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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 339: The Apocalypse Bahasa Indonesia

Blood splattered as Gravis’ body got reduced to multiple parts that fell away.


Out of a severed, left hand, Gravis’ body completely regrew. ‘Fortunately, I regained rationality at the last moment and moved my Spirit, Energy, and lightning to a safe part of my body.’

When Gravis had regained rationality, he had noticed that it was too late to evade. Instead of evading, he moved everything important inside his body towards his left hand and then used the gathered inherent Energy of his body to regrow it completely. Sadly, that ultimately used up all the inherent Energy in his body.

Heaven became panicked and infuriated when it saw that Gravis had survived. This had been its last trump card. From now on, this would become a bitter war of attrition.


Gravis summoned some of his lightning and looked at it. It was no longer whitish-silver but completely white now. He had gained a lot of understanding towards this particular kind of lightning, but he still didn’t know what it was.

‘This is the same kind of lightning that Heaven uses, and it’s completely different, but I’m sure of one thing.’


Gravis closed his hand around the small lightning ball, reabsorbing it. ‘It’s more powerful than Destruction Lightning!’

Gravis quickly turned back to the egg and shot forward again. The wind and spires appeared again while Gravis used his Will-Aura to destroy the world around him.


Another punch to the egg and more of it cracked. The egg absorbed a ridiculous amount of Energy, but then, it stopped. There was no more Energy in the world. Everything had been converted into attacks and heat. The temperature of the Core-Continent had risen by over 20 degrees. The cultivators didn’t notice, but the mortals were sweating from the heat.


Energy appeared from inside the egg and healed it. When Gravis saw that, his eyes narrowed. “Finally using your saved-up Energy, eh?” he said, “let’s see how long that lasts!”


Gravis summoned a Lightning Bomb above his hand. Due to his ability to move his power around, he no longer had to worry about the fact that his Lightning Bomb always absorbed everything. Now, he could just put enough into his lightning so that it had precisely the amount of lightning that he needed. Like this, the bomb became stable.


Moving part from his Spirit’s power into his lightning, he shot forward again, Lightning Bomb in hand. Heaven tried to detonate the Lightning Bomb earlier, but Gravis protected it well. And like this, Gravis hit the egg with his Lightning Bomb.


A many kilometers wide explosion of lightning appeared, shining onto the world like an apocalyptic star. Many mortals lost their eyesight while the cultivators were temporarily blinded. It was just too bright. Gravis’ new kind of lightning made the explosion even more powerful!


A gigantic crack split the egg in two, and for a second, Gravis was able to see inside. His eyes narrowed further at what he saw. ‘So that’s how Heaven looks like,’ he thought.

Meanwhile, more Energy poured out of the egg, repairing it. By now, Heaven had stopped closing the holes in the sky. It couldn’t spare any Energy right now. As long as it didn’t use any Energy, Gravis didn’t have more to absorb. This was the only way it could win!

As they continued fighting, more holes appeared, and without someone closing them, they became bigger and more numerous. It was like the sky was being ripped apart as the holes even extended towards the ground now, devouring everything.

Beasts and humans alike ran away from the Core-Continent. Due to the lack of Energy, the Wind Wall separating the Middle and Core-Continent had vanished. The cultivators from the cities and towns helped the mortals flee by throwing them over the ravine that had been the Wind Wall previously. Other cultivators were on the other side, catching the mortals.

Yet, not everyone managed to escape. The holes became bigger and bigger. Not even the cities and Sects could do anything against the holes, and everyone had to abandon their homes. The only place that had been spared was the Lightning Sect. Gravis avoided creating holes near its vicinity.

Lasar saw all this happen and frowned as he looked at the sky. ‘Is your enmity worth that much? Do you realize how many lives you’re destroying?’

Right now, Gravis couldn’t care about any of that. Heaven had to pay for what it had done to him, and using the lives of everyone as hostages didn’t work. Heaven had to die, even if the world would end! His lightning and himself demanded it!

Seeing that Heaven stopped fixing the holes, Gravis pulled his Will-Aura back. Making more holes wouldn’t help anymore. Instead, they continued crashing into each other for many minutes.

“Stop, or we will kill the Lightning Sect!” came a mighty shout. Gravis had noticed that shout and looked at what was happening.

The four priests from the Heaven Sect stood inside the Lightning Sect. One of them even had Lasar in his hands. It seemed like they tried to protect their father.

“You idiots!” came another shout from the egg. Its voice was screechingly high. It sounded almost like someone managed to create words by scratching their nails on a chalkboard.

Gravis only smirked and snapped his fingers.


Four pillars of lightning appeared in the sky and shot right into the four priests’ bodies. As long as something was inside his Spirit’s range, he could summon lightning to attack it. Like this, all four priests died.

Yet, this was not the end. Usually, ten percent of the Energy would enter Gravis while the remainder would escape into the environment, but not this time. Gravis’ lightning remained at the former positions of the priests, became more powerful, and then vanished after absorbing all the Energy.


The lightning reappeared inside Gravis’ Spirit Space, together with all the priests’ Energy. This was enough to refill him completely.

That was why Heaven had been angry. It knew that Gravis could absorb their Energy. In their quest to help Heaven, they had instead helped Gravis.

Like this, the fight between Heaven and Gravis continued for over two hours. By now, half the Core-Continent had vanished into nothingness. Only blackness remained.

Gravis noticed that the holes started coming closer to the Freya Clan, Lightning Sect, and Wind Sect. Luckily, all three of those were relatively close to each other, so they had been spared up to now.

‘I need to end this fight quicker, but I don’t have enough attack power to destroy the egg in one strike. I need a weapon!’ he thought as his mind used everything in its power to find a solution.

And a solution, it found!

On a barren wasteland in the Outer-Continent, hundreds of mortals had gathered. Their God resided in this wasteland, and their God had destroyed all life around it. Nothing was allowed to grow beside it, and everyone that stayed longer in its presence, would slowly whither.

Yet, in the face of this apocalypse, the mortals could only pray to this God. They had been praying for nearly the full duration of the fight, and finally, their God started to act.

The mortals noticed that their God had vanished suddenly. Yet, instead of being scared, they rejoiced. Their God had decided to end this apocalypse!

Meanwhile, Gravis closed in on the egg again. He summoned another powerful Lightning Bomb, but before he hit Heaven with it, he stopped.


A black saber appeared in Gravis’ hand. The God of the mortal village, the Void-Stone Saber, had appeared! Gravis had remembered the saber he carried to this lower world and realized that he could use it now.

The Void-Stone Saber absorbed Energy and thus, made everyone that touched it fall down to the Body Tempering Realm. Yet, the only Energy the Void-Stone Saber could absorb from Gravis was the inherent Energy of his body. Everything else was lightning! The absorption of the Void-Stone Saber became negligible.


Gravis moved the saber through the Lightning Bomb, and the Lightning Bomb vanished as it entered the Saber. The saber withstood Gravis’ lightning without a problem. Void-Stone had been considered hard even in his homeworld, while the Unity Realm couldn’t be considered strong. Withstanding something like this was easy for the saber.

Instead of shooting the lightning out in a Lightning Crescent, the lightning stayed in the saber. Gravis quickly slashed at the egg, and as the saber touched the egg, a humongous load of Energy was pulled from the egg. The egg was made out of changed Energy, but since it still counted as Energy, the saber absorbed it.


The lightning unloaded onto the weakened egg, creating another apocalyptic explosion. A tear appeared, and Gravis used his full speed, even using more lightning, to shoot after the egg. His arm stretched into the egg and grabbed hold of something.

Then, he ripped Heaven out of its shell!


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