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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 424: Disadvantage Bahasa Indonesia


Gravis immediately transformed into lightning as the tree-trunk shot at him with incredible speed. The speed of the ape was incredible, and Gravis needed to anticipate the attack to dodge. Otherwise, his speed wouldn’t be fast enough to evade the wide trunk.


A sizzling and powerful cloud of something green shot at Gravis from the lizard’s mouth. The lizard had waited to see where Gravis would evade to and shot his attack at that position. Gravis immediately transformed back and summoned a lot of ore between himself and that green cloud.

The ore immediately started sizzling as it was quickly corroded into nothing. In less than a second, the 100 meters of ore completely vanished into nothing. Luckily, this gave Gravis enough time to flee the area of the breath.

‘Acid,’ Gravis concluded. Gravis knew a lot about materials, and the fact that this breath had been so effective against Mid Unity Rank materials showed that it wasn’t poison. This was actually acid. Poison and venom were more effective on living matter, while acid was more effective on dead matter.

‘Yet, acid is also quite effective against natural armor, like scales, for example,’ Gravis thought with narrowed eyes. ‘My scales won’t help me at all if I get hit by that.’


Gravis barely dodged another hit from the trunk, but the ape wasn’t stupid. A punch came from the ape’s other hand immediately after the trunk had missed.


Gravis transformed back and moved all his power into his body to block the attack. He held his massive saber in front of him to block. Of course, he wasn’t blocking with its flat side, but with its edge. Blocking with the flat side would only destroy the saber.

CRCK! Psh!

Yet, the saber still broke under the ape’s overwhelming power. The saber was made of Middle Unity Rank material, but Gravis couldn’t utilize its full potential. Because of that, the saber could only be considered as an Early Unity Rank weapon.

At least Gravis’ saber managed to leave a deep cut inside the ape’s fist.

Several pieces of the broken saber shot at Gravis, but his scales were powerful enough to block these fragments. Then, he turned to his right.


Gravis summoned another saber to block an attack from the lizard. Yet, this time, his saber managed to hold. Instead of feeling relieved, Gravis felt more nervous now. The lizard should also be able to destroy his saber. The fact that the attack wasn’t powerful enough showed that the lizard had something else planned.


Gravis saw the tail coming too late. He could have transformed into lightning, but he wouldn’t have been able to evade. If the tail hit him while Gravis was inside his Lightning Form, he would use up most of his power. That’s why he didn’t transform into lightning. The tail hit Gravis and destroyed a lot of his scales. On top of that, the tail shot him into the distance with incredible power.


Gravis shot through several mountains until he hit the earth. The sudden stop made him spit out some blood. His scales had done incredible work, but the power difference between him and his enemies was just too great. Because of that, several of his organs had been damaged from the impact. Luckily, his bones didn’t break, thanks to his scales.


The ape smashed the tree-trunk at Gravis, burying him beneath it. A huge crater appeared around them as the shockwave from the hit destroyed everything in their surroundings. Yet, the ape didn’t grin victoriously.

Inside his awareness, he saw Gravis digging through the dirt at rapid speeds. Gravis had used the earth as a shield from this powerful attack. This attack couldn’t be compared to the earlier attack from the lizard. If that tree-trunk hit him, Gravis would become a pile of scattered meat.

While fleeing, Gravis grit his teeth. ‘I’m completely outclassed. They keep coming at me, giving me no time to act. I can only defend and dodge!’ Gravis thought in frustration. ‘On top of that, I don’t have my Life Lightning anymore! Every injury I take will reduce my Battle-Strength!’


Gravis quickly came out of the earth and summoned more ore in front of him. The acid-cloud had returned, and Gravis had to sacrifice an incredible amount of ore to protect himself. Yet, instead of running away, he shot directly at the lizard in front of him. Then, he summoned another saber and slashed towards the lizard.


A fully-powered Lightning Crescent shot at the lizard. It hadn’t been ready for such a sudden attack. Usually, the lizard’s enemies were too busy dealing with the acid to attack him during it. This left him completely open.


Yet, the Lightning Crescent didn’t hit the lizard, but the tree-trunk. The lizard wasn’t alone, and the ape had noticed Gravis’ peculiar actions. The ape wasn’t stupid and knew that Gravis wouldn’t have sacrificed so much stuff for some random attack that wouldn’t make a difference. This was probably one of Gravis’ most powerful attacks.

Because of that, the ape had slammed the lizard away with his tree-trunk. The Lightning Crescent exploded on the tree-trunk and destroyed nearly half of it. Meanwhile, the ape received some burns on his skin, but that was it. The Lightning Crescent hadn’t directly hit him, and the tree used up a lot of the Lightning Crescent’s power.

At the same time, the lizard hit some distant mountain, destroying it in the process. The ape’s hit hadn’t been weak. After all, he needed to throw the lizard as far away as possible. This gave the lizard some broken ribs and decimated some scales, but, at least, it was still alive.

If that Lightning Crescent hit the lizard, it would most likely be dead right now.

Gravis grew frustrated when he saw that. This Lightning Crescent had had 100% of his power saved up. It had failed, and now he didn’t have anything else to rely on. He only had his own power remaining.

Yet, he also saw the opportunity that this created. The lizard was currently far away. This gave him some seconds alone with the ape. ‘I need to kill it immediately!’ Gravis thought and then directly shot at the ape.


The ape attacked Gravis with the trunk, but he wasn’t used to the trunk’s new shape, which made him barely miss Gravis. Gravis passed the trunk but was immediately greeted by a powerful fist flying at him. The ape had a lot of battle-experience and always had a backup plan ready.


The speed difference between them was too significant, and Gravis couldn’t evade that fist. Gravis barely blocked the fist with his saber. Sadly, the power behind the fist destroyed the saber and shot Gravis into the distance. On top of that, the ape was smart enough not to shoot him towards the lizard.

Gravis smashed through some mountains but managed to stop himself before he hit the ground. Yet, this attack broke some bones in his body. ‘Fuck! My body is too injured. If I transform into lightning, I might fall back into the Initial Unity Realm!’

Nevertheless, Gravis stood up again and charged at the ape. The ape was closing the distance quickly as it also charged at him. On top of that, the lizard also started returning to them.

Gravis summoned a new saber. In the last couple of weeks, he had created a lot of these sabers. After all, he knew that the sabers were too weak to withstand the power of level four Lords.

And like this, Gravis and the ape charged at each other while the lizard would soon return.


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