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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 478: Plan B Bahasa Indonesia

A total of four sabers floated before the King. Gravis felt their power and knew that they were powerful enough to destroy his shield. He couldn’t underestimate them at all.


The sabers shot forward and slashed at Gravis. Thankfully, Gravis had a ridiculous amount of experience in evasion and managed to dodge them barely. Their speed was still many times faster than Gravis, and he needed to pre-dodge them.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The sabers continued circling Gravis and attacking while he just dodged. Yet, he was slowly making his way to the moray eel. When the moray eel saw that, he retreated to keep his distance. Gravis wasn’t fast enough to reach him like this.

Some more seconds passed, and the King became more experienced in using the sabers. By now, it became harder and harder for Gravis to dodge.


Gravis transformed into lightning to increase his speed. If he continued dodging like this, he would be hit sooner than later. He needed the additional speed of his Lightning Transformation.


When the King saw Gravis transforming into lightning, he exploded forward with all his speed. Then, he swiped his gigantic tail at him. Gravis realized what he was doing and grew nervous. ‘He’s trying to extinguish my lightning with his body!’


Gravis transformed back and summoned another shield to block the tail. His shield exploded, and he flew back, right into an incoming saber. If he didn’t do anything, he would be sliced in two!


Gravis activated his Will-Aura and destroyed the will on the saber. He had kept this ability secret until such an opportunity revealed itself. The saber wasn’t able to change its trajectory anymore, and Gravis used his right hand to hit the saber on the side of its edge. With this, he managed to push himself out of the way.


The saber hit the tail of the moray eel, burying itself deep into the King’s flesh. Sadly, the bone was hard enough to block the saber.

“RAAAH!” the King shouted as he used more of his power to heal his tail. Then, he immediately destroyed the sabers and made them return to mud, which circled him.


The mud exploded and shot at Gravis in a wave. The King immediately realized that Gravis could destroy his control over the mud, so he simply shot it at Gravis as a wave. Like this, Gravis needed to deal with it directly.

Gravis summoned his shield and destroyed the will on the mud wave.


He blocked the mud wave with his shield.


Yet, some thin but powerful thing hit his shield, destroying it instantly. The eel had transformed his body to be as thin as possible and rammed the shield with his head. All his power was concentrated on the attack, and the shield wouldn’t stop him! His head would penetrate the shield and then destroy Gravis behind it!

Yet, due to the Formation Arrays on the shield, Gravis shot away faster than the eel moved. Sadly, this attack had all of the King’s power behind it, and Gravis’ arms exploded into a mist of blood. Additionally, the impact injured his organs severely, making blood flow out of Gravis’ mouth and nose.


Gravis used one of his legs and kicked to the side, hitting another thin appendage of the eel. The eel had morphed his body into a thin amalgamation with lots of tentacles. Lightning exploded out of Gravis’ foot as he used up his last reserves. His leg got destroyed in the process, but he managed to shoot himself out of the way of a second tentacle charging at him.


Gravis had no other choice and had to transform into lightning again. Yet, he had used up so much of his power that he would barely be able to remain in the fourth level. All his powers were already nearly three times weaker than when he had reached the fourth level initially. This was the bare minimum to remain a level four Lord.

Yet, Gravis managed to evade the follow-up attacks and flew into the distance. Then, he transformed back and felt incredibly weak. Right now, their power difference could basically be counted as four levels instead of three.

The King transformed back into his normal body and looked at Gravis with narrowed eyes. Yet, Gravis could see exhaustion inside his eyes. Gravis had forced the eel to consume a lot of his power.

Every time the King was forced to use his Law of disguise or control his mud, he lost more of his Energy. The King had transformed many times and had used an incredible amount of mud in the fight, which severely sapped his stamina.

Yet, even though the moray eel’s Energy storages were nearly empty, he still had a lot of stamina for his body. His speed had fallen, but Gravis’ Realm had also fallen immensely. Right now, the speed difference between them was about the same as it had been at the beginning of the fight.

“You’re powerful,” the King said slowly. “You’ve forced me to go all out. I would have never thought that I would need to go all out against a level four Lord. To be frank, I admire and respect your incredible power. You have the most powerful Battle-Strength I have ever seen.”

Gravis only laughed bitterly. “Yet, I still couldn’t kill you with my current power,” he said.

The moray eel shook his head calmly. “You were simply unlucky. If I had only comprehended one Law, you might have had a chance of victory. It was just your bad luck to run into me.”

