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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 519: Gravis vs. Jessy Bahasa Indonesia


Gravis’ saber went through Jessy’s entire body. Yet, obviously, this had not been the real Jessy. Gravis knew that cultivators and beasts with the darkness affinity had quite a talent for trickery. If he had believed this Jessy to be the real one, he would have unloaded the pre-loaded Lightning Crescent into her.

Jessy was a level four King. Someone with that power would not make such a rookie mistake like preparing themselves mentally when a fight was about to start. This had been bait laid out by Jessy to get Gravis closer to her. Gravis didn’t mind the trap and jumped right into it.

The bisected body transformed into shadows as it vanished.


Several blades out of darkness appeared around Gravis as they shot towards him.


Gravis’ Spirit destroyed the will upon them, but since they had been created by Jessy herself and not by some external material, Gravis couldn’t retrieve them with his Spirit Space.

Suddenly, a powerful, red suit of armor appeared around Gravis. Would Gravis have fought a level four King without preparing his armor first? Of course not! Defeating such an opponent required all his power, including his armor. Luckily for him, this time, the ore he had used had a color he actually liked.


The darkness blade behind Gravis was blocked by his tail, while his saber blocked the other two. These darkness blades had an incredible sharpness, but they weren’t fired with a lot of power behind them. As long as they hit him, the darkness Energy inside them would eat all of Gravis’ Life Energy anyway.

Jessy appeared directly behind him in her true form. Kings could control their sizes freely to a certain degree, but if they wanted to unleash their full power, they needed to show their true form. Jessy was over 20 kilometers long, and her coat released some shadowy energies that combined with the darkness around her. One shouldn’t forget that it was currently night.

A long and thin tail that ended in a thin blade shot at Gravis with incredible speed. This attack wouldn’t be as weak as the darkness blades.


The surrounding darkness turned grey as Gravis activated his Will-Aura together with his Law of Suppression. Even though the other beasts weren’t inside Gravis’ Will-Aura, they still felt the overwhelming power of suppression. Yet, they couldn’t even think about this powerful pressure as the fight continued.


Gravis used his Law of Lightning Speed to evade the attack. Jessy was shocked when she felt the suppression and saw Gravis’ speed. She had prepared herself for a dangerous fight, but when she saw Gravis’ speed, her feelings also realized her opponent’s power.


Gravis immediately unloaded his pre-loaded Lightning Crescent into the tail beside him. This was the enemy’s most powerful weapon. Normally, Gravis wouldn’t target his opponent’s weapons, but if he tried to hit her torso or head from his current position, she would very likely manage to evade. Jessy was 20 kilometers long while her tail was even longer, and it would take a small bit of time for his Lightning Crescent to travel that distance.

The tail was completely consumed by lightning as Jessy felt a burning pain. Even some parts of her hind legs were burned, but the injury on her legs wouldn’t impact her Battle-Strength. Yet, the loss of her entire tail was an issue.

She had created that tail to act as her most powerful and decisive weapon. It was very fast, very strong, and was filled with the darkness element. With the tail gone, she lost her main weapon.


Gravis immediately charged at her with his full speed and attacked her again, but just like the last time, her body vanished into thin air.

‘That tail had been too flexible and powerful. She has probably comprehended a Law related to her tail, and she hadn’t used her entire strength with that attack. If she had, evading it might have become troublesome. Dealing with that weapon is the only way I can ensure success. I can’t rely on luck,’ Gravis thought.


A lot more blades of darkness appeared around Gravis as they shot at him. They were fired with more power this time, and Gravis’ body was thrown around as he parried them. Luckily, his armor was powerful enough to not get damaged by such attacks. Yet, the outcome would be different if Jessy actually managed to hit him with her claws or teeth.

Any other beast would have had some issues in dodging these blades, but Gravis had gone through a lot of evasion training. Even though his body was constantly thrown around, he always managed to barely angle his body appropriately so that the blades would miss.


