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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 470: No Use Bahasa Indonesia

Instead of evading, Gravis simply waited until the crocodile came closer.

‘Twice, already,’ he thought. ‘I could have killed you again with a Lightning Crescent just now. You can’t even distract me properly,’ he thought with frustration.

The crocodile was not using its most effective weapon against Gravis, which would be its element. By shooting some compressed water beams or some icicles at him, he would be forced to defend himself or evade. Sadly, the crocodile only charged at him to bite him.

Yet, the crocodile couldn’t be faulted for this line of thinking. It was a Divine Beast, and it was two levels higher than Gravis. Theoretically, its body should be around 32 times more powerful than Gravis’ body. Therefore, in its mind, its body would be the most powerful weapon against him.

Sadly, that was wrong. Gravis’ whole fighting style and attacks were designed for close combat. With his weaker lightning, he would need to spend a lot more Energy to injure the crocodile from a distance.

Additionally, due to the level difference, his lightning wouldn’t be fast enough to make the crocodile unable to react. By fighting from a distance, the crocodile would become way more troublesome.

The light vanished around Gravis as the crocodile’s maw engulfed him. A crocodile’s mouth was the most powerful part of its body, and a bite could crush nearly everything. On top of that, only its snout was broken, which meant that its lower jaw remained uninjured.

While all of this had been going on, Gravis had readied several things inside his Spirit Space. He had become incredibly good at forging, and he could make some small alterations to his equipment in a split second.


Four things appeared around Gravis. At first glance, these things looked like sabers with some kind of platform attached to their hilts. If one looked closer, they would realize that these platforms were shields that had been fused to the hilts of the sabers.

Two of these things were above Gravis, while the two other things were below him. Then, Gravis placed his hands and feet on the backside of the shields so that the sabers pointed away from him.


The jaw snapped shut. The crocodile’s own power and Gravis’ resistance made the sabers dig deeply into the crocodile’s mouth. One had to remember that Gravis was around 40 meters tall currently, with his equipment perfectly fitting his size. The crocodile was bigger with a length of 500 meters, but a saber with a length of around 20 meters would still hurt it incredibly.

The four sabers pushed through the crocodile’s lower and upper jaw until they broke out of the other side. Yet, the power of its bite hadn’t been exhausted. Its bite continued pushing down until it hit the shields.

A crocodile’s bite was powerful, but it was only able to make use of the muscles in its head and neck. Meanwhile, by standing upright, Gravis was making use of his entire body. Additionally, the bite had been weakened by forcing the sabers into the crocodile’s flesh.

Gravis felt some of his bones crack, but such an injury was nothing for a Lord. He managed to resist the bite until it fully stopped.

Meanwhile, the crocodile was shocked by the incredible pain it felt right now. These sabers had come out of nowhere, and it hadn’t been able to stop its attack in time.


Gravis’ hands and legs exploded with lightning, which made the crocodile open its destroyed mouth. After that, Gravis easily flew out of its opened mouth and looked at it with cold eyes. “You’re not even a challenge,” he said coldly.

He wanted to distract himself by fighting a beast, but this crocodile had made one wrong decision after the other. Gravis wanted to lose himself in the excitement of a fight, but he felt nothing right now.

Theoretically, the crocodile had enough power to become a threat to him, but its shitty decision-making ruined everything.

The crocodile tried to close its mouth, but it became hard with these sabers stabbing through its jaws. Its most powerful weapon had been destroyed, which made it nervous.


Gravis exploded forward again, and his fist exploded onto the crocodile’s lower jaw, breaking it too. The crocodile had been too distracted with its horrible circumstances right now and had lost its concentration.

The crocodile flew into the distance again, but this time, Gravis chased. Instead of venting his rage, he was only becoming more frustrated.

This was supposed to be a challenge! Gravis wanted to distract himself, but this idiotic crocodile was too inexperienced. He had no idea how someone as inexperienced as this crocodile managed to comprehend a Law.

