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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 331: Wood Element Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis was really surprised when he saw the High Priest entering his Spirit. That was possible?

Gravis scratched his chin in thought. “How did you manage to get here?” he asked with interest. “Is that also a perk of the Unity Realm?”

The High Priest had already won, so he didn’t mind explaining. “I cultivate the wood element.”

“Wood element?” Gravis asked, surprised. “I’ve never heard of this element.”

The High Priest snorted in arrogance. “Because I’ve annihilated the Wood Sect some decades ago.”

“And why would you do that? You must’ve had a really good reason to kill your old home,” Gravis asked.

The High Priest was a little surprised how well Gravis took the situation. Didn’t he realize that he was about to die? “You’re right. I thought of the Wood Sect as my home. I had a powerful and selfless master. I had many friends that I considered as my family,” the High Priest said in revery.

“Yet, as soon as I told them that I was a Heavenborn,” the High Priest sounded more aggressive now. “They all abandoned me. They called me a traitor and shunned me. I never forgot the cold look my master gave me and the fearful and distant looks of my friends.”

“I thought that I could still see the Sect as my home, but I was proven wrong,” the High Priest said coldly. “But as soon as I showed even an inkling of being from somewhere else, they threw me away like trash. In their eyes, I was not worthy of being part of their Sect.”

“So,” the High Priest said coldly. “I killed them, every single one of them. They threw me away like trash, so I showed them who actually was the trash. As soon as I became the High Priest, I annihilated their whole Sect. Father wasn’t happy about that, but he needed his High Priest. That’s how I became the only wood cultivator left in this world.”

“Interesting,” Gravis said while scratching his chin, “and how does your wood element help you to enter my Spirit Space?”

The High Priest smirked triumphantly. “The wood element uses the Spirit and the soul as its weapon. Trees and plants are nature. Therefore, wood cultivators are very in sync with the world’s inherent spirituality. All of our attacks are focused on the Spirit, in comparison to all the other elements.”

The High Priest grandly gestured to his surroundings. “I’ve gathered all my power into my body and Spirit. With my gathered power, I entered your Spirit while the remainder stays outside to protect my body from any attacks.”

The High Priest snorted again. “Young animals really don’t know danger. You still look unafraid, even though your death is certain. Let me enlighten you about the current situation. Maybe you will realize your danger then.”

The High Priest crossed his arms with an arrogant smirk. “As soon as you reach the Unity Realm, your body, Spirit, and Magic all get quadrupled.” Then, he pointed at Gravis. “You only have your Spirit to help you in here, which could be considered as having the power of one Spirit.”

“Yet, I, by gathering my power, have a Spirit that is six times stronger than you right now. My Spirit has six times the amount of Magic than yours in here. My Spirit and will can overpower your weak Spirit. Magic clashes against Magic, and with more Magic, I can simply devour your Spirit. You just don’t have enough Magic to overpower me.”

Gravis continued scratching his chin as he listened to the High Priest’s monologue. “Interesting,” he said, “so, you actually don’t have any idea about how I cultivate and how I reached the Self Stage so quickly.”

The High Priest only snorted. “So you have some techniques, big deal. All these special cultivation techniques from your higher world won’t help you in here. Without your Magic and body, you can’t make use of them. Just accept your death.”

Gravis nodded. “Alright. Thanks for answering my questions. You can start now,” Gravis said nonchalantly.

The High Priest furrowed his brows at Gravis’ lack of fear. Was Gravis actually incapable of feeling fear? Was that why he was able to temper himself to this extent?

The High Priest sighed. “I wanted you to at least show me some fear, but I guess, in the end, it doesn’t really matter.”


The High Priest moved with incredible speed towards Gravis and grabbed his shoulder with his hand. Gravis didn’t react.


A powerful fluctuation was released from the High Priest’s body, and Gravis felt some of his lightning getting absorbed.


The High Priest immediately shot away while screaming in pain. Then, with all his power, he banished the lightning from his Spirit. The lightning bolt flew around a little and then returned to Gravis’ body.

Gravis only smirked. “Just as I thought,” he said. “When two volumes of Energy with different wills clash with each other, they will fuse together. The weaker side will be diluted into the stronger side, thus, only leaving one side standing with all the Energy.”

The High Priest listened with shock.

“But what if Energy and lightning clash?” Gravis asked as he stepped forward, making the High Priest step back in fear. “Energy is passive and not dangerous in its initial form. It’s just grass. It’s food. It might be able to fight for territory with other grass, but that’s about it. When confronted with a cow, the grass will face its demise. No matter how much grass you have, it won’t make a difference to the cow.”

“What… is this!? How are you able to use your element in your Spirit Space!?” The High Priest shouted in fear.

“Oh, that?” Gravis asked. “Nothing special. It’s just that,”


Gravis’ whole Self transformed into lightning for a second. After that, it turned into Gravis again. “My Spirit isn’t acclimated to Energy, but lightning.”

“That’s impossible!” the High Priest shouted hysterically as he fervently pointed at Gravis. “The lightning would tear your Spirit apart!”

Gravis nodded. “Yeah, it sure was painful back then. Without having a Unity Will, I would have probably died. Well, to be more precise, I think I actually did die back then.” Gravis shrugged. “Eh, background is also a part of strength.”

The High Priest had no idea what Gravis was talking about, but he realized one thing. He had to flee!

Whoom! BZZZZ!

The High Priest ran to the edge of the Spirit Space, but before he could touch it, lightning started coursing through it. The whole sphere was encased in lightning. The High Priest immediately jumped up and hovered in the air. He had lost some more of his Energy by touching the electrified floor.

“Oh, don’t leave yet,” Gravis said, lightning coming out of his feet. The lightning coming out of his feet infused the walls of the Spirit Space with lightning. “Didn’t you want to devour me?” he asked.

The High Priest was flying inside Gravis’ Spirit. If he didn’t, the lightning on the floor would devour him. His eyes darted around the Spirit Space with panic. There had to be a way out of here! He couldn’t die here!

“Hey,” Gravis shouted. “Have you heard of dodgeball?” he said as he summoned a ball of lightning above his palm.

The High Priest looked with fear at the ball.


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