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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 308: Would You Rather Bahasa Indonesia

WARNING! This chapter is pretty disgusting. You won’t miss anything important if you skip it.

Gravis reached the door to the second trial and opened it. Behind it, he saw a ten-by-ten-meter room. It definitely wasn’t big enough for a fighting arena, so Gravis probably wouldn’t need to fight. When he saw that, he sighed. “Oh, boy. Let’s see what you have prepared,” he said as he entered.


The door behind him closed.


Then, a stele appeared in the middle of the room. Gravis looked at it and saw something written on it. “This trial will offer two choices at a time. The cultivator needs to choose one of the two options and then do what is written on them. After going through five choices, the cultivator has passed the trial.”

Gravis read the words and rolled his eyes. “So, I basically have to do anything that Heaven wants. This will be greeeaat~,” he said with sarcasm.

Two signs grew out of the stele. After a couple of seconds, words appeared on both of them.

“Die,” Gravis read and looked at the other one, “die.”

Gravis blinked a couple of times in confusion.


Gravis didn’t notice, but the highest Heaven slapped the lower Heaven when the two choices were revealed. What was this shit!?

One of the signs changed from “die” to “eat shit.” Gravis blinked again in surprise. Why did the sign just change?


“Eat shit or eat shit,” Gravis read with confusion.


This lower Heaven was really throwing all the Heavens’ face.

“Eat shit or kill a baby,” Gravis read.

No slap came this time.

When Gravis saw that the sign didn’t change anymore, he guessed that these were the final options. Gravis had already guessed that the highest Heaven had objected to the previous choices. That was the reason why the choices kept changing.

Gravis chuckled. “So, you either want me to humiliate myself so that you can vent your frustration or make me go against my conscience,” he said. “You’re really like a petty child. You see that you can’t do anything against me anymore, so you just want to humiliate me as much as possible.”

Then, Gravis laughed. “Well, joke’s on you. I have eaten shit for over a week once. I’d rather eat shit than go against my conscience. I choose the shit,” he said.

The words on the signs vanished, and a massive pile of shit appeared before Gravis. It, apparently, had been produced by some beast. On top of that, he noticed that the pile of shit was very fresh. It was still steaming.

When Gravis saw that, he only rolled his eyes. Eating shit? What was this in comparison to all the life-threatening danger he went through on his journey? This was, at most, a small inconvenience. Oh wow, he had to eat something disgusting, big deal! Some food even had dung as its ingredient.

“Well, here comes the carriage~,” Gravis sing-songed like he was talking to a baby that he wanted to feed. After that, he opened his mouth wide and used his Spirit to form the pile of shit into one long line. Then, it shot into his mouth. He didn’t even taste it along the way since he moved everything to the side as it passed through. When it entered his stomach, he simply destroyed it with lightning. It had never touched his body even once.


The Heaven’s Trial started shaking. “Shut up,” Gravis said, “eating is when you ingest something orally, and it enters your stomach. I am not breaking any rules. It’s not my fault that you’re too stupid to make a trial.”

The Heaven’s Trial still shook like a mighty earthquake was happening, but nothing else happened. Gravis even laughed while pushing the long, brown snake into his stomach. After a minute, he was done. “Thanks for the meal,” he said with a smirk.

After some more seconds, the Heaven’s Trial calmed down. After that, two new choices appeared.

“Kill a baby or go fuck yourself,” Gravis read and even laughed a little. “Man, you’re really a child. Alright, then let me go fuck myself,” he said.


A sphere made out of will and Spirit appeared before him. If he infused it with lightning, it would become a Lightning Bomb. Then, he made it move to his groin and then moved it away again. “Done.”


The Heaven’s Trial shook again. “Hey, this will-sphere is another me. My dick entered it, so I just fucked myself,” Gravis said with a smirk. “Man, you just can’t do anything right.”

After another minute of shaking, the Heaven’s Trial calmed down again. Then, new words appeared.

“Leave this Heaven’s Trial or die,” Gravis read.


“Leave this Heaven’s Trial or kill a baby,” Gravis read.


“Kill a woman or kill a baby,” Gravis read.

No more slaps came.

When Gravis saw these choices remain, he sighed. “Well, if I can avoid killing innocent people, I will do so, but when there is no other way, I can be morally flexible. Both count as a life. Gender doesn’t matter when it comes to the cost of a life, but the baby has a longer life before it. So, send in the woman.”