Yet, the blades just didn’t stop. Jessy summoned more and more blades of darkness, and it became increasingly difficult for Gravis to dodge as Jessy learned Gravis’ dodging patterns. Of course, such an avalanche of blades also consumed her Energy. If this situation continued, it would be up in the air if Gravis failed a dodge first or if she ran out of Energy first.

Gravis tried his best to find Jessy in the darkness, but no matter what he used, she just didn’t seem to exist anywhere. It was like the night was protecting her, and Gravis wasn’t even able to find her with his Spirit.

Additionally, by using his concentration to find his opponent, he couldn’t concentrate fully on dodging. Since Jessy was taking him seriously now, the blades could only be dodged or parried now. Blocking was out of the question.


Gravis misjudged one of his parries, and the armor on his tail cracked. Additionally, the blade of darkness that had hit his tail also drew a slight amount of blood.


Gravis transformed his tail into lightning. If Gravis hadn’t done that, the darkness Energy inside his tail would have consumed his entire Life Energy. Now, the darkness Energy fought with the lightning, and after a split-second, only a tiny amount of lightning was left. The effect of darkness Energy wasn’t nearly as devastating on lightning as on a body.


Gravis quickly transformed into lightning and then immediately transformed back with a new tail. The injury of his tail had cost him some Energy, but Gravis hadn’t used much Energy in the fight yet. Otherwise, it would have been problematic to transform into lightning.

Jessy suddenly appeared on top of Gravis and attacked him with her claws. She had chosen the perfect moment, and Gravis couldn’t evade this attack. Seeing no other option, Gravis could only use his shield to block the attack.


Gravis was shot into the ground with ridiculous force. They had been fighting several kilometers in the air up to now, but Gravis hit the ground in just a split second. His shield exploded as the bones in his arms cracked.

When Gravis hit the ground, he felt his torso shake violently. Fortunately, Gravis had changed the composition of his torso with his last evolution. Otherwise, he would have received some pretty serious injuries.


Instead of standing up, Gravis transformed into lightning and transformed back in a standing position. This was the fastest way for him to stand up.


Gravis’ decision had been the correct one as Jessy directly attacked him again from above. Gravis’ feet exploded with lightning as he used his lightning acceleration and Law of Lightning Speed to evade the attack.


Gravis slashed at Jessy’s front leg as his elbows exploded with lightning. Using his lightning like this would have been very wasteful, but by using the pulse inside his body, he hadn’t used as much lightning with that move.


Gravis felt a lot of resistance as his saber buried itself into Jessy’s body. Jessy’s body was so gigantic that this couldn’t even count as a small prick. Yet, Gravis had a mad grin on his face as he saw his chance.


Gravis suddenly vanished into nothingness as the sound of lightning could be heard for a brief moment.


Jessy immediately bit off her own front leg just in time. The severed leg exploded in lightning as Gravis had transformed himself into a Lightning Crescent and had entered his own weapon to explode inside her body.

The gigantic explosion in front of her burned the fur and skin off her head and torso as she was thrown into the distance.

Clank! Clank!

Gravis’ armor fell to the floor since he couldn’t transform his armor into lightning as well. Half a second later, the severed leg vanished in the lightning as the lightning explosion gathered into a small ball.


With an explosion, the small lightning ball shot directly at the retreating Jessy.


Yet, Jessy had replaced her body with darkness as she vanished again. The lightning transformed into Gravis again as the armor on the ground vanished and appeared around him.

Gravis had used his absolute full power with his Lightning Crescent, even using the pulse. He had used up all his resources with that attack, but as soon as Gravis had seen that his saber was inside Jessy’s body, he knew that he wouldn’t die.

If Jessy hadn’t severed her leg, he would have traveled along her body and killed her with his lightning, consuming her body. Like this, he wouldn’t have died. Yet, if Jessy decided to sever her leg, Gravis could simply absorb the leg since it wasn’t associated with a will anymore. Eating the severed leg was no different from eating a corpse.

Jessy gritted her teeth as she narrowed her eyes at Gravis.

Then, there were suddenly ten of her as they all charged at Gravis with speed no slower than herself.


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