His disgust for the crocodile grew since it wasn’t able to distract him.

In order to chase the crocodile as quickly as possible, Gravis transformed into lightning, making the eyes of the white ape and monkey widen. They hadn’t seen that yet.

Gravis quickly reached the crocodile with his speed and materialized on top of the still flying crocodile.


A kick filled with lightning exploded onto its back, forcing the crocodile to create a crater below it, but Gravis wasn’t done.


He charged into the hole and punched and kicked it everywhere, lightning exploding every time he hit it. Its bones broke while its flesh split apart with burns. It was becoming more and more injured as time passed.


Multiple beams of compressed water appeared around Gravis, which quickly shot at him. Even though Gravis was angry, he was smart enough not to forget that his opponent could still kill him. His Will-Aura appeared and broke the will upon the water, making it impossible for the crocodile to control the water after it had been shot out.

Then, Gravis evaded most of the water beams, thanks to his involuntary evasion training against the Golden Dragon. One of the beams penetrated his right chest, but the beam hadn’t been wide enough to create a big hole. The crocodile had probably intended to cut him apart with these beams, but it hadn’t expected to lose control over its own element like this.


Gravis rained more punches onto the crocodile’s body, injuring it more and more. Of course, the crocodile also tried to hit him with more water, but Gravis was already too close to it. Additionally, the constant flurry of punches and kicks made it hard for the crocodile to think rationally.

Right now, it only tried everything in its power to get Gravis away from it. It couldn’t run since Gravis’ attacks had pushed both of them deep into the earth. Charging through the earth wouldn’t allow it to become fast enough to get away in time.

After more attacks, the crocodile’s eyes widened in rage and panic. Then, it turned its mouth as quickly as possible to Gravis and opened it wide.


Yet, Gravis immediately transformed into lightning and circled to the other side of its body. He had seen the last-ditch attack of a Divine Beast already, and he wouldn’t fall for it again. At his new location, the crocodile couldn’t point its mouth at him.

By now, Gravis realized that punching the crocodile didn’t help with his rage. Actually, it made his rage even increase. Deep inside, he knew that this was pointless. Punching this crocodile didn’t help with his situation at all.

It changed nothing!

He still had this stupid rule hanging above his head, no matter how much he punched the crocodile. Gravis quickly realized how pointless this whole thing was.

“Fuck this,” he said to himself.


Gravis summoned one of his sabers and unloaded the pre-loaded Lightning Crescent into the crocodile’s head. All the earth surrounding them got reduced into dust, while the earth further away got thrown into the distance due to the shockwave.

The explosion vanished quickly, and only a massive crater was left behind. The lightning quickly entered Gravis’ body, and he jumped out of the crater. His body was already beginning to evolve, but he couldn’t care less right now.

“This doesn’t change anything!” he grumbled to himself as he walked away from the crater. “I still don’t know if Heaven has accepted my bargain or not, and I can’t stand not knowing the results!”

Gravis said all this, not caring who overheard him. Right now, his whole concentration was on his current situation.

“I need to know for sure,” Gravis said to himself as he stopped. Then, he turned to the monkey, who was still looking at him.

“I want to join the war against the sea beasts,” he commented.

Right now, Gravis knew that his Will-Aura wasn’t powerful enough to contend with a level one King. This meant that he needed to reach the power of a level five Lord by only eating level five Lords, and according to his calculations, he would need to eat over twenty of them.

The war would surely involve a lot of powerful Lords, and getting his food there would surely be more efficient than asking one level five Lord after the other inside the Empire to fight him.

Gravis needed to know what Heaven had decided. Remaining in this form of limbo only grated on his nerves. He had to become a level five Lord as quickly as possible and then fight level one Kings to become a King.

Only then would he know what Heaven had decided for him.

Gravis absolutely hated that some more powerful being could decide his future, but there was nothing he could do right now. He first needed to get clarity on the issue.

After that, he could plan his future.


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