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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 337: Fight Me! Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis had shouted for Heaven to fight him, but nothing happened. After some seconds of nothing happening, Gravis narrowed his eyes. “You don’t want to fight?” Gravis asked.

Of course, no answer came.

Gravis scratched his chin. ‘I guess that’s also a possibility. Heaven doesn’t really need to fight me. It’s not obligated to fight with a cultivator. Well, then I just need to make it fight me,’ Gravis thought with a smirk.

“Heaven! You are allowed to strike me down with anything you have! I hereby allow you to kill me!” Gravis shouted.

The world remained silent.

‘That proves it. It’s afraid of fighting me. It might be stronger than the High Priest, but not by much. My immunity to lightning and my powerful centers of power are probably powerful enough to take it down. My will is probably also strong enough to resist anything it throws at me. It knows that it’s going to lose if it engages me,’ Gravis thought.

‘Well, if a wanderer can’t reach a mountain, the wanderer just has to make the mountain move to him,’ Gravis thought.

Gravis strengthened his Spirit with everything he got. His Spirit encompassed everything, including a big chunk of the Outer-Continent. Then, he built a connection with every person inside his Spirit’s range.

“I am Gravis,” he spoke, his voice echoing inside every human’s mind. Every person, be it mortal or cultivator, heard his voice inside their minds. The mortals, unknowing about cultivation, looked at each other in confusion to confirm if the person beside them also heard that voice.

“I have reached the highest Realm in this world, and I am able to ascend to the next world. Yet, Heaven has used everything in its power to kill me. Unfortunately, it failed every time. Now, after killing its High Priest, I asked it to fight me, but it doesn’t react!” Gravis’ voice sounded angry.

“It created the Heaven Sect and the Heavenborn to enforce its will and control over this world. It doesn’t allow any cultivator at the Body Tempering Realm with a Will-Aura to survive. It restricts the freedom of the cultivators! Yet, as soon as someone appears that can fight it, it hides inside its corner like a scared little rat!”

“Look at how worthless this Heaven is! I am here, proclaiming my power to the world and telling everyone how useless and scared it is, but look at it! It doesn’t dare to say anything against me! It’s happy and comfortable in suppressing the weak, but as soon as someone strong appears, it acts like nothing in this world concerns it!”

Most of the mortals realized what was happening by now, but what was Heaven? Heaven was the most powerful being in this world and their God. Hearing a voice that insulted their God inside their mind made them panic in fear.

“No, please. Stop!” many mortals shouted. They were afraid of being pulled into this fight. They were only weak people that lived in their villages. If they listened to such a voice, Heaven might think that they are revolting against it. What then? In front of Heaven, they were helpless.

“Stop! I’m sorry! Please stop,” other mortals shouted, falling onto their knees. They were afraid of listening to this blasphemy. They only wanted to live their lives in peace. Why did this powerful cultivator pull them into his suicide? Couldn’t he die alone? Why did he pull them into this!?

Gravis saw the overwhelming panic of the mortals, but his will remained strong. Nothing would happen to these mortals. That’s why he didn’t stop. On top of that, there were also different people.

“Go! Kill it!” One woman in a town in the Outer-Continent shouted with hysteric fury. “Heaven has killed my husband because he had a Will-Aura! Kill it!” Her emotions, which had been hidden for many years, burst forward.

“That’s the demon I told you about!” a hunter in the Hunting Guild near Wilderness Town told a newcomer. “He has once hunted together with us here, and now, he is going against Heaven!” he proclaimed while taking a swig of his drink.

The new hunters looked with awe at the older hunters. They knew this person?

“See? I told you he would make it far!” Jeros said to William. They were both drinking together in the Martial Hall in Body City.

“I know,” William said with a smile, “but I didn’t expect it to come this quickly.”

The Guild Masters of the Proxy-Elemental Guilds looked with shock and wonder at the sky. The person they had met only six years ago was now powerful enough to blaspheme Heaven. They still remembered the peculiar, quiet boy, who had joined their Entrance Exams.

The Guild Master of the Lightning Guild in the Middle-Continent also had a shine in his eyes as he rolled the metal balls in his hand around. “He’s already this powerful. Not only has he made our Lightning Sect rise, but now, he is taking on Heaven.” Then, he laughed a bit. “Good thing I let him live back then!”

Every cultivator in the Core-Continent knew Gravis. He had been unknown in the Outer-Continent, well-known in the Middle-Continent, but in the Core-Continent, his name was as conspicuous as the midday sun. Every cultivator had heard about the Lightning Calamity Gravis.

