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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 318: Claude’s Test of Mindset Bahasa Indonesia

“Claude, let me give you a fair warning,” Gravis said. “This is a battle of mindsets. You need to look at your enemy like he is the most powerful one you have ever faced. If you don’t, you will die.”

Claude was a little surprised and furrowed his brows. He had killed several enemies in the Seed Stage, so how could someone like this be dangerous? He had heard that this was a copy of the priest Gravis had fought, but wasn’t Gravis underestimating him too much?


The puppet charged forward with its colossal shield. Since it didn’t have its Jade Tokens, it readied its spear in the other hand. Claude saw this and saw his chance. As soon as the puppet would strike with its spear, he would be able to counterattack.

Claude also charged at the puppet. Since he didn’t have Gravis’ ridiculous method of acceleration, he used his Lightning Movement in tandem with his physical body. With the help of his lightning, he was a bit faster than the puppet.

When they met, Claude immediately stopped and started circling the puppet. Yet, the puppet always pointed its shield at him. Claude waited for the spear attack, but even after several minutes, it didn’t come. Claude grew a little worried. Using his Lightning Movement cost some Energy, and the puppet wasn’t using its Energy. If that continued, he would run out of Energy first.

Claude retreated, but the puppet kept close to him. ‘This is annoying!’ Claude thought in frustration. He didn’t feel any danger from the puppet, but it was still troublesome. He started circling the puppet again, but it still wasn’t using any attack. Slowly, Claude became nervous. He was wasting his Energy while the puppet wasn’t.

A plan formed in Claude’s mind.


Claude kicked the shield and jumped to the side. This should disturb the puppet’s balance or bait it into an attack. Yet, contrary to expectations, the puppet only blocked the attack, but the shield remained stationary for a bit.

Claude’s eyes shone. He barely managed to push his spear at the puppet from the side. He also saw the spear of the puppet moving at him. He had expected such an action and had been prepared for the spear strike.

Whoop! BANG!

The shield and spear vanished suddenly, surprising everyone but Gravis. The shield immediately reappeared in the puppet’s other hand, and therefore, in the way of Claude’s spear. Claude gritted his teeth and went through with the attack, but he didn’t unload his weapon since the shield was in the way. He would get a better opportunity to unload it later.

The shield pushed against the spear and remained stalwart. Meanwhile, the spear bent to a ridiculous degree. Claude was ready for the puppet’s counterattack with the spear. It would surely attack since this was a prime opportunity for it.


Instead, the puppet’s other hand went to the shield, and with all its power, it shoved the shield forward. Claude couldn’t keep pushing with his spear since it would break if it went through even more stress. Like this, the shield hit Claude’s whole body, and he got thrown into the distance.

Some of his bones cracked, but nothing broke. Claude immediately stood up again and saw the puppet charging at him with its shield. Claude’s eyes shown. The puppet would surely become more confident and use a reckless attack. He was ready for that.

Yet, it stopped before him and only pointed its shield at him. Claude, who had been ready for a strike, remained stationary.


The shield shoved forward again, and Claude barely managed to protect himself with his arms. His arms received some injuries, but they were still mostly fine. The fight was just at the beginning, and he still had plenty of chances to bait an attack.

The puppet closed in again with its shield, and Claude circled it again. The shield continued pointing at Claude.


The shield moved forward, and Claude saw his chance. He immediately used most of his lightning to move in the other direction. Yet, the shield immediately halted. It had been a feint. Claude’s eyes widened as the shield pointed at him again. Seeing that another shield bash was coming, Claude blocked with his arms.

The puppet’s eyes transformed into fervent motivation.


Its Spirit shattered as the bang of its breaking Spirit resounded throughout the trial grounds.

“Oh no,” Manuel shouted in panic from outside the arena.

250% of its Energy went into the shield, increasing its weight to a ridiculous degree. With a mighty shove forward, it hit the blocking Claude.