Before the woman could say anything, she was obliterated by lightning. “Sorry, but my life is more important to me than your life,” he said. “Don’t blame me, blame Heaven.”

Of course, Gravis didn’t like this. He was not a fan of killing innocents. Yet, that was not reason enough to stop his cultivation. The world was cruel, and if one wasn’t able to change the circumstances, one had to adapt.

Another message appeared on the signs. “Kill a man or kill a woman,” Gravis read. Then, he shrugged. “I don’t care. Send whatever.”

Gravis felt something appearing and bathed the room in lightning immediately. It didn’t matter what appeared. A life was a life. He didn’t even know which of the two appeared.

“Kill a beast or bathe in urine for an hour while the entire world watches,” he read. “Aight, give me the second one,” Gravis said.


The whole room filled with a yellow liquid, and Gravis just floated on the surface. Sadly, he didn’t have any smartass ideas for this one. He just had to get through it. He simply blocked all his orifices with his Spirit so that nothing could enter his body. Sadly, in order to bathe in something, his skin still needed to touch the liquid.

As Gravis floated on top of the liquid, he looked at the ceiling. “Do you feel better now?” he asked with a smirk. “The big bad cultivator is forced to do things that people find humiliating. He will surely become angry and frustrated.”

Gravis snorted. “Come on. So what if others find my actions degrading? What power does their opinion have over me? I am already the third strongest being in this lower world. Power is everything. They can become disgusted by me, yet I still hold power over their lives. Of course, as long as they don’t show that, I don’t care. Let them think what they want,” Gravis said with an arrogant laugh.

Meanwhile, on the outside, above the Heaven’s Trial, a multiple kilometers big screen appeared that showed everything. Many Sects had some elders standing on standby to receive their disciples in the case that they won. The winners would get incredible rewards, and many powers were greedy for that. That’s why every power sent some of their elders.

When the elders saw the screen and what was happening, their eyes widened. What was happening? Why was this person bathing in this disgusting liquid like he didn’t care? Was this some kind of sick fetish?

Sadly, Gravis’ words were not transmitted. They only saw Gravis smirking and laughing. To them, it looked like Gravis was enjoying himself. Some of the present elders felt intense disgust and disdain for Gravis.

Some elders recognized Gravis and grew shocked. Wasn’t this the person that had annihilated the Darkness Sect? They had already thought of Gravis as a monster, but now, their guess was confirmed. Gravis was really a degenerate freak. Those elders quickly informed their friends and colleagues, and those friends and colleagues informed their friends.

Like this, in less than a week, Gravis was known as the degenerate, disgusting freak.

What would Gravis think if he knew what others now thought of him?

He would only laugh in disdain.

People that pushed other people down were just insecure. They needed to see weaker people to feel better about themselves. The opinions of weaklings with such a fragile ego were worthless. An elephant didn’t care what an ant thought. There were surely some people among the watching ones that simply didn’t care and shrugged.

And sure enough, those people existed. Many of the cultivators just shrugged. “So? Let him do what he likes. Who cares?” they would ask when someone told them about Gravis.

Many of the elders also thought like this. They didn’t spread it because they wanted to feel better, but because it was a big and interesting event. Some Sects even used this as a test for their disciples. They would tell their disciples what happened and then watched their reactions. If they showed disdain, it meant that their temperament might not fit their element.

This day was the day where the most disciples were kicked out of their Sect in history. No one was kicked out of the Light, Darkness, Earth, and Wind Sect. The Light Sect was very judgmental, and the Darkness Sect was all about personal power and disdain. The Earth Sect disliked Gravis either way, and the Wind Sect didn’t put expectations or rules on any of their disciples.

Yet, a lot of disciples were kicked out of the Water, Lightning, and Fire Sect. The Water Sect prided itself on its adaptability, and if someone couldn’t accept the more disgusting facets of people, they obviously weren’t cut out for the water element. The Lightning Sect was all about fairness and justice, and as long as someone didn’t suppress someone unjustified, they shouldn’t care.

The Fire Sect adored power and Battle-Strength above all else. They knew how powerful Gravis was, and anyone that looked down on him because of something minor like that didn’t put power above everything else.

Gravis’ small, unimportant trial created humongous waves in the Core-Continent.

If Gravis knew what impact this trial had, he would only laugh.

It was rather funny that this unimportant trial would help three of the Sects.


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