After years of being suppressed by the Heaven Sect, the Elemental Sects burst forth with their fury. Finally, someone was there to kill Heaven! “Kill it!” Many of them shouted.

Gravis noticed all of this and smiled. “Do you see this, Heaven?” He transmitted to everyone. “Mortals are scared and afraid of you while the cultivators want nothing more than your death. No one wants you here!”

Suddenly, Gravis felt a pull. It was like his entire being was being pulled to a far-distant place. Of course, Gravis knew what that was. “Oh? You want to force me to ascend? I’m going nowhere!” Gravis shouted.


Gravis’ Will-Aura activated, destroying everything in his surroundings. His cultivation made his Will-Aura stronger. That’s how the level suppression worked.


It looked like the sky was being torn apart. Small, black tears appeared in the air and vanished just as quickly. Gravis had never seen anything like it, but he realized what was happening. ‘This lower world is unable to withstand my power and is breaking apart. Heaven is forced to fix these tears manually, or else, all the Energy in this world will leave into the void.’

Gravis withstood the pull with his Will-Aura. Heaven wanted to force him to ascend, but his Will-Aura was just too powerful. Gravis didn’t even need to use his full power.

When Heaven saw this, it grew panicked. Gravis was already ruining its entire image in the eyes of the world, and now, it couldn’t even force him to leave!

Heaven quickly reached out to its parent in the middle world, asking it to pull Gravis to it. This lower Heaven might not have the strength to push Gravis out, but the middle Heaven surely had enough power to pull him out.

Yet, that option quickly got shot down by the highest Heaven. The highest Heaven told the middle Heaven to keep itself out of this. Of course, the middle Heaven didn’t dare to go against the highest Heaven’s orders. Instead, it only grew interested in what was happening. It joined the highest Heaven in watching.

This lower Heaven was its child, and just like the highest Heaven, the middle Heaven could do anything it wanted with this lower Heaven and its world. Watching was nothing complicated.

Heaven gritted its metaphorical teeth in stress. Pulling on Gravis was straining its own will and concentration. This Heaven had never needed to use all its concentration before in its life. Feeling the drain and exhaustion of using all its concentration made it feel weak, a feeling it had never felt before, and a feeling it definitely didn’t enjoy.

“You wanna continue? I can go all day!” Gravis said with a smirk. Gravis also used his concentration, but what was this pull compared to reaching a higher Realm, tempering his will, or forcing his Unity? Gravis’ concentration was regenerating just as quickly as it was being used up. He could literally go all day like this.

Some minutes passed where nothing happened. Only more black tears appeared in the sky, which also quickly vanished. At that time, Gravis got an idea and smirked. “You want to pull me away? How about I pull you to me!?”


Gravis’ Will-Aura intensified as he grabbed hold of the force pulling him. With a yank, he pulled the force to him. “Get here!” Gravis shouted as he pulled and pulled. The tears intensified, and the Energy in the air went chaotic. Similar to the Wind Wall, which separated the Middle and Core-Continent, a storm of Energy now raged around Gravis.


Suddenly, Gravis lost hold of the thing that he was pulling. Yet, the pull that wanted to force him to ascend had also vanished. Heaven had stopped pulling on Gravis, making it seemingly glide out of Gravis’ hand.

Yet, Gravis’ eyes shone with a burning fury and motivation. All his suppressed rage and hatred broke out as he looked into a specific direction.

Gravis had never stopped watching the world with his Spirit, and as soon as he had pulled on Heaven, he had felt something. There was an area inside his Spirit’s range that he couldn’t perceive. If it hadn’t moved, Gravis wouldn’t have noticed it. When Gravis’ Spirit touched it, his Spirit would glide harmlessly around the oval-shaped thing.

The area that he couldn’t see was shaped like an egg, and it was only a little more than a meter long. What could possibly stop Gravis’ overwhelming Spirit in this lower world? There was only one thing that could stop his Spirit in this world.

The egg was twenty kilometers in the sky, right above the Heaven Sect, or, at least, it would have been, if it hadn’t moved by a couple of kilometers due to Gravis’ pull.


A loud explosion echoed throughout the air as Gravis burst forward with all his power. His speed was absolutely ridiculous as he shot through the air. His body left a large black streak in the sky, a tear that seemingly split the sky apart. His speed and power were too much for this lower world, so it broke apart around him.

In nearly no time, Gravis reached the egg. He increased his body to the maximum that it could handle and shoved the remainder of his power into his lightning. He focused most of his lightning into his right fist and punched forward. Due to his already ridiculous speed, coupled with his now increased weight, all the surroundings broke apart as his fist closed in on the egg.



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