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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 489: The Middle Heaven’s Wrath Bahasa Indonesia

The world started trembling.

Everything from the oceans to the core of the continent started trembling wildly. Mortal animals and beasts grew fearful as they felt something happening. The Lords asked the Kings what was happening, and the Kings asked the Emperors what was happening. Sadly, not even the Emperors knew what was happening. This had never happened before!

A violent wind picked up that threw everything in disarray. Everything up to the Emperor Realm lost its control as it was picked up by the violent storms and was thrown into the air. Yet, surprisingly enough, not a single life ended due to this. It was like the world wanted to show its rage but didn’t want to kill anyone.

The air above the Law Comprehension Area for Punishment Lightning vibrated as the stormy clouds parted for the first time in eons. A shining light peered through the parted, stormy clouds as it concentrated onto Gravis’ surroundings. Only Gravis and his immediate surroundings were illuminated by this blinding light.

The Emperors in the area had no idea what was happening, but they noticed that this mysterious and powerful light was entirely focused on Gravis. None of them had listened to what Gravis had said, so they didn’t know why this was happening. Had this mere Lord done something that had shocked the entire world? This couldn’t be possible!

Gravis looked at the sky with a sneer. “Stop your empty threats,” Gravis commented with disgust. “The lower Heaven has done this time and time again. You can’t intimidate me with this. Even though I despise you for your ignorance and mindset, you’re not as bad as the lower Heaven I have met. So, don’t lower yourself to its level.”


Powerful Punishment Lightning chaotically stormed through the sky. Something had completely riled it up. Yet, surprisingly, the lightning didn’t strike the earth, the mountains, or Gravis, but the source of the light. It was like the Punishment Lightning was angry at the source of the light, not Gravis.

Gravis was lightning, and the light showed malicious intent towards Gravis. This was akin to showing malicious intent towards the lightning.

Yet, not even two seconds later, the Punishment Lightning calmed down again. Heaven had interfered and calmed the lightning down. As long as Gravis didn’t try to control it, it wouldn’t do anything anymore.

“You are ready to lay your life down for the highest Heaven’s goal. Yet, you are ready to break the rules it has established now? Look at how hypocritical and childish you’re acting right now,” Gravis said with a sneer.

Surprisingly, none of the present Emperors could hear anything that Gravis had said. It was like he was isolated by something, and no sound could escape his surroundings. They could only see his mouth moving.

Gravis waited for some seconds. “Do you dare strike me?” Gravis asked with icy eyes. “Do you dare to break the highest Heaven’s rules?”

The sky rumbled.

Gravis sneered in disgust at the Heavens. “You think so grandly of yourself and your devotion to the highest Heaven’s goal. Yet, you’re ready to break the very rules of the foundation of your belief due to my words.”

“The highest Heaven is watching. I know that for a fact,” Gravis said, “and you know that too. The highest Heaven has not done anything during this time, but you have stepped forward. Does that not mean that you are ignoring the orders of the very being you believe in so much?”

The sky rumbled more, but in a matter of seconds, everything suddenly stopped. The earth stopped rumbling across the world as the skies and winds calmed down. The light also vanished from above Gravis as the clouds became one again.

Was it due to Gravis’ words?


The highest Heaven had gotten involved. It had seen that the middle Heaven was about to attack Gravis and told the middle Heaven to stop. Initially, the middle Heaven couldn’t understand how the highest Heaven could accept such disrespect. It wanted to strike Gravis down and lay down its life to protect the highest Heaven’s pride.

Yet, some simple words from the highest Heaven had shocked the middle Heaven.

So what? Gravis hadn’t insulted the highest Heaven. The highest Heaven knew fully well that its own goal was selfish. Gravis was only speaking the truth. The highest Heaven wasn’t some weak-willed or ignorant mortal that felt themselves to be holy.

This entire cosmos only existed for the highest Heaven’s benefit. So what if its goal was selfish? This didn’t change the reality. It didn’t matter what Gravis or anyone believed. The reality was the reality, and dignity was a shackle and something only weaklings needed.

Dignity and respect were only necessary for beings that needed their egos stroked. Just let Gravis say whatever he wants. It won’t change anything. His words were as unimportant as the grumbling of an ant.

Every single beast in the world could hate and despise Heaven, and nothing about the world would change. They would still need to continue cultivating. They would still need to have offspring to become Kings. They would still need to kill each other.

Absolutely nothing would change.

The middle Heaven quickly calmed down as it listened to the highest Heaven. It also realized that it had committed a mistake and thanked the highest Heaven for its guidance. It had seen its mistake and would do better from now on.

Due to that, the world calmed down again. When Gravis saw that, he shook his head. “You see? This whole display was for nothing but your own fragile ego. I’m certain that the highest Heaven didn’t even give the smallest of shits about my words, but you did.”

Even though the middle Heaven had calmed down, Gravis’ words riled it up again. It had never cared what Gravis or anyone else in the world had ever said, but as soon as Gravis managed to reach it once, it was like its emotional barrier of isolation was broken. Now, even such a relatively weak comment managed to anger it again.

Yet, it had not forgotten the words of the highest Heaven. It wouldn’t get involved anymore and would let Gravis say whatever he wanted. Even if it grew ten times as mad as now, it wouldn’t dare to do something like that again. The teachings of the highest Heaven were the highest of truths, and this middle Heaven fully believed in them.

Meanwhile, in the highest world, the Opposer simply smirked.

Gravis sat back down and took a deep breath. “I tried my best to reason with you and explain why all of this was such a bad idea, but you wouldn’t listen. You have made your choice. Instead of allowing us both to benefit, you chose the path that will bring pain to both of us,” Gravis silently said.

“So be it,” Gravis said with icy eyes. “I can’t abandon my children and can’t properly cultivate without knowing their whereabouts. Not everyone is like me, and not everyone would have these issues, but I know myself. I know that this is how I will feel when all of this comes.”

“So, the only option I have left is to look over and watch my offspring until they are either living happily, have taken a stable foot in cultivation, or are dead. I don’t know how many years this will take, but it’s only time. It might seem like an eternity to me now, but I still have over 900 years of longevity. That’s plenty.”

Gravis looked at the now-cloudy sky again with narrowed eyes. “I will simply split myself in two. One of me will watch over my children while the other one will comprehend Laws during that time. This is the best compromise I can find.”

Suddenly, Gravis smiled in disdain. “Yet, you have overlooked a certain detail in all of this. I will now tell you this detail, Heaven. Maybe, you will decide to change your decision when you hear that.”

Gravis chuckled coldly. “Have you ever heard that advantages have disadvantages and disadvantages have advantages?” Gravis said. “I use that phrase quite a lot since it has been proven true time and time again.”

“Did you know that your suppression of my mutation has shown me something incredible?”

Gravis shook his head with a smirk.

“I have noticed that trying to absorb more lightning into my body tears at my will. The more lightning I have inside myself, the more I need to will myself to keep existing. You know what that means, don’t you?” Gravis asked.

The many eyes of Heaven in an unknown place widened in shock.

“That’s right,” Gravis said.

“I can temper my Will-Aura while just sitting here. I wonder, have you thought about that?”

“I wonder how powerful my Will-Aura will become.”


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