack even two levels above myself. This means that my Battle-Strength would have fallen, at least, an entire level without me even noticing.’

Gravis sighed. ‘The Empress might have actually saved my life. Sure enough, even though my horizon is wider than anyone else’s in this world, the wisdom accumulated with thousands of years of experience can’t be underestimated.’

‘Different experiences give different insights. I thought I’ve already understood this lesson in the lower world, but I have forgotten it so quickly. This time, I need to remember!’ Gravis thought while feeling frustrated at himself.

Gravis had understood the Empress’ reasoning previously, but his feelings hadn’t truly accepted it. According to his feelings, his Battle-Strength had always increased without a need for a pause. But now, even Gravis’ feelings finally realized that he might have dodged a bullet there.

Gravis nodded with motivation. ‘Alright! Hard Complex Material Law it is. First, I need to understand the Medium Pure and Soft Pure Material Laws. Luckily, I’m at the perfect place to comprehend them.’

‘Let’s start!’

With that thought, Gravis left the mountain. He had already categorized and comprehended all the materials that he could find and create on the mountain. Now, he needed to change his area and go to a place with other materials.

‘First, silt, earth, gravel, and all the other stuff that counts as Medium Pure materials. I have already made quite the headway in these Laws, so it shouldn’t take that long,’ Gravis thought as he reached the river.

Gravis looked at the river with interest. ‘This water feels way more powerful than normal water. By now, I’m also pretty sure that I know what kind of water that is.’

With the realizations of how the level four Law worked, Gravis had realized several other things about the elements. His thought had been if he needed to understand the Composition of the elements, which elements did he have to understand the Composition of?

If we take lightning as an example, what kind of lightning would be the fitting one? Destruction Lightning? Life Lightning? Natural Lightning? Punishment Lightning? Which was it?

By knowing what level the Law of Lightning Composition should be, Gravis could deduce what he needed to know. Gravis also hadn’t thought about which kinds of elements the beasts used.

For example, the silver wolf, the traitorous squad leader of the Elite Striking Squad. Which kind of lightning had he used?

The answer was Destruction Lightning.

Gravis thought back to other lightning beasts he had met in the past and categorized their lightning. ‘Every Lord and stronger uses Destruction Lightning. Spirit beasts and weaker use Natural Lightning. This means that the elements of beasts upgrade as soon as they become Lords.’

‘I’m pretty sure that Natural Lightning is not a Law. It is simply an amalgamation of Destruction Lightning and Life Lightning. So, in order to understand the Middle-Tier Lightning Composition Law, I need to understand the Composition of Life Lightning and Destruction Lightning.’

Gravis looked back at the river. ‘So, logically, this water should be the upgraded version of the base water. This should be the same kind of water that water Lords and stronger use. I’m pretty sure that this water isn’t the equivalent to Punishment Lightning since I don’t feel any danger from it.’

‘The Grand Elder said that naturally occurring Punishment Lightning could kill even Emperors. This means that the water equivalent to Punishment Lightning should also be able to kill Emperors. If this were this kind of water, I would see many more Emperors around here and would also feel a lot of danger from it.’

Gravis put his hand into the water and felt its icy temperature. ‘This water is colder than the freezing temperature of normal water. Yet, it is still liquid. This is probably the reason why it is more powerful than normal water. Additionally, it feels denser,’ he thought.

The water was icy, but Gravis’ body was powerful enough that the water didn’t prove to be an issue. Gravis simply jumped into the river and swam to the bottom of it. The river was several kilometers deep, but that also wasn’t an issue for a King.

Then, Gravis looked at the ground of the river and saw several materials. There were a lot of different kinds of silt, sand, and crystals. He grabbed one of the crystals and tested its hardness.


‘Quite fragile,’ Gravis thought. ‘This is probably a Medium Complex material. Even though I don’t plan on learning the Medium Complex Material Law anytime soon, understanding the make-up of this Medium Complex material may increase my understanding of Medium Pure materials.’

Gravis nodded and used his Spirit to grab parts of all nearby materials. Then, he inspected them one by one and even used his lightning to experiment on them. The fact that he was underwater didn’t matter to his lightning.


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