Gravis only revealed a bitter smile. “Bad luck, huh?” he commented. “Was it really bad luck?”

The moray eel nodded. “What else? Instead of fighting one of the many level one Kings with only one Law, you’ve found me. I would consider this bad luck.”

The moray eel sighed. “Anyway. Even though I respect your power, I can’t just let you live. It’s time to end this.”

Gravis narrowed his eyes again as he looked at the moray eel.


The moray eel used his full power to accelerate. Even though Gravis was completely exhausted, he didn’t take Gravis lightly. The King would use his full power, even to the bitter end. The moray eel opened his mouth widely to bite Gravis. With their speed difference, Gravis wouldn’t be able to evade anymore.

Yet, Gravis didn’t need to evade.

Suddenly, Gravis’ face transformed into an absolutely insane grin. ‘I would have lost against you in a one-on-one duel, but this is not a one-on-one duel!’ Gravis thought crazily with burning eyes.

A saber appeared inside Gravis’ hands. Then, an absolutely insane amount of lightning gathered inside the saber. It was so much lightning that the crackling lightning destroyed all water in a thousand-meter-radius. The saber shook as it was breaking apart due to all the power gathered inside it.

Then, Gravis slashed forward, right into the opened mouth of the moray eel. All the lightning left the saber and formed the most powerful Lightning Crescent Gravis had ever performed, far exceeding his peak power.

The eyes of the moray eel widened in shock and terror, but it couldn’t evade anymore.


The Lightning Crescent entered the moray eel’s mouth and exploded! It destroyed everything in a radius of twenty kilometers. The earth was destroyed! The water was destroyed! Even some King ore was destroyed!

And of course, even the moray eel was destroyed. The lightning consumed everything but Gravis and then swiftly entered his body. Gravis released a deep sigh as he felt his Realm soar to incredible heights.

“If this had been a one-on-one duel, I would have lost. Yet, this is a war, not a one-on-one duel!” Gravis said with narrowed eyes.

What had happened? Where did all this insane power come from?

The reason for that was the war. When Gravis had unleashed his first Lightning Crescent at the beginning of the battle, he had used 75% of his whole power. If it hit the moray eel’s head, the King would have become severely injured. Yet, if it missed, it would trigger Gravis’ backup plan!

What was his backup plan?

As the Lightning Crescent continued on, it transformed back into normal lightning and shot towards the war in the Abyss. Yet, it had to wait until the moray eel was sufficiently distracted.

At the beginning of the battle, the moray eel still didn’t feel pressured enough to ignore the ongoing war. Gravis first had to pressure the King into only looking at him. Additionally, he needed to move the fighting stage away from the war. The further away they were, the less the King would pay attention to what was going on there.

When Gravis had destroyed the moray eel’s tailfin, the lightning bolt charged into the war and ate up as many corpses as possible. Of course, this lightning bolt was a second Gravis, which he had created with his Lightning Fork.

When this second Gravis ate enough corpses to become as powerful as the peak state of the main Gravis, he created a third Gravis, who also continued consuming corpses. After consuming nearly all the corpses, the two Gravises charged back to the main Gravis, leaving behind an army of shocked land beasts.

As long as they didn’t transform back into their bodies, the moray eel wouldn’t pay attention to them. After all, there had been a lot of Energy attacks shooting around.

By now, the fighting stage had moved many kilometers away, which was farther than Gravis’ Spirit Sense could reach. As soon as they came close enough to the main Gravis, they got summoned into his Spirit Space.

Gravis had found out that, as long as one body remained outside, his other bodies could enter his Spirit Space, but only while they were still in their Lightning Transformation. Five seconds before the moray eel had unleashed his last attack, all Gravises had gathered inside his Spirit Space.

By now, Gravis was no longer in danger of dying. After all, as long as another Gravis survived, he wouldn’t die. Yet, if his main body died, the moray eel might notice these Gravises and flee. Then, he wouldn’t be able to get his food!

Then, Gravis infused his saber with all of the Gravises and unleashed a Lightning Crescent, which was about as powerful as the ultimate attack of a level five Lord Divine Beast. Such an attack would definitely kill a King.

If the King hadn’t started talking towards the end, Gravis maybe wouldn’t have had enough time to gather his other selves. The King had thought that he had won, and that mindset had become his undoing.

“Never think you’ve won until the very end,” Gravis commented coldly as his body started transforming into a level five Lord.


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