Claude’s body was reduced into many bloody chunks as they splattered onto the whole arena in an arc behind him. It was like a high-grade Spirit Beast had slapped him with its full power. There had been no way for Claude to survive that attack.

The puppet vanished, and the trial grounds were silent except for the occasional sound of wet meat landing on the ground. The eyes of the group were wide open in shock. Someone from their group had died, just like that?

“I told him that he should look at his opponent like it will be his hardest fight,” Gravis said coldly. “When he dodged the shield at the beginning, he should have unloaded his weapon. The impact would have thrown the shield away. At that point, he would only have needed to unleash all his lightning into the puppet. Sadly, his mindset wasn’t fitting for a cultivator.”

“How can you say something like that!?” Joyce asked with a bit of rage and sadness. “One of our friends has just died!”

Gravis turned to her with an even gaze. “It was a fair fight. Claude had the power to win, but because he took his opponent lightly, he died. I have warned him. I have also told you all in detail how the priest has fought me. They were at the same Stage, except for the body, and Claude knew the puppet’s fighting style.”

Joyce was angry and clenched her fists in frustration. Yes, everything that Gravis said was true, but she was emotionally riled up because one of her closest friends had died. They had been in this Heaven’s Trial for over two years, and they had fought together during that time.

Manuel sighed. “Gravis is right. We shouldn’t forget that this is a Heaven’s Trial. We get tempering and training. Death is a genuine possibility. He had a chance to win.”

Gravis nodded. “Think of your previous fights. Nearly every enemy has taken you lightly because you were a Stage lower than them, and you took advantage of that fact. Yet, this weakness, which we look down on so much, can also happen to us. If we get too lost in our own power, we will be the ones to underestimate our opponent.”

The darkness disciple had been shocked at the beginning, but he had realized that Gravis was right. He had remained mostly quiet, but he had learned a lot during the trials. He had also been very close to Claude, even though their temperaments had been nearly opposites of each other. He won’t ever forget this death.

Joyce unclenched her fist, closed her eyes, and released a deep sigh. “I’m sorry, Gravis. I was just very riled up about our friend’s death.”

Gravis smiled a little at her. “I know. It’s always difficult to see a friend die. A death like this also hits me a bit, but it’s important that we learn from him. If we don’t, his death will become truly meaningless. Remember, not everyone can reach the top.”

“I know,” Joyce said quietly. “I know that it was a fair fight, but it just hurts to see a friend die. I want to become as confident and strong as you, but it’s just so hard when someone dies.”

Gravis sighed. “I know. Cherish the sadness so that you won’t forget him. You might think I am powerful because I can shrug the death of a companion off, but that might not be a strength of mine, but a weakness.”

Joyce had some tears in her eyes. “I don’t think that’s a weakness,” she said. “Different people have different ways, and I will remember Claude forever.”

“Make this your strength,” Gravis said warmly. “Become the shield for your companions, but don’t hinder their growth. Companions can only be companions when you are of similar strength. If you protect them too much, they will lose their edge.”

Joyce engraved these words into her heart. “I will,” she said thoughtfully. “I must become stronger so that my companions won’t die meaningless deaths.”

The group remained silent for a minute to honor their dead comrade. Heaven had already cleaned the arena so that the training could continue.

“It’s your turn,” Gravis said to the darkness disciple.

The darkness disciple took a deep breath and looked with motivation at Gravis. “Let’s go!” he said and jumped into the arena.

“You are probably outstanding in attacking from a hidden position,” Gravis said, “but if your first attack fails, you will be in trouble. So, from now on, fight every opponent I send at you without hiding yourself. You need to learn how to fight directly against the opponent because there will be enemies in the future that will see you before you strike.”

The darkness disciple nodded. “I will! My hidden strikes can’t always hit.”

Gravis nodded. “Heaven, send an opponent with everything at the Seed Stage!”

The opponent appeared, and the darkness disciple immediately charged forward. It was time for him to prove that he wasn’t just some unimportant background